Without you

Becca has finally moved on. New boyfriend, Jake. New best friend, Hailey. New life. But will all that change once Becca accidentally meets Niall and Louis again? Have they finally moved on? Read on to find out............ ;)


9. The date

The Date



"Okay let's go" I said as I took Jakes hand.

"Where are we going?" Hailey asked. She was walking behind me and Jake, holding Josh's hand. We just left the apartment, wondering aimlessly or so I thought.

"We are gonna go to a restaurant near here. It's quite upper class. It's that French one, I can't remember the name of." Josh said.

"Okay I know that one!" I said with a big smile just then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket

"What was that?" Jake said.

"Oh it was just my phone. I'll look at that later" I said

"Okay..." He said and we started to walk to the restaurant.

"Okay, we're here!" Josh said and were outside my favorite restaurant.

"This is my favorite restaurant" I said and smiled

"Haha! Yes we know! That's why we booked it silly!" Hailey laughed.

"Come on! Let's go inside" Hailey said, dragging Josh by the hand with her.

"We have a table outside. It's on the balcony" Jake said.

"Oh how romantic!" Hailey said jokingly and dramatically, placing her hand on her heart.

"It is" Josh said, not being aware that Hailey was just joking. We went down and sat at the table. Josh pulled out a chair for Hailey and I caught her blushing! They are perfect for each other! I looked at Jake. He was going over to sit in his chair and gave him a 'seriously?' look. He just came over to me and said "Just joking, babe!" and repeated the gesture. 

Once we ordered what we wanted, I looked at my phone to see who the text was from. Niall it read. I had a look of worry ad excused myself to go to the toilet. Hailey must have noticed this, with her being my best friend because she followed me to the toilet.

"Are you okay, Becca? I know that look so don't bother lying to me" she said looking me in the eyes. 

"It's Niall, he sent a text" We both read the text he sent me.

"Hi hope you having a good time me and Lou has booked a plane to America to see you and Hailey! see ya soon <3 xoxo-Nialler"

"Hailey, I don't know what to do! I love Jake but Niall....... I don't want him to break what we have" I said, my voice cracking.

Hailey smoothed her hand over my head. 'Hey Becca. Niall doesn't want to hurt you. If you want, I can personally and physically keep him away from you!" she said, trying to flex muscles but failed so badly.

"Haha! You have NO muscles! You can't even put a straw through a capri-sun drink!" I laughed. That's the thing I love about Hailey. She knows when to be funny and when to be serious. A lot like Louis! They seriously would go together perfectly!

"That's not the point though! You know what I mean! And anyway, I wouldn't be complaining if I had 2 boys chasing after me" she said winking. I knew she was just joking. She loves Jake. It took me all my will power not to tell her about Louis.

We then decided to go back, before the boys got suspicious. 

"Hi" I said as I took my seat. I put my phone on the table and started to talk to Hailey. I looked over at Jake. He was being quiet......too quiet. That's when I saw that he had my phone in his hands. He was looking through my texts with Niall. Oh great!

"Who is this?!" Jake asked, jealousy.

"It's my old friend from Ireland..." I said to him but I was mainly looking at Hailey giving her my 'Help!' look. That's the thing with me and Hailey, we understand each other's expressions without any words. She gave me a 'don't worry' look.

"Then why does he send you hearts and kisses and stuff and what does he mean with see you soon?!" Jake said

"Basically, Niall is Becca's friend and they lost contact once she moved to America. They got in touch again though via a chat room. He just wants to meet his friend up again." Hailey said for me because I was stammering too much. I gave her 'you're a life saver look' and she gave me  the'I know, don't say the obvious!' look. I just rolled my eyes at her sassiness.

"Okay then...."Jake said and looked a bit nervously.

'Don't worry Jake. You have nothing to worry about" I said.

Luckily, the food came out and saved the awkward moment.  After we finished our food, we went to the beach. We separated , me and jake went one way and Hailey and Josh went the other.

"I love the beach so much...."I said

"Yeah me too. I love you Becca." Jake said and leaned in for a kiss. Just as I was about to kiss him I saw someone behind him..........OMG! It is Niall and Louis.

"Becca?!" Niall screamed behind Jake.

Talk about bad timing!

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