5. Strangers

Next day...
I go home to see dad talking to someone, I sit down behind the bush and watch on. The person shouts at dad "I need to see her! You promised me on the phone! Where is she?" I recognise the voice, its a males voice. It seems very deep.. Dad shuts the door in his face and the boy shouts "I'll be back!" i think he's crying. As i walk out he bumps into me but "Julia!" he screams. "I'm sorry but i don't talk to strangers. Now i better get to my father." I sigh. He puts something in my pocket and runs off crying his heart out. What did i do? I go to knock on the door but my dad opened it. "What did that boy say to you?" He asks. "Nothing? Who is he?" I ask. "Someone you don't need to know! Look just go home I cant deal with you right now!" he slams the door in my face. This is not like him. I go to see whats in my pocket and its a number. Call me its urgent -R. Its got to be Rory or is this some sort of sick joke? I don't know what to do... do I call him? I go back to the flat and call Lucy. She decides to come over and explain everything about Rory. "You know the truth is i've always had a massive crush on Rory." I tell lucy. "What, this gives you more of a reason to call R! IF ITS SERIOUSLY HIM THEN, LOVE AND MARRIAGE! OMG!" "lucy stop it". I sigh, "He can now get any girl he wants! He's in a world famous boy band for crying out loud! Why would he want me? I'm a stupid, messed up girl from his past…" I cry. "Stop it babes, lets just call R."  "Hello who is it?" a voice i don't recognise answers. "Erm, its Julia... R gave me this number?" I sigh. "OMG the Julia?" the person screams down the phone. " I don't know?" i wonder. "One second. OI ITS JULIA!" the person screams. "O-O-OMG!" an Irish boy says.
"Julia, its me. Rory!" he cries. "It doesn't sound like you? Why do you want me suddenly after all this time?" I yell, remembering he left. So many emotions came back and I cried. Now as i've said, i've never done this but I just broke down. Finally letting out every emotion I had in me. "Please Julia, stop crying. I have important news. Look we need to meet up, i've just come back of tour. We could go for lunch." "You think my dad would let that?" I question. "Try please?" he whimpers. "Stop it! You left me remember!" I yell again, still crying. "Calm down please!" he whimpers again. "PLEASE DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! YOU LEFT ME WHEN YOU KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON AT HOME. I DIDN'T WANT TO LIVE ANYMORE. I WAS FED UP WHEN YOU LEFT, WHY AM I EVEN EXPLAINING MYSELF TO YOU. SOMEONE WHO DITCHED ME!" I yell getting more frustrated. "Please, I couldn't stay? Look just let's meet up. I'm in a boy-band now, i'm sure someone can distract your dad for the day." "I have a plan!" I hear a boy shout. "Am I on speaker?" I cry. "Erm yes, say hi to the other boys?" he tells me. I ended the call. Why would he put me on speaker to some random strangers. Well strangers to me... I get a text 'Just meet me in our old café, where we used to run off to... Tomorrow 12pm. Rory xxx'. I look at lucy and just cry. She looks at me and is crying also. This is seriously not like me.

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