Without you

Becca has finally moved on. New boyfriend, Jake. New best friend, Hailey. New life. But will all that change once Becca accidentally meets Niall and Louis again? Have they finally moved on? Read on to find out............ ;)


8. The thought

The Thought


I texted Becca that Louis is coming with me to America. I wanted to see Becca's face once again so I went online to the chat room and talked with her via webcam there.

"NIALL!?" She said 

"Yeah..."I said nervously. 

"You said that you not gonna tell anyone!" She said.

"I know I know! but Louis asked Hailey if he could come to America to meet her and she said yes... You can tell he really likes her."I said shyly. Just like I love you, I thought in my head.

"Okay okay sure... but tell him to keep within his limits. She's got a boyfriend!"She said in a warning voice but smiling.

"Don't worry! I'll put him on a leash!" I joked rolling my eyes.

She laughed. Wow! I almost forgot that angelic sound. 

"Can I come to meet you tomorrow?" I said with a huge smile

"I don't think you can..." She said nervously, looking away from the camera, taking a sudden interest on the floor. 

"Why not?" I asked sad, my voice almost cracking.

"Me Hailey, Josh and Jake are all going on a double date for dinner today and going to the movies again tomorrow night." She said quietly. "Oh yeah, forgot Jake is your boyfriend" I said trying to act casually but really, that name haunted me. 

"But please tell me when can I come?" I said and gave her puppy eyes look (She is so weak for them ;) )

"Fine you can come the day after tomorrow" She said

"Okay...."I said kind of sad..... I was ready to book the first flight to America but I knew I couldn't.

"Oh Hailey is here I need to go now..."She said

"Can I say talk to her for a second?" I asked.

"Sure..." She said

"Hi! You're Niall right? As in Becca's Niall?" Hailey said and coming up on the screen, smiling. 

"Yes, haha, I am Becca's Niall! Hey Hailey, I know your her best friend and all but I need to tell you something" I said.

"Yeah sure. I'm all ears". I could trust Hailey. She wasn't the type to go and blurt things out. 

"I really love Becca, Hailey. I'm sure she's told you about me?" I said and gave her a smile

"Yeah, she told me the whole story"She said and smiled

"It's just, I need to know. How is Jake? Does he treat her right?" I asked her. I needed to know. If he so much raises his hand to her, I'll kill him. No one does that to my Becca.

Hailey gave me a sympathetic look, "No. Niall he doesn't. Don't worry, I take of Becca. There's nothing to worry about. But if it makes you feel better, I no for sure that Becca hasn't lost ALL her love for you. Just by the way she says your name, her eyes go all lovey-dovey! Sorry, I'm not good with romantic stuff like this but even I know that she still likes you! Jake has got tough competition!" Hailey said smiling.

My heart jumped at this.

'Really?" I asked smiling like an idiot.

"Yup. Well, I need to go now. Josh is here! Bye!" She said and logging out of Becca's account.

Hailey is a really nice person and has a warm personality not to mention good looking. I feel sorry for Louis that she has a boyfriend. I thought about what Hailey said to me. The way she says my name........

I love her so much. She probably does as well but I need to make her realise it.

I have an idea I'm gonna leave tonight with Lou and reach America by tomorrow. I know  she told me not to do this but I can't help it.  have to do this.......


I'm actually excited to meet Niall the day after tomorrow! I need to get things up with Jake....I really do....We haven't met each other for a long time.....I hope everything is okay between us.......I really hope he's not cheating on me. The reason I think that is because the last girlfriend he had ended the relationship with him because he cheated on her......I am scared about the thought.....

"Becca?" Hailey said

"Yeah sorry..."I said

"You were deep in thoughts there..." She said

"Yeah sorry about that when are Jake and Josh here?  I said

"Yeah now they are" She said as Jake and Josh walked in

"Hi are you ready?" Jake said 

"Yeah we are" I said

Becca's outfit for the date: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=91841027

Hailey's outfit for the date: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=91842333


It's me Julia! we gonna try to update so much we can :)

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