-Master- A Man's Best Friend...

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well a Grown up Teenager, he faces a different situation. He owns two pet dogs, and these two hounds keep him occupied. Due to his past taking a turn for the worse, he had decided to look more into the future. Once he had taken his two dogs for a walk, one that was for him. And the other that found him in the woods. It occurred to him that just maybe... these animals are in more danger than ever before. He imagined that man's best friend is no longer what it seems...

- Written By: Luke J.R -

-Master- A Man's Best Friend...



1. Best Friend & Bad Pets

1 Best Friends & Bad Pets


‘It’s all falling to pieces…’ – I would huff and puff like the children’s books… A fairy-tale is what I had been living in the entire time. ‘Nothing remains normal’ I’ve named myself Benjamin. It’s who I am, and I can’t accept another name until I’m ready to take that role. In the meantime, I live alone… I hang out with a few mates. And even now, I feel as if I’ve wasted that time on something else. This something else isn’t too shocking… although, my friends consider it as protective. I’ve taken on loads of courses. And educated myself to look after the animals who need homes. I want to save them, all of them. Even if I have to throw an eye for an eye, it’s all I can do to save these creatures.

The entryway to my front door had a line of trash. Some metal cans folded inside out, rusted metal gleaming through the soil. It looked disastrous, and I couldn’t take too much more of it. A sickly moisture rested upon my old dog’s water bowl. Slugs and snails sliming around my windows, it looked like a tramps house. And on the inside, I kept it tidy. I did my best to keep my house looking tidier and making sure everything is secure. “It’s a fragment of my imagination” I would said to myself. Nothing could really stop me from thinking like this. It’s just my mind thinking of thoughts.

Slowly walking towards my own front door. I would just picture Transylvania’s entrance, and have nightmares of my own home. It was a far stretched story, and some of my friends wouldn’t believe me. Behind me was a small gateway, metal painted black going all around my house. I even built in some small rims around the windows that looked the best. The darkness consumed all who approached it, and I had to do this every day for the rest of my life. The shadows that I see… just my own, opening the door and seeing pure light, and then talking to myself after seeing a friendly shadow. It reminded me of a friend I want to speak to, and this what gave me the idea…

Before I could even phone my friends, I had to enter my house full of darkness. The only angel I have to rid this forsaken evil force is the power of a candle. Due to the light bulbs all exploding at once, it lead to me having to be casual. Lighting a few candles on the morning and night, it just made the house feel more like creepy old castle. Although it still had its moments of being a nice home. Entering through a small door was the only way in… I had forgotten my own house key, and before I asked myself a stupid question like “maybe it’s under the door mat.” I approached the situation with confidence, and threw myself at a window. Luckily for me, it did the trick. I had broken into my own home. Mostly, I would usually just open the door with a small key. This time, I’ve forgotten them.

The large rectangular window’s glass shattered into shards. Whenever I had to break into my own home, I knew that I am slowly falling below normal on a scale of insanity. I’ve checked on my dogs before and found them eating a dead rat. Whether it was alive before, I wasn’t too sure. Sparky was my first female Labrador. And I would make a vowel to protect that pup from any dangers. Thanks to my other pet I dare not to mention, “Pal.” He is one of the dogs I had fallen in love with. He was more like a rescue dog, so noble. And I would even call him unforgiving at times. That doesn’t change the way I feel about him whatsoever. I love my pets, and can’t wait to see them again.

‘Jesus, it’s freezing in here!’ I shouted. It had been a time where the temperatures were dropping. Many times before going outside, which is rarely. I would have to forecast my own weather just to understand the temperature inside my home. Phillip a friend of mine, he would laugh at me for this. He’d be acting like a fool, possibly something like, “It’s a house not a weather station.” I’d laugh with him, and he’d laugh back. I could never tell if he was laughing with me… or at me. Finally, I had reached my bedroom, and I swear my own stairway will break sooner or later…

‘So this… this is what I’ve been doing since I woke up?!’ I screamed. My voice sounded pretty loud, I’d say roughly that anyone in the neighbourhood could hear my screaming banshee’s voice. Thankfully no-one had arrived to knock on my door with complaints. Before I brought this house, there was an elderly lady named Katarina. She would smile at me sometimes, and I’d smile back. Watering my water-thirsty plants, I just wanted to keep my garden looking fresh at all times. She’d laugh a little at my ways of gardening. Sometimes she’d say, “It’s all fun and games eh?” And I’d smile back, letting out a slight giggle. Before getting to thank her on her death bed… I had to say good-bye to her, and I did that in possibly the worse way of doing so. I lied to her, and I regret it…

