Bridgette was known as the girl next door, the sweet and kind girl everybody loved. But when she looses her mom, everything turns upside down. She has to keep her family together while trying to keep her grades up for college. Nothing is easy for her, but hope is the only thing that keeps her going. Just like what her mom always told her "after a hurricane comes a rainbow". Her friends are there to help her, while she develops romance. Read on to experience the life of a troubled teenager.


6. Chapter 6

I had a huge problem. I didn't know what to wear for tonight. I want to impress Logan but not to look too dressy for a movie night. So I decided to wear a pink top with some jeans, (http://media1.fashionfreax.net/outfits/506e908f3bdc1_f528764d624db129b32c21fbca0cb8d6)  sprayed some perfume and headed out the door. 

I met up with him at the cinema. "Hi!" He sneaked up behind me. "Oh my gosh, you scared me! Don't you ever do that again" I say, playfully punching him in the arm. "C'mon, I wanna see the movie already" "You just can't wait can't you" He replies laughing, as I grab him hand pulling him into the theater. "No, I love this movie, and Jennifer Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth" I stressed on Liam, "he has really dreamy eyes" 

 "So what can I get for you and your girlfriend?" "Oh, we're not dating" I say to the waiter as we order our food. He looked at Logan and said:"What a beautiful girl you have there, you're dumb not to date her." "I'm still working on it" He replies winking at me. I couldn't stop blushing. 

We sat down waiting for the show to start, Logan was already munching on the popcorn. "it's starting!" I say excitedly. Logan just laughed at me, seeing my reaction was like a 6 year old. During the movie, he put his arm around me, sending shivers through me. The good kind though. Some parts were quite scary, I turned around to bury my face in his chest. Everytime I did that, his arm around me tightened, as if protecting me.The smell of his colonge filled my nose, he smelt so good. Did I mention I'm a sucker for boys that smell good?

The movie ended quite late, so Logan offered to drive me home. I gave him the directions, soon he pulled over outside my house. "Will you walk me in?" I ask him. "Sure" we walked together to the front porch. "thanks so much for tonight, I really enjoyed myself"I say "Glad you had fun, we should do it again some time" 'Yeah we should" I smiled at him. Both of us just stood there, I couldn't stop looking into his beautiful blue eyes. He quickly leaned in and kissed me softly on my cheek."See you tomorrow" He said, before walking off. I brought my hand over my cheek watching him drive off. 


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