Without you

Becca has finally moved on. New boyfriend, Jake. New best friend, Hailey. New life. But will all that change once Becca accidentally meets Niall and Louis again? Have they finally moved on? Read on to find out............ ;)


3. Carrots4Life



"What are you doing?" Becca asked as she sat down next to me. We had finished our work and we both came back to our apartment. It's now 7:30. 

"Oh, I'm just on a chat room" I said, logging in.

"A chat room? Why do you need that?" Becca asked, looking over my shoulder.]

"It's just really fun. It's just a place to chat to friends and stuff. Everything's anonymous so you can basically talk to strangers without them knowing who you are. You should make an account" I said.

"Okay sure." she said opening her laptop.

"What do you think I should put as my username?' she asked.

"Um.....I don't know. What about coolcookie27? You do love cookies!" I reasoned.

Becca just laughed. "That's the most weirdest username ever!" she said but I saw her typing it in. 

"Haha! But you love it ;)" I said, shaking my head. She is really weird sometimes but that's one of the reasons she's my best friend!

"Okay made it! What's your username? I'll friend you" she said.

"Umm....mine is crazy4carrots" I said. It's true. I love carrots. Random but that's just me.

Becca made a 'seriously' face. "Don't judge" I giggled.

"Too late. Already did." Becca said.

"Hey should I set the account on text or video" she asked.

"Um..... text. It's better if it's anonymous" I told her.

I friended Becca and she did to me. I was just chatting to one of my other friends when I got a friend request. It's username was Carrots4Life. 

Ha! Looks like I'm no the carrot lover in the world. I showed Becca this and she just rolled her eyes. "Probably just as weird as you" she smiled. "Carrots4Life understands me!" I said. I accepted the friend request.


I scrolled down the accounts in the chat room. crazy4carrots. Hmmmm........I like the name of that. I decided to friend that person. They accepted my request. I got a message from crazy4carrots. 

'Another carrot lover I see' they said.

'yup! FINALLY someone understands me!' I replied

'I know right!' 

'Hey are you a boy or girl?' I asked.


'Yay! So I can hit on you :D' I wrote.

I know what you're probably thinking. Becca. Surprisingly, I have gotten over Becca quite quickly. Me and Niall have sorted it out. We best mates again. I guess I liked Becca but I didn't LOVE her. I'm still waiting for that right person. For Mrs. Right (A/N Hahaha see what I did there. mrs. Right.......mindless behaviour........ never mind -Tiger99)

'Hahaha! Hate to break your heart, lover boy, but I've got a boyfriend!' She said. I admit it. My heart fell a little. She seemed like a really nice person.

'Awwww! You can always leave him for me ;)' I half-joked.

'As tempting as it is.......I'll pass ;)' She said back. Nice and a good sense of humour. 


"Oooooh!" Becca said raising her eyebrows when she read the conversation between me and Carrots4Life.

"Shut up, Becca!" I said throwing a cushion at her. I swear that's like a habit now!

"Fine! I'll be quite ..........for now" she said, quickly adding the last part.

'Auuuggghh! You broke my heart! :'('  Carrots4Life replied.


'I know :( oh well. need to go to sleep ;)' I said. It was quite late. Becca was pushing me to sleep. You know how between friends there's always one responsible one. Yeahh...........I'm not that one. Becca is. Without her, I'd probably never even get to sleep!

'Good night! Wish I could join you there ;)' Carrots4Life replied. Pervet.

'Pervet, in your dreams!' I said laughing back.

'You know what, I'll do just that ;)' he said.

I blushed just by reading this. Hey- wait hold up! What am I doing? I've got a boyfriend! I mentally slapped myself. 

I got a text from Josh. 

Good night babe! I'll see your beautiful face in the morning! xxx

I was going to reply but I forgot to. I just fell asleep.


Hey guys, since I'm going to do all of the Hailey's POV chapters and Julia's gonna do all of Becca's. I am going to stop here for today. I was thinking of doing another one today but I'll probably wait for Julia to come back from her summer house so she can do one of Becca's. She's coming back today! Yay!


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