Without you

Becca has finally moved on. New boyfriend, Jake. New best friend, Hailey. New life. But will all that change once Becca accidentally meets Niall and Louis again? Have they finally moved on? Read on to find out............ ;)


4. Food&CookieLover

Niall's POV

I always think about Becca......It's like she carved her name in my heart and mind. It's impossible for me to forget her and move on. I try to hide this by just putting a fake smile on my face but I when I am alone, I just get on my knees and pray for a chance to meet Becca again.....

I walked over to Louis who sat with his computer. 

"Hey whatcha doing?" I asked him

"Just on a chat room" He answered I walked over to look on the screen

"Who are you chatting with?" I asked

"A girl that love carrots" He asked and smiled

"Wow! You two are like made for each other!" I said. Two weird carrot loving people.

"Too bad, she's got a boyfriend!" Louis said pouting.

"Aww tough man!" I said patting Louis on the back.

"So do you know who that girl is?" I asked. If he knew her, he would have surely talked about her before to us.

"It`s anonymous...You should make an account Niall maybe meet some girl. You really need to move on from Becca!" He said. No. louis. I can never move on from Becca. Louis has realised that he never really loved Becca. Their thing was more like a fling. Hey that rhymes...... nevermind. 

"Okay help me then" I gave in as I took out my computer.

"Okay so you are just gonna write a username. what do you want to have?" He said

"Maybe FoodLover?" I said and he typed it in

"Sorry already used what about Food&CookieLover?" He said

"Sure" I said

"Okay done here can you look up users should I help you?" He asked

"Sure" I said again

"we have someone called coolcokie27 do you want to add?" He asked

"Sure and let me look at this now" I said and took my computer and saw that the person accepted my request yay I guess.

"Hi!" I wrote

"Hi! :)" 

"Are you a boy or girl? (I just wondering so I can call you he or she ;) )" I wrote 

"Girl..And u?" 

"Boy" I wrote

"Okay :)"

"So where do you live?" I wrote

"Secret stuff ;)" 

"Okay I live in London ;)" I wrote

"Okay I think I need to go to sleep now because I gonna work tomorrow"

"Okay sleep good and can I ask you one more question?" I wrote

"Yeah sure"

"Do you have a boyfriend? .-." I wrote

"Yes I do. and can I ask you one more question?"

"Sure :)" I wrote

"How old are you?" 

"I am 20 and you?" I wrote

"I am 20 to :) alright good night"

"Good night"  I wrote and turned of the computer

Beccas POV

It is something special about that guy........I don't know what but I need to figure it out.....



Hey guys, do you mind checking out zany_wify93  's movella called The Distance. It's the sequel to Between Us. It's super awesome!


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