4. 1 year later...

"Wow, who would have thought Rory's boy-band would have been such a big success?!" dad says to me. "Me of course!"
"Hey, aren't you glad I didn't let you go with him?" "No, I love him dad. I hate always seeing him in papers, enjoying his life. Mines so bad, yes you start to let me out more but when will I be able to live in my own flat?" I say sternly. "Well honey, I've bought you a flat round the corner for your good grades!" he says smiling. I cant believe this, why has he really done this.... Oh well, I can finally be free and be a normal teenager! "Aww thank you dad, so when do i move in?" I ask a little to eager for dad because he rolls his eyes. "When I say so." he says signalling for me to go to my room, so I do. I text my best friend Lucy and tell her the good news. She is so excited because she will finally be able to come over and stay at mine without my dad getting all stressed. I receive a text back and its from an unknown number saying "Hey Julia, how are you? Don't happen to have your dads number?" I reply back giving the person my dad’s number and asking who it is but they don't reply... I later hear my dad shouting to someone on the phone, I'm guessing its the mystery person. He comes upstairs "Ive decided you can move out tonight. I'll still be coming round regularly to check on you and to make sure you have no boys" he says smugly laughing and walking away. I pack all my stuff quickly and I cant wait to move but then again there are so many memories of mum here... What if she comes back to find me and I'm gone? Would she search some more or just leave? I now have tears in my eyes but nothing comes out. I'm too strong for that. Dad comes in and takes my bags into the car and he looks to smug, I seriously hope nothings going on. I get to my new place. It's beautiful. Dads got me such a beautiful place and i'm delighted he's finally letting me move out. dad leaves soon after and I text Lucy. She comes immediately and is super excited. She helps me unpack and we get settled in, there's already all furniture so I'm good to go. "FIRST SLEEPOVER IN YOUR NEW PLACE!" she screams, I smile. she was the only person other than Rory who knows. Knows the unfortunate truth of my family. We go out to the local shop and buy food supplies. We come back and watch a movie.

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