Bridgette was known as the girl next door, the sweet and kind girl everybody loved. But when she looses her mom, everything turns upside down. She has to keep her family together while trying to keep her grades up for college. Nothing is easy for her, but hope is the only thing that keeps her going. Just like what her mom always told her "after a hurricane comes a rainbow". Her friends are there to help her, while she develops romance. Read on to experience the life of a troubled teenager.


18. Chapter 18

I didn't know what time I woke up, but the tour today starts after lunch. My head was hurting so bad, like my brain was about to explode. I was still in Logan's arms, he's arms keeping me warm. "Morning sweetheart" said Logan, his morning voice was mighty sexy. "My head hurts" I say, pulling out his pillow, covering it over my face. He took back his pillow and chuckled, "You shouldn't have drank so much yesterday" he said kissing my forehead. 

We heard voices outside my room "Quick hide, they're coming!" Logan jumped out of bed, searching for a place to hid. I opened to door and let all for of them in. "Morning Bridgette" said Jack smiling. "Seriously, how can you be so happy this early in the morning?" I ask him, massaging my temples. "It's already nice o'clock, it's late morning." "No, the clock doesn't show double digits means it's still early" I reply, walking back to my bed. 

"Someone's in a bad mood" said Taylor. "Hey, have you seen Logan? I couldn't find him?"  asked Brandon, his hair still messy from sleep. "No, I think he went down stairs or something" I lied. He gave me a questioning look before walking out with Jack. 

"Can I come out now?" asked Logan, climbing out from under the bed. Taylor and Lindsy were so shocked, their eyes were about to pop off "You guys didn't do anything funny last right?" "No" replied Logan, "we were just sleeping" 

"Good, now I'll see you two at lunch" she said walking out, sensing that we wanted time alone. I turned to look at him, I knew we were thinking the same thing: chocolate cake for breakfast. He quickly called for room service as I dashed for the bathroom, knowing that we would be fighting over it later. 

I stepped into the shower, the warm water felt so good. I quickly bathed and wrapped my self in a towel and got ready. I applied my makeup I decided to go for a rose gold eyeshadow shadow today, winged my eyeliner o make a cat eye effect, mascara, blush, bronzer, lipstick. Perfect. I turned on my curling iron, and was interrupted by a annoyed Logan. "Hurry up Bri, I need to pee!" he shouted while banging the door. "Be patient, is my chocolate cake here yet?" I ask him. "Yes, now open the door!" I opened it and saw him, trying not to stare. "Cake?" "Not here yet, I just said it for you to oped the door" he gave me a cheeky grin. "Ow, what was that for?" he exclaimed rubbing his head, I slapped his arm "That's for lying to me, especially about cake. Stop being a drama queen, I didn't slap you that hard." I put on a black crop top with some studded shorts (the outfit is below)

 After we got ready, we went downstairs to the lobby, ready to head out. As I walked past the teacher, she gave me an angry look, disapproving of my very short shorts. Seriously these teachers must be more open minded. I guess Logan kind of read my mind because he snaked his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him kissed my forehead and sang :"You are perfect to me"(from Pink) The way he sang that one line was so cute, I couldn't stop laughing at him. I just love this boy to death. 

We all piled into the bus, the six of us sat at the back of the bus, making jokes, basically being the loudest. The teacher already asked us to shut up many times, but being the way that we are, we don't give a shit!

Finally, we reached the Leaning tower of pisa. The sight of it was just beautiful, I have no idea how to describe it. I looked around, tourists sitting on blankets, eating sandwiches, drinking ginger beer. Children running around playing, taking pictures. Me and the girls were like having our personal photo shoot. We stood before the tower, doing various poses, the boys busy clicking the cameras, white lights blinding me. 

After a while, I got thirsty, eyeing this family drinking ginger beer, by their side was 6 bottles of it. I knew I had to get it, even if it meant stealing. I know stealing is bad, but I come to think of it as them giving it to me unknowingly. 

They were busy doing stuff, entertaining their kids when I sneaked closer, careful not to be suspected. Suddenly, the little boy started crying because his sister ate his sandwich. It reminded me of the time me and Justin used to play as kids. Seeing it was the right timing, I quickly reached out, grabbed a bottle and walked off, like nothing ever happened. 

I walked back to the group, uncapping the beer and drowning half of the bottle in one go. "where did you get that?" asked Brandon. I pointed to the family "They gave it to me" Logan looked at  me, his eyebrows raised, not believing me. "Uh, fine, I stole it." He continued staring at me. "What?! I was really thirsty, and they gave it to me, without them knowing" He just shook his head, acting like a very disappointed mother. "I know you love me" I say to him, using the sweetest voice, looking at him with puppy dog eyes. He pecked my cheek, "C'mon, the bus's leaving."

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