On the side of the sins

A boy who falls into the world of the seven deadly sins, who are at war with the virtues. Will Finn have to chose sides? and will he ever return from the fight of sins and virtues!


3. my choice

Chapter 2

Sitting on my bed, I continued to crinkle the piece of paper I’d received from Pride. I kept replaying the day in my head, trying to make sense of it but failing miserably.

After the girls had left Me, Christian and Will had there in silent bewilderment for several minutes. I had been the first to snap out of it, I quickly got up, crashing the chair down behind me. I rushed out the door and scurried down the locker lined hall. I could here Will and Christian shouting my name after me, but to no avail, I didn’t stop running till I reached my house about a mile away. I stormed in the door my mind reeling and my body shaking. I completely ignored my sister’s pleas for a yogurt and my brother asking where the TV remote was and ran up the stairs. I threw myself on my bed and had been there for hours. Mum and dad had returned from work and I presumed my loyal brother had told them an elaborate lie about absence, as he had probably saw that I was slightly hysterical.

It was almost dark when I finally came out of my stupor, only resurfacing once before to refuse dinner. I uncurled my hand to find the piece of paper Pride had given me. I brought closer to me and slowly unwrinkled it and read it. On it there was an address and under it said ‘When your curiosity gets the better of you’ it was written in excellent handwriting, Prides I presumed. I found the words almost a challenge, so I decided to bunker in for the night and try and deny my thirsty curiosity.

Well, as expected I lasted little time, two hours and several blurry minutes. I rose from my bed and finally changed out of my uniform. I threw on a pair of frayed jeans and a T-shirt . I chucked on a green hoody over it and stuffed my feet into some converse. I crept out of the hall, No sound reached my ears, so I presumed everyone had gone to bed. I slugged down the stairs and quietly let myself out the front door. I glanced up at my house with a sense of dread and caught my brothers pale face looking out his bedroom window. He raised his hand in farewell and I returned it with a quick wave. Did he feel it too? The sense that I wasn’t going to walk back through that door anytime soon. As I walked down the street, with my hood up and my hands stuffed in my pockets, my curiosity won over my dread and I continued to walk towards my unfathomable adventurous future with the girls named after the sins.

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