Wretched Trauma

Avery is an eighteen year old outcast, joining sixth form, for her final year of A Levels, before University. Before she started a new school, she was bullied, both verbally and physically. At her new school, she meets a new outcast, Axel; he's mute. No one knows why he's mute, but nobody cares enough to find out. No one, but Avery. She wants to know everything about him; how it's possible for him to lose his voice; how he became an outcast; but most importantly, he wants to know how to say 'I love you' without a voice. Everyone says love is blind, or maybe it's just silent?


12. 'Pretty name, for a pretty lady.'


   Picture of Callum Worthington (Joe Sugg) Because who wouldn't tap that?

A/N By the way, I'm starting to swear, curse, cuss etc a lot more, so if you don't like that, I suggest that you stop reading right about now.


   We have the day off of school to prepare for the Snow Ball. For all of the people who aren't going to the ball, well, they're probably jumping for joy. Devon arrived at my place around lunchtime, dragging Ethan out from next door. None of us knew if Axel would be going. Ethan said he tried to go over to Axel's place, but no one answered.

   Enough about Axel, though, he's not worth my time. Devon's busy researching different hairstyles, Ethan and Callum are sat on my bed chatting about boy stuff, and I'm preoccupied with my nails. Painting your nails is rocket science, and that's not even an exaggeration. After a while, I have the silver, glittery polish neatly applied, drying slowly. Devon already painted her nails last night, so she wouldn't have to worry about it today. Smart kid.

   "Do you think this would suit you?" Devon asks me, turning my laptop screen so I can see it.

   It's a waterfall plait, but it doesn't look like the basic waterfall plait, "I think so, but can you do that?" I ask, in disbelief.

   "We can find out," she shrugs, gesturing for me to turn around so she can style my hair.

   After a few failed attempts, she manages to tame my hair into the plait. Then, she curls it, so it looks like the tutorial she found online. It's extraordinarily pretty, and somehow, I manage to pull it off. God knows how.

   "Aw, you look so cute!" Callum gushes, pinching my cheeks.

   "Piss off," I mutter, swatting his hands away from me.

   Offended, he crawls back onto my bed, pretending to cry into a pillow. Real mature, Callum, real mature. Anyway, Devon sets to work on my make-up, turning me into someone who doesn't look like the rear end of a donkey. She applies silvery-blue eye make-up, layers my mascara, and evens out my skin tone. Soon enough, I look like a princess - without a prince, might I add.

   "Ethan!" Devon shouts, and he shyly appears at her side, scared of her make-up wrath, "Sit!" she demands.

   He immediately obeys, and Devon neatly styles his hair, until it's literally perfect. She does the same to Callum, who sits there, gazing at her in awe the entire time. Man, he needs to realise he's been friend zoned. 

   "Go put your dress on!" she yells at me, and I scurry away from her in fright.

   Jeez, when did the fairy turn into a witch?! However, I listen to what she told me to do, and slip into my dress. It still fits me perfectly, just as I was hoping. Not that I could possibly gain or lose that much weight in less than a week...

   "Aw, you look even cuter!" Callum squeals, like a little girl.

   "Hey, guess what?" I reply, with an equally excited tone of voice.

   "What?" he asks, his eyes wide with intrigue.

   "Piss off!"

   "You're such a meanie," he pouts, and I roll my eyes, shoving him away from me.

   Ignoring my 'twenty one' year old brother, I wander back into my bedroom, to find Devon and Ethan in a very heated conversation. Awkwardly, I back out of the doorway, hiding just around the corner. For some reason, I feel the urge to listen in on what they're saying. What? I've never been nosey?! Why do I need to know now?!

   "I-I can't, Devon," Ethan says, his voice cracking.

   "Why the hell not?! Why are you so against kissing me? Am I really that repulsive?" Devon shout-whispers back, and I flinch.

   "No, baby, you know I don't-"

   "Oh, so now you're calling me baby?" I hear Devon stand up, probably to make Ethan feel intimidated.


   "What do you want? Just- Do you want to be friends? Or nothing at all? You don't give the best signals," Devon sighs, probably rubbing her forehead in frustration.

   There's a minute of silence, and I'm pretty sure Devon starts crying, judging by the sniffling. Also, from what I can hear, Ethan hugs her, and... Kisses her? That would be my cue to find Callum and 'apologise' for being a 'meanie'.

   Swallowing the lump in my throat, I find Callum frowning at his tie, unsure of how to knot it. Rolling my eyes, I do it for him, flattening the tie down his abdomen. He smiles in appreciation, shrugging his white waistcoat on. He has a three piece suit, with a white shirt, white tie, white waistcoat, then a black blazer, black slacks, and black Chelsea boots. 

   "You look very handsome," I tell him, squeezing his cheeks like he previously did to me.

   Huffing, he shrugs me off, messing up his hair that Devon spent a while on. I laugh at him, knowing he's going to get it in the neck for that. 


   "Guys, I cannot do this," I say, frozen to my seat in the back of the car.

   "Yes you can, you look beautiful," Callum urges, trying to shove me out of the car.

   "No, no-no-no, they're going to laugh at me," I almost cry, and I'm not entirely sure why I care so much.

   "I promise you, if anyone says anything negative to you, I will punch them in the face, whether they're a girl or not," Callum swears, making a little cross shape over his heart.

