Bridgette was known as the girl next door, the sweet and kind girl everybody loved. But when she looses her mom, everything turns upside down. She has to keep her family together while trying to keep her grades up for college. Nothing is easy for her, but hope is the only thing that keeps her going. Just like what her mom always told her "after a hurricane comes a rainbow". Her friends are there to help her, while she develops romance. Read on to experience the life of a troubled teenager.


22. Chapter 22

From now on, I'll be like giving one or two songs of the chapter, so enjoy

-Take a bow(Rihanna)


When your friend goes through something like this, it's always important to have someone there for her. Comforting her is the easy part, I know this because I've done it a million times, you have to say the things she wants to hear. I actually am glad that my friends know that I can help them, I remember the things I say to them, like he doesn't deserve you and blah blah blah. I've had my heart broken a few times, but never have I felt like this. I can't describe the pain I'm feeling, it's worse than having a knife pierce through your heart, a million times worse. 

Everytime I try to ignore him, I think of him even more. I was really pissed and somehow scared, how can just a boy like him dominate my thoughts, as much as I hate him right now, I still love him. I've had my phone with me for a while now, getting many many texts and missed calls from him. I saw the time, time to get going for the party. 

I walked over to the bathroom, I was taken back by the monster starring back at myself. My hair was tangled, mascara running down my face, smeared lipstick. I quickly reapplied my makeup and thought 'you're strong, don't let him know how he hurt you'. I smiled at myself, now no one will suspect anything. 

I headed out the door and drove to her house, somehow, the sadness of mine turned into anger. I was mentally cursing him, if he really liked the other bitch, let him have her, he doesn't know what he's been missing. 

Suddenly, I had this wave of anger, like I had to break something right now. I stepped on the paddle, reaching Taylor's house in 5 minutes. I pushed the door open, there were already many children running around, mothers talking to each other. I waved to Taylor's mom and handed her the cake, she thanked me and asked me to join her and the other moms, but I declined, I was in no mood of talking. I found Taylor chasing some kids shouting, asking them to sit in a circle, that when I saw the huge pink pinata. As soon as she saw me, he gave me a big hug "Girl, I heard everything from Jack, I called Logan, he's a douche bag, are you okay?" she asked me with concern. "More than okay, do you mind?" I asked her, taking the bat. She knew what I was thinking, "No, go ahead" she smirked. I knew what she was thinking, this was going to be fun, watching me destroy something. The last time she saw me all violent was when the teacher gave me detention for a week because she caught me chewing gum in her class. 

I took the bat in my hand, and asked the children to run along.  I stood in front of the pink smiling donkey, and wacked it has as as I could, again and again, I didn't stop shouting at it, somehow, while I was hitting it, I saw his face. I continued hitting the pinata even though it was already broken in half, the but left hanging in the air, sweets scattered on the floor. I could feel all eyes fixed on me, the moms probably thinking I was some crazy kid with anger management issues. I hit it until I felt contented and threw the bat on the ground, picking up a few sweets in the process. I slumped back in my seat next to Taylor huffing and puffing, "mint?" I offered her and she gladly popped it into her mouth.

The funny thing was, the kids didn't really seem sad that I destroyed their pinata, instead the all snatched the candy, while some of them kicked and stomped on the pieces of pink donkey lying on the ground. It may be my fault they learnt it from me. Taylor's mom and a few of her friends walked over "Sorry I broke the pink donkey and ate your sweet, please don't be mad" I said to them. "Oh honey, we're not mad. We just wanna know why you're all angry" before I could answer her, another mom interrupted "Boy problem right? you should dump him" "Yeah, but the thing is, I'm still stupid enough to love him" I reply. "Bri," Taylor's mom looked at me "If you're willing to love him after what he has done, I think you love him" 

I was stunned by her comment. Do I really love him?


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