As I stared into my bedroom, I could see multi-coloured coat hangers pinned against my wall. The moist air made me feel a little sleepy. The window had been closed all night and day, so I didn’t expect the temperature to be too cool in here. In-fact it had been the opposite of cool. It felt humid with a toxic smell of fish rotting under my bed. I’d be a saint if I cleaned out my room. Although I can’t, I just can’t bare the fact of giving away all my treasures… and my poor memories. Thankfully, I will be cleaning out the bedroom next month, and what a great time to do some weeding too.

‘Hello… Hello…? It’s me your best friend Ben-jamming…” I spoke to myself. Before calling one of my friends, I wanted to make a good impression on them. Just to show I’ve grown up, and I’m leaving many stages previously behind. Practising talking into a broken mirror, it felt natural. I could actually just picture Phillip standing where the mirror is stood. Before saying more gibberish, I had decided to finally call my friends. One at a time though, One at a time. I had been a little over excited, I haven’t spoken to Phillip ever since pre-school really… and we spoke a little in high school. Apart from that, he won the lottery… and received £5.00, it was hardly anything to be happy about. Sort of…

Holding the small shaped white phone in my left hand, I clutched my knuckles continuously. Not long before biting my nails nervously. The time felt as if it had slowed down, and I couldn’t get the words out of my head. Until I finally heard Phillip speak on the other side, ‘Hello… who’s this then?” His voice sounded muscular, and I almost fainted from the manliness in his voice. ‘H-Hello…?’ I replied. My voice barely finishing my words, ‘what do you want?’ he said. ‘J-Just wondering… look, my name is Benjamin…’ I replied, trying to keep a voice of an angel in mind. ‘W-Wait… so you’re back?’ He said. His voice sounded a little steeper than previously. ‘Yes… I’ve been back for ten years!’ I shouted. I hoped that he would have taken it in a friendly way, although he scoffed whilst coughing.

‘S-Sorry… It’s my damn allergies, they’re playing up again bro’ he said. His voice sounded a little broken, until I heard him clearing his throat. ‘I-Is this better?’ He asked. I smiled although he couldn’t see my face. ‘Yes, that’s much better’ I replied. Before ending the call, I made an announcement to him. ‘Anyway… do you fancy coming over to play some football on the Wii?’ I asked with my nervous scale going higher than ever before. ‘S-Sure… I’m not as good as I were before though, so just keep that in mind’ he scoffed. I smiled again, keeping a straight face. ‘Alright, see you later. I’ll open the door for you at around two pm’ my voice sounded a little deeper. He most likely nodded.

Finally… I’ve have the courage to call an old friend. Something that I’ve been craving for ever since the last reunion with my other best friend, James. He didn’t really like me at first, until we spoke about video games. He started speaking too much, so much I had to block my eardrums from him. I had Carly to thank for that though, her generosity of giving away things. She had given me two ear plugs, perfect for blocking out sound. She didn’t really care whether I liked them, she just smiled and waved. Not long before leaving me with my second pooch “Sparky.” That female pup really knows how to tire you out too. She runs past buses and cars quicker than “Pal” on skates.

Not long before having my hair gelled. I decided to also brush the curls that had been sticking to my neck ever since the heat wave we had last month. It had been a shock to see my hair sticking to sweat for so long. Because back then, I was just an ordinary guy living in an ordinary house. And I loved experimenting on chemicals and other science type stuff. Okay… Okay, maybe I wouldn’t name it such a stupid bunch of words, if I had still been into Science. Which I’m not. The shocking and the cutting into animals was too much for me. I had to be sent to hospital due to almost losing a finger.

‘Hey, are you going to let me in brother?!’ A voice shouted. It sounded deep, and a little muscular. Once he had finished his sentence, it sounded like he had croaked. I ignored the voice for a second or two, and stopped to realise that it might be Phillip turning up early. Dashing down the stairs in nothing but my stripy black boxer shorts, I realised that I’m not exactly dressed… They’d call it half naked, and I couldn’t help but say that’s true. ‘Come on brother, I’ve only just got here!’ The voice screamed. Okay, Okay. Surely this is Phillip, I remember in High school… his slight tantrums. It sounded like the strop he would have at the age of twelve. Well… I’ll let him in, I guess.

