Without you

Becca has finally moved on. New boyfriend, Jake. New best friend, Hailey. New life. But will all that change once Becca accidentally meets Niall and Louis again? Have they finally moved on? Read on to find out............ ;)


14. Rage



I heard a conversation going on between Hailey and Josh over the phone. Hailey had put it on speaker so I pressed my ear against the door and listened to what they were saying. Josh gave a big speech on how sorry he was and how much he loved her. I could have done waaaaayyyy better than his lame apology! Hm!

I listened to Hailey's reaction. By the looks of things,  she's already forgiven him. Not officially anyway. Grrrrr! I'm really mad at Hailey right now. How can she forgive him after all he's done to her!!!!! If she was with me, then things would just be so much easier! No fights, hurt or anything! Just love.

Josh has got Hailey wrapped around her finger! After she came out and ended her convo with him, she started messing around with Niall and Becca. She's such a bubbly, cute, beautiful, hot, kind, funny girl. She doesn't deserve Josh. She deserves me. As Hailey was about to leave the 'two lovebirds' ,as she called them, she came up to me. 

"Lou, you should really find someone as well you know? Someone who you can be all lovey dovey with like these two lovebirds over there" she said to me.

You're that person Hailey. If only you knew...........

Hailey sensed the tense atmosphere and try to ease it. "Woah! Louis, I didn't THINK you'd take me that seriously!" she laughed.

I managed to do a chuckle but not more. Once Hailey left, I ran back to my bedroom and cried all night. Why does love hurt so much?

(next morning)


I'm was going to meet up with Josh at my local cafe. I was going to forgive him. I mean, it's not like he did this to me loads of times, right? This is the first time he's done it. I don't really balme him that much for doing it, I mean who wouldn't get jealous if they saw their girlfriend about to kiss and cozy up with another man right?

I just dumped on my Hollister top and jeans. As I was about to leave, I heard sniffs. Weird? It was coming from Louis' bedroom. I walked up to his room and knocked on it. 

"What?" He asked harshly.

"Uh...Lou, it's me, Hailey. Can I come in?" I asked, trying to be on his good side.

"Yeah sure. It's your house anyway" He said smiling.

I walked inside. Louis was sitting on his bed with a pillow in his arms. His eyes were red and I mean like puffy red. It broke my heart to see Louis like this. I ran over to Louis and took the pillow from his arms and put his head on my lap. I ran my fingers through his hair. It eventually calmed him down. His tears started to stop falling.

"Lou, what happened?" I asked. Would this set him off again? I don't even know. I hope not.

"Where were you going?" He blurted out.

"Um.....to meet Josh?" I said, more like a question.

Suddenly Louis got up. "JOSH?! WHY?" He shouted. I've never seen louis this angry. Why was he angry?

"I-I-I-I just thought I should maybe forgive him and take him back..." My voice trailed, fading along the way.

"You're forgiving HIM?! Hailey, don't you see that Josh will just keep hurting you over and over?! And you'll just keep crawling back to him!!!!" Louis shouted even louder. I admit, I was getting really scared He then punched his fist in my wall. But right now I didn't care right now.

It was quiet for a few minutes.  I looked at the time. I've got 5 more minutes until I need to leave.

Just then Louis sighed. "Listen, Hailey, I didn't mean to-" He began. His voice was now much softer and filled with regret and guilt.

"Sorry, I need to go" I said my voice cracking. I ran out before Louis could stop me. I just ran to my bedroom, being the girl I am. I just texted Josh that I needed more time to think. I'm really confused right now. 

I stuffed my head in my pillow and cried my eyes out. Louis is starting ot scare me a little. What happened to him? I prefer the old Louis to this one. Just then, I heard a knock on my door. 

"Who is it?" I tried not bothering to hide my cries.

"Hailey, it's Becca. Open the door please" I got up and unlocked the door and let Becca in. She closed the door behind her and sat down next to me.

"Hailey! What happened?" she asked, hugging me.

"L-L-L-L-Louis" I said, more tears coming out. 

Then Becca got up suddenly and stormed out of my room. I saw her heading to Louis' room. Oh god, this can't be good but I honestly don't care right now.


Does anyone even read these A/N's? Just asking :)


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