Geek Gone Bad (Completed Story)

A 15 year old girl called Hollie falls in love with a shy, geeky boy called Harry when she stands up for him against the biggest idiot in school. Eventually Harry and Hollie end up pulling their two groups of friends together and the 10 of them end up on the wildest rollercoaster of life <3


2. What A Bully

Hollie's P.O.V:

I woke up to my alarm at 7am. It was the first day back to school after the summer holidays, I'm now in Year 10 (not sure what grade that is in other countries) which means I only have 2 years left of school (this year and next year). I rushed to get changed. I chose my skinny jeans, a white top with a leopard print heart in the middle and my black ballet-style shoes with a gold and black bow. I ran to the bathroom hoping to beat my brother and sister.

Unfortunately, my brother James was already in there, too busy trying to get his hair stuck straight up as usual.

"Move it Pipsqueak" I said, I'm 3 years older than him so I should get to tell him what to do.

"Why should I move?" James replied with a stupid grin on his face.

"I'll tell mum about the time that you put her bra and underwear on. I might even show her the picture as well" I said with an evil sparkle in my blue eyes. James' grin immediately disappeared and he went onto his knees.

"Please don't show mum that!" he begged.

"Actually, I won't show it to mum. I'll show the pictures to your girlfriend, your mates and your teachers at school" I said, I love having power over my younger brother. James ran out of the bathroom and I just laughed my head off.

*At the bus stop, 30 minutes later*

In the distance I could see El, Pez, Jaz and Elster walking towards the bus stop. I ran up to them and we went into a massive group hug before getting on the bus for school.

"So, you girls up for coming to my house after school?" Eleanor asked.

"Of course we are! Oh my god, Josh and Dan just walked on the bus" Perrie said. Basically Josh and Dan are the cutest boys in the school, they're part of the school's best band.

We finally arrived at school, then us girls had to go our separate ways. El and Pez are in a different class so they went off so they wouldn't be late. When me, Jaz and Ellie were on our way to Spanish class, I saw loads of students stood in a circle around something in the middle of the hall, right outside OUR LOCKERS. We sighed and walked over to see what was going on.

It was George again, the school bully and his gang. This time he was beating up another one of the nerds. The poor boy was in so much pain and his friends couldn't do anything 'cause they were pinned up against the wall.

"STOP!" Jaz shouted. Everyone turned and stared at me, Jaz and Ellie.

"Let them go" Ellie said. George stopped and walked over to me.

"What have they done to you?" I asked with a serious look on my face. George just shrugged his shoulders.

"I thought so. Nothing. So don't do it again" I shouted in his face and slapped him with full force. He just stared at me and ran away with his mates running behind him.

I bent down next to the boy on the floor as everyone else left. The boys' friends left and I told Jaz and Ellie to meet me in class and tell the teacher I would be late.

"C'mon, I'll help you up" I said and helped the boy up. It was Harry Styles, one of the nerds in class.

"Thank you Hollie" Harry said.

"It's okay" I replied and took him to the school nurse.


-Author's note-
Hi! Sorry if this first chapter isn't very good. It will be boring to start off with but I'll make it more interesting as the story goes along. But this is only my first story so I hope you like it :)

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