On the side of the sins

A boy who falls into the world of the seven deadly sins, who are at war with the virtues. Will Finn have to chose sides? and will he ever return from the fight of sins and virtues!


1. preface



     Lust, Anger, Pride, Sloth, Greed, Envy and Gluttony. The Seven Deadly sins…The sister’s history is long and plentiful. Many things have happened to the sisters during time and many have been awful. These things have helped the girls turn into what humans believe the sins are, purely evil. They all have a dark side that’s for sure, but they all have good characteristics too. The sisters were the offspring of the worst match in hell, literally. A concoction, an invention. Made to look like they’d been given birth too, giving physical similarities and proper age gaps. Both ‘inventors’ were male and the girls often joke about having two daddies. These were two mythological gods of the underworld. The Egyptian god Anubis and the Greek god Hades…. Though the gods believed them a gift to the world, the sisters became features of not so pleasant things and were hated by mankind and many different people in their own land. Though the girls quickly made names for themselves, they unfortunately often lived up to the fact that they were Satan and the Devils offspring. They decided to escape the cruel life that had been written for them and try their hand in the cruel world of mankind, naturally as forever youthful females, they joined secondary school. And this is fortunately where are story begins……..


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