Still knowing I’m not exactly well dressed. I decided to open the door whilst wrapping a towel around my waist. The towel had been soft and a little dirty from one of my dogs. Clearly the paw prints told a different story, and it looked as if “Pal” had been up to no good. ‘Is that you Phillip?’ I asked. The stranger knocked the door with a louder knock. I shook up in fear, and trembled towards the side of the front door. ‘Just let me in, it’s me James’ the voice replied. Wow, I expected Phillip. Somehow I don’t think Phillip kept our small meeting private. He must have told everyone…

James’s voice sounded different from last time I heard him. Which had been two years ago. His voice sounded a little low before, and now it sounds a little high. Maybe he is a man of opera, perhaps that’s why he loses his energy to speak so deeply. ‘Just let me in, come on!’ He shouted again. ‘Okay, okay… don’t get your knickers in a twist’ I replied with a smirk showing up on my face. Judging by his voice no longer speaking, I imagined that he had rosy cheeks from that comment. ‘Sorry, just let me in.’ He asked nicely. Unlocking the door from the five locks I had chosen out of the seven installed. The door was finally unlocked, and I let go of the gold rims around my front door. ‘Welcome’ I replied. My warm welcome is most likely something I use to keep my guests introduced.

‘Ha-ha, thanks and I’ll be taking the red table with a bottle of wine’ he replied. He clearly was joking, I could see that he was putting on a sitcom of a fancy pub. Just because my house looks a little like garbage on the outside. Doesn’t mean he can bully his way into my precious heart. ‘Ha-ha, good joke’ I replied nervously. Tweaking a gold lock as a distraction to make myself look busy. It was a good attempt of avoiding conversation with James. Until he mentioned something I couldn’t say “No” too. ‘Let’s play some football yeah?’ He said. A smile enlarged on my face, and I instantly sat on the seat next to him. Grabbed a small controller, and faced a plasma screen, it had been big!



‘Nice screen, I’ve got the new model though’ he said. I laughed with him, and spoke about my screen. ‘Yeah… I got mine officially installed today’ I replied. It was a little white lie, and I doubted he would even ask whether I’m telling the truth. ‘Let’s just play…’ he frowned, and pushed the red button. His ignorant face made me feel a little sorry for him. ‘I lied…’ I said. It had been the only way to keep James as a friend. ‘Y-You lied? Ha-ha, good one’ he replied with an idiotic giggle. ‘Yeah…’ I frowned. Knowing how James felt made me feel even more like a bad person. ‘Sorry.’ I apologized with something simple, the word “Sorry” came to mind. ‘Sorry’ I repeated myself. ‘Alright, calm down’ he said. I heard him laugh a little under his pepper mint breath. ‘Choose a team’ he replied.

‘Alright’ I choose this one. ‘And I choose this one’ we both spoke at the same time. Not only did we speak at the same time, we also laughed at our teams. Obviously we picked at random, which had been funny due to us looking unorganised. ‘Ha-ha, we both chose random’ James said. His smile kept me happy, and I remembered that Phillip was due to arrive in around thirty minutes. ‘Sorry… I’ve only got thirty minutes to spare’ I replied. ‘Ha-ha, already chickening out at half time?’ He laughed. I have him a more serious look. ‘No, I mean before I have to go out to the stores’ I told another lie. ‘Alright… I guess I’ll speak to you tomorrow. For now, let’s just make the most of that time’ He replied. He sounded very noble, and very friendly too. I liked James, he was a great friend to have.

‘On second thought… I’d like you to leave.’ I changed my mind. My voice sounded as if it was dropping to an all-time low. He looked at my face with shock. ‘R-Really…?’ James asked. I nodded slowly, and felt sorry for lying to him. ‘Alright… Alright, I get that look. Puppy eyes it is’ he joked. As he enlarged his puppy like eyes trick of making me let him stay longer. ‘N-No, as cute as those eyes maybe. I want you to just go’ I replied. My anger level started to rise a little, and I had become a little aggravated towards my friend James. ‘Bye then, I guess we’ll talk more tomorrow’ he slammed the door. His voice sounded as if I had shot a bullet through him. ‘Damn… I’m sorry James’ I whispered. 

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