6. Meeting

"Wait Lucy, stay?" I whisper as she pushes me towards the cafe. "Really? Are you sure?" she asks, giving me a confused look. "I don't want to go alone. I need someone there!" I cry. "Stop okay please. Im going to cry to now!" she cries. We walk in to see Rory and some other boy. "Hey, nice to finally meet you. I'm Lennon." He says. I look at Rory, "Wow, you've changed so much. You've got so tall and so much more beautiful!" Rory says. I shake my head. "Cut the rubbish." I say sitting down. "I ordered your favourite, just like old times!" he smiles. "Terrific." I say sarcastically. "Julia, be nice!" Lucy whispers in my ear. "What does the pretty lady want?" Lennon asks Lucy. "Nothing, i'm fine thank you." she giggles. I kick her and she gives me some evils. I smirk. "So, what do you want?" I ask. "Jeez, well.... I have some people for you to meet." he smiles. "Well great!" I smile, trying to be ever so polite. "First i think we need a good catch up, don't you!" Rory says, holding my hand. I shake it off.  We speak for a good few hours finally getting to know each other again, when Rory gets a call. "No i cant just leave her like this? Not again!" he cries. He comes back over "Look babes, you need to go. I-I-I need to go." We all say our goodbyes and disappear in different directions.


"Can we meet up tonight? I didn't tell you the important information I have to tell you... I can come to yours? Rory" "Sure, as long as dads not coming over! Be over at 6. Julia" "Alright text me your address! Rory" I get into the flat and put my room into a sleepover format? Pillows and blankets everywhere. I make pop corn and snacks knowing how much Rory loves food, when I hear the door ring. Its Rory, i'm actually nervous. This is the first time I will seem him, alone in 1 year. "Hello!" I smile welcoming him in. "Did you do all this for me?" he asks. I nod satisfied at my work. "Wow, you shouldn't have! I brought movies!"  His smile beams from ear to ear. We sit down and put the movie Grease in the machine. This is my favourite movie you see. "So what's the 'important information?" I ask, doing quotation marks as I say important information. "Julia, i've met someone who needs to see you." "And they are...?" I ask. ""Your.. Your... Your..." he says. "Spit it out Rory!" I yell, losing my patience. "Mother and brother." He sighs. I must have passed out because i wake up in Rome's arms. "Shh, you will meet with them. Next week?" he says hugging me. "Sure..." "But how?" "They work for the band, your mother is our manager. I didn't realise at first but you guys are just so alike! Your brother he plays the guitar for us." He smiles. I kiss him and he kisses back. "Thank you! I can leave this life behind! But what if they don't like me…" I sigh.  "Who wouldn't like you?" Rory smiles. I shrug. "Will you come?" I ask. "Of course babes!" he smiles.

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