7. Family

Rory snook over every night and we've really bonded. I feel so close to him again, dads been checking up on me but I think he's letting me be free. I'm still not sure. Anyway we are on our way to go meet my family. My mother has a new life, she's happily married and I have another brother and a sister.  "Hello!" mother yells running towards me. "I love you, I'm sorry!" "Shhh, you had to do the best for you, I understand!" I say kissing her on the cheek. We sit down and order.  Mums family are lovely and we all get on well. Ellie "I've always wanted an older sister!" is all she keeps saying hugging me, she's five and is adorable. My brother matt is sweet too; he's distant though. Luke, he feels sorry for me which is stupid but I guess he cares.

At the end of the night Rory comes up to me. "Look Julia, don't want this to be rushed but would you want to live with me?" Rory asks. I look at him, "You'll be able to see your family still and I've had people speak to your dad. He finally agreed as long as I promised one day to marry you! He says passing me a promise ring. I think about it, "I'd love to!" I smile. " I thought you were going to say no!" he kisses me. "I've always loved you how could I say no?" I smile. "Ive always loved you too." I giggle.

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