Without you

Becca has finally moved on. New boyfriend, Jake. New best friend, Hailey. New life. But will all that change once Becca accidentally meets Niall and Louis again? Have they finally moved on? Read on to find out............ ;)


11. Clubbing

Clubbing & Mistakes


"Hey, let's go clubbing!" Becca said happily, while all of us were walking aimlessly down the beach. To be honest, it has been really awkward ever since Louis and Niall have joined. There's nothing wrong with them! It' just that, there's been a tense atmosphere ever since they've joined us. Becca and I were trying to start a conversation but it would just be more awkwarder.

"Yeah! That sounds good!" I said. Anything is better than the awkward silence we are bing forced to go through right now. "What do you think guys?" I asked, looking around.

"Sounds good!" Louis said smiling at me. I smiled back. Josh then suddenly said,

"Yeah sure!"

Niall and Jake agreed to it aswell. 

We walked to the nearest club. We were all above 18 so we could enter. As soon as I got inside, I pulled Becca with me to the bar. "Wow! This is so awkward!" I said to her.

"I know! Tell me about it!" she replied.

"I've noticed Niall and Jake giving each other.....these jealous looks" I said, smirking. Becca blushed. She so fancies Niall.

"Well I'm not the only! Louis has been-" she was cut off by Jake asking her to dance. She looked at me asking if she could go. "Yeah! Go ahead!" I said. Secretly, I wished she stayed. I wanted to hear what she was going to say about Louis. Oh well. I drowned my thought in alcohol.

I looked around. Niall was looking jealously at Jake and Becca. I feel bad for him. They would make a perfect couple.Josh went to the bathroom. I looked around for Louis and saw that he was approaching me.

"Hey, Lou!" I said, as he sat down next to me ordering a drink as well.

"Hey, Hailey" I watched him chug down his now 8th glass of alcohol. As he was about to have his 9th one, I pulled it away from him. It took me everything not to chug down his glass. Yup! I was officially drunk now!

"Urrrmmm.........Louis, I think that might be enough for you"

He looked at me and pouted. He caught my hand. "Do you wanna dance?" he said, looking into my eyes. I hadn't noticed how blue they were. I forced myself out of my trance, almost forgetting about his question.

"Yeah sure! Let's go!" I said. He took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He put his hands on my waist and I put my hands around his neck. I noticed Becca standing opposite me, now dancing with Niall. Niall probably stole her off Jake! Becca saw me and raised her eyebrows when she saw I was dancing with Lou. Shut up I mouthed while smirking. I could do the same to her as well.

I looked back at Louis. "You're so beautiful" he said, our foreheads now touching. Well, his head was leaning down a bit because I was shorted than him. I looked shocked but I blushed. I shouldn't think much of it. It's probably the alcohol talking. He started to lean in. I couldn't help but lean in to. As soon as our lips brushed against each other, we stopped when we heard a 'what the hell???!!!!!!!' 

I pushed Louis off of me. I turned round to see Josh standing there pissed off. Oh god! I ran over to Josh and hugged him. I could smell alcohol coming from him. It was really strong.........he had been drinking....... a LOT. More than he usually did for some reason.

Josh pushed me off him. "Get away from me! You probably want to go back snogging your NEW BOYFRIEND!" He shouted at me. I felt tears starting to drop down from my cheeks.

I tried to hug him again. "I'm so sorry Jo-" I began, before he slapped me. I stood there shocked, with my hand flying up to my cheek, where he hit me. Before I knew what was happening, Becca, Niall and Jake were there comforting me while Louis was beating the living daylights out of Josh. 

"HOW DARE YOU HIT A GIRL!? ESPECIALLY A GIRL LIKE HAILEY!!!!!!!!!" He shouted and then it followed by a heavy punch in the stomach. Josh was also trying to fight back. I couldn't stand this anymore. "GUYS! Just stop!" I screamed at them. Surprisingly they did. 

"L-Let's j-just g-go back h-home" I said trying to hold in my tears but failing so badly as I walked out of the door. Jake grabbed my hand. "Hailey, I'm so sorry. I didn't me-" I cut him off. I shrugged his hand off of mine and trudged back to the car. Jake was the only one not drunk so we all just got in the car while he was driving. I looked out of the window, not saying anything. No one said anything. Just then, I felt a hand on my bare knee. It started to go further up. It was Josh. "Please, Hailey-" he began before I stopped him again. I saw Louis out of the corner of my eye. If we lived in the world of cartoons, he would have smoke coming out from his ears.

"Don't touch me" I spat. 

"Yeah, didn't you hear what Hailey said?!" Louis said in anger to Josh. Luckily Niall was in between them two. 

"Who the fuck do you think you are to come in between me and my girl?!!!!!!!" Josh said een louder than Louis. Before Louis could burst out in anger, I said to Josh, "Josh! I don't think you realised but I'm NOT YOUR GIRL!" I said. How could he possible think that I would still be with him even after him hitting me.

Josh's eyes widened. "No-No! Please Hailey! Don't do this to me!" he said, starting to tear up. His voice started to crack. I really felt like going over to him and kissing his tears away but I couldn't. I didn't reply. 

Just then the car stopped. We were back at Becca's and my apartment. I stormed out of the car. I heard Josh grunting in anger and shouting some colourful words to himself.

I went to my bedroom and slammed the door shut. I looked in the mirror at my face. There was a bruise there. Luckily, it wasn't too big and it would go by the end of the week.

Just then, I heard a knock. I opened it and found Louis standing there. I needed my best friend right now. He came in and sat on my bed. I knew what he did was wrong but Josh deserved it. 

I wanted to speak to him, but instead I cried. I cried on his white tee. I felt Louis' hand stroke my hair. "Sshhhh! It's going to be okay, Hailey" He cooed.

"I'll make sure he doesn't do that again. Or there won't even be a next time for him!" Louis said. I just managed to give out a little chuckle amongst my tears. 

"I hate seeing you like this Hailey. The usually smiley, happy, funny ..........and hot person I've grown to know, it makes me sad just to see you in this state" He whispered in my ears. I smiled when he cheekily added -hot- in there. ;)

That's probably the alcohol talking. But somewhere, deep inside me, I really hoped that it was not.

"Lou?" I asked him



"Don't mention. Anything for a girl like you" 

His words kept ringing in my head and with that, I drifted off to sleep with me in Louis' arms.




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