   Within a few minutes, I'm stumbling towards the school, trembling with nerves. I have my arm linked through Callum's, and the others are sending me supportive glances. Devon and Ethan seem a whole lot closer... Hehe.

   We walk through the open double doors, and a few people turn to look, but no one glares. They just look away again, or give my brother the once-over. Actually, most of the people here I don't even recognise. I can see Frasier over in the corner with his dogs, and- wait, no girls? Well, that's unusual. He always has an entourage of pretty females. Why not now, where girls should be prime pray? 

   Also, somewhere near the middle of the room, there's Axel, with a girl- wait. Again. Axel's here. With a girl. Axel's here with a girl. With a girl who could be mistaken for my monozygotic twin. We are completely identical, except instead of having long, black hair, she has short, white blonde hair, in a pixie cut. We even have the same piercings.

   "Well, we can clearly see that he's moved on," Callum mumbles sarcastically, ignoring all of the girls staring at him.

   "You know, if you want, you can go dance with one of the girls drooling over you. Maybe get yourself a girlfriend," I suggest.

   "No way," Callum unconvincingly says, trying his best not to stare back at the girls.

   One of the girls, a petite blonde, skips up to us, but she seems polite, "Hey, Avery, is this your boyfriend?"

   We both laugh, and the blonde frowns in confusion, "No, no, he's my brother," I explain, and her eyes light up, "Why don't you two go dance?"

   Callum gives me a death glare, but grins nonetheless, "That'd be great!" the blonde squeaks.

   Soon enough, they're gone, somewhere into the ocean of people dancing to the DJ's mixes. I turn around to talk to Devon and Ethan, but they're gone. Awkwardly, I stand alone, holding my elbow across my stomach. I chew on my lip, looking around for someone that I know, who doesn't hate me.

   "Hey," someone says, and I turn around to be met with a pair of stunningly green eyes.

   "Uh, hi," I reply, wondering if they even meant me.

   He's very tall, with broad shoulders, dark stubble, black hair in a quiff, and perfectly sculpted cheeks. As for his assumable friend, next to him, he has light brown hair, also styled in a quiff, although a lot messier, coffee brown eyes, and a slender physique. Okay, why are two very attractive males talking to me?

   "What's your name?" the one with brown eyes asks, in a very distinct American accent.

   "Avery," I say, unsure of how to react. Is this a joke, or?

   "Pretty name, for a pretty lady," green-eyes smoothly slips his arm around my waist.

   Okay, what the frick is going on?! 

   "Um, thanks," I murmur, blushing a very deep crimson.

   "I'm Sean," brown-eyes says, holding his hand out for me to shake.

   I do so, and he kisses the back of my hand, smirking at me. I am slightly creeped out, but most of me is screaming 'oh my God you are beautiful'. I think that's my fangirl side. Probably.

   "I'm Tyson," green-eyes also smirks, kissing my neck instead of my hand.

   Well shit.


   Axel's POV 


   Well shit.

   So yeah, I have a girlfriend, I guess you could say. She's physically beautiful, well of course she is, she's a replica of Avery, but she's a bit dull. Personality wise, Avery's the rainbow, and Casey is the cloud ready to spill rain. To put it nicely, that is.

   Avery just walks in, and makes me regret everything all over again. Avery wouldn't judge me, she would have understood and even helped me... But no, I was being stubborn, and we broke up. I mean, damn, I knew she was beautiful, but in that dress... Why, Axel, why?!

   Also, Tyson and Sean have got her wrapped up in one of their stupid little games. Tyson and Sean moved over from the USA a while back, but Sean's the only one still milking the accent. Anyway, they're quite the duo who aim to take a girl's virginity, and I swear to God, if they even lay a finger on her-

   Tyson just kissed her neck. Tyson just kissed her fucking neck. My grip tightens on Casey's hand, and she protests, completely oblivious to the scene a few feet away from us. If they do anything else, I will actually punch them both in their stupid little faces. Whoa, calm Axel, she's not yours to protect anymore...

   "Axel, you're hurting my hand!" Casey yells at me, and I loosen my grip in response, "Thanks," she sarcastically mutters. Jeez, who shoved the dynamite stick up her ass and lit it?

   Sean moves his hand from hers, to her hip, Tyson's wrapped around the other. They're talking, but I can't hear them. However, judging by how Avery's blushing, and biting her lip flirtatiously, the conversation is moving quickly. Annoyed, I frown at them, my eyes following their every move. For a split second, I glance around the room for Callum. He's dancing with a cute blonde in my history, named Jessica I think, but his eyes are fixated on Avery, a scowl taking over his features.

   I return my attention to Avery, and God dammit she's kissing Tyson. Well, Tyson is kissing her, and she doesn't look too happy about it. Sean has wandered off to get them some drinks I presume, as Tyson fucking kiss-rapes her. I thought boiling blood was an expression, but God dammit my blood is on fire. 

   Ripping away from Casey, I storm over to them at the same time Callum does. Both of us probably sport the same death glare, aching for Tyson's blood. Before we can reach the pair, someone's already dived in, shoving Tyson up against a wall by the collar. The guy smashes his fist into Tyson's face, letting him slump to the floor, unconscious. 

   The guy turns around to tend to a shocked Avery. As he turns around, he stares me down, with his dark eyes. Frasier just... Frasier did that?


Sean Heywood because yum (Andrew Garfield)

Tyson Young because *drools* (Tyler Hoechlin)

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