Bridgette was known as the girl next door, the sweet and kind girl everybody loved. But when she looses her mom, everything turns upside down. She has to keep her family together while trying to keep her grades up for college. Nothing is easy for her, but hope is the only thing that keeps her going. Just like what her mom always told her "after a hurricane comes a rainbow". Her friends are there to help her, while she develops romance. Read on to experience the life of a troubled teenager.


24. Chapter 24

The next day was the day I was supposed to have dinner with Logan and his mom, I was contemplating whether i should go. Although the incident happened a while ago, the pain in my chest wasn't getting any better, instead it was growing worse. I don't even know if he wants to see me anymore. 

My dad has been busy with work, and my brother was always off with his friends, and won't be back till late night. I decided to call Jack over, ever since I told him about the incident, he would act extra nice and always find a way to make me feel better.

There was a knock on the door, and I knew that he was here. I opened the door to let him in and guided him to the living room. "How are you holding up?' he asks, handing me my favourite bag of skittles. "Not good, I'm so scared of what i'm feeling right now. Why can't I get over this? I'm scared Jack!" I could help but break down for the tenth time today. "Shh," he put his arm around me as I sank into the couch, "It's going to be okay" I nodded. "I've seen many relationships break, and they just get over it. But this is different, I can tell that you still love him a lot, and you're just afraid to admit it." 

"What do you mean?"

"The way you feel about him, you really love him." he replied. "I really love him, I really do. But what's the point? Logan doesn't feel the same way. He kissed that bitch, if he really loved me, he wouldn't have done that" I raised my voice, feeling so irritated, sad and angry at the same time.

"Bri, I don't know why he kissed that girl, but I'm sure he had a good reason. And you're wrong, he's a mess, guilt has been eating him alive. I've seen him in school, and that spark in his eye isn't there anymore.He still loves you" 

"I think i need to talk to him about this, I want to settle this right now. I've been delaying this talk for a long time." 

"Yeah you have, but in the mean time, do you want to watch The millers or Mean Girls?" He held up the two discs. "Neither, let's watch G.B.F" I say rummaging through my movie collection. "The one with Sasha Pierterse?" 

"Yes, that one"

"Oh my god, I love her so  much, she's gorgeous. I would really want to meet her-" I gave him 'the look' "and i should stop talking" 

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