Geek Gone Bad (Completed Story)

A 15 year old girl called Hollie falls in love with a shy, geeky boy called Harry when she stands up for him against the biggest idiot in school. Eventually Harry and Hollie end up pulling their two groups of friends together and the 10 of them end up on the wildest rollercoaster of life <3


4. A Special Note

Ellie's P.O.V:

I read the note from Hollie and was quite surprised.

The note said:

Harry just winked at me. I accidentally kissed his cheek so he might fancy me!!! :)

I looked at the teacher who was watching the film, then at Harry who had his eyes on Hollie and I quickly wrote back.

He is totally checking u out! I think u may have a secret admirer :) What r u gonna do 'bout it Moth?

I passed the note back to Hollie and looked back at Harry, who was also writing down something on a piece of paper. Hollie passed me the note again

I don't know what 2 do. I'll just wait for him to do something

Okay, but I think he might be writing a note to you

Just as I passed the note back to Hollie again, Harry tapped Hollie's back and handed her a piece of paper. She blushed as she read it and wrote something on it and gave it back. I saw Harry write something else, but just as he was about to give it to Hollie the teacher interrupted.

"Excuse me Harry Styles. Why aren't you focusing on the film?" the teacher asked, making Harry jump.

"I was writing a note to Hollie" Harry hesitated, making Hollie blush.

"Well then, you can come to the front and read it out" the teacher said, Harry walked to the front and read the note out.

"It says: Hi Hollie, you look beautiful today," Harry started, Hollie went even more red in the face, "She replied saying: Thanks Harry. You look quite nice as well" Harry continued, Hollie started to sink in her seat, trying to hide from the class.

"The last thing I wrote, but didn't get to hand back, was this: Hollie will you go out with me?" Harry said, everyone was either saying 'ooooo' or 'aww'.


Hollie's P.O.V:

The way Harry just asked me out was so sweet but embarrassing. I didn't know whether to answer him then or somewhere more private. Everyone was staring at me, even the teacher. I just hid under my desk, I could feel everybody's eyes on me, waiting for my reply.

"Hollie are you going to answer or do you want to leave it for after the bell?" the teacher asked me.

"I'll wait until after the bell" I said, as Harry sat down the teacher played the rest of the film, but I wasn't focused at all. I started daydreaming about what would happen when the bell went.

Would he kiss me? Would me and Harry have to talk about it in detention? I had no idea...

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