The Most Amazing SuperHeroes in the World

What would happen if One Direction were super heroes instead of a boy band? How their lives would be? In this story they are the most amazing super heroes in the world! They also have normal lives, of course, but what would happen if falling in love with their dreamed girls made then want to be just normal people??? Read to find out!!
A/N** another of my ideas for a story! Hope you like it! Oh and in the story all the guys will be 19 years old ;D I love you mis guayabassss<3


2. What We Usually Do



I woke up with the sound of an alarm. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Louis and Harry sleeping on the same  bed; Zayn was all over the couch and Niall was laying on the carpet. I stood up from the floor and realised that it was the emergency alarm the one that was ringing.

-Guys!!!- I exclaimed while throwing a pillow to Louis and Harry.
-What?- Zayn said while groaning.
-The alarm guys!- I said.

All the guys stood up quickly and we ran to Harry's basement, where our super suits were.

Niall got dressed up with his green suit with a grey shamrock on the chest and grey boots.

Zayn got dressed up with a light blue suit with a dark blue cape and black boots.

Louis dressed up with his orange suit with green boots.

Harry dressed up with a red suit and black boots

And I dressed up with my white suit and black boots.

We were ready, and we put in our masks.

-So what's the problem Liam?- Harry asked me.

We turned to see the huge screen that was hanging from the wall.

-A train lost control and we need to stop it- I said.
-Niall and Louis! We need your help to go fast to the train station and to stop it- Zayn said -The rest of us will help to take out all the people, ok?-
-Let's do it team!- I exclaimed.

Niall quickly grabbed Louis arm and ran to the train.

Zayn flew out of the ceiling with us hanging on his arms.

-Look! One Direction is here!- we heard a lady saying and everybody started cheering and clapping.

Zayn left us in the ground with the rest of the guys and he flew back to the sky

-Guys, the train is like 2 miles away and it's coming pretty fast- we heard Zayn exclaiming.
-What should we do?- Harry asked me.

I was the brain of the group, I always had a plan.

-Ok, Louis, I need you to stand up in the rail road, just here- I said while thinking where was the perfect spot to stop the train
-Sure- Louis said and jumped to the rail road.
-Niall, I need you to go to the back part of the train and try to pull it back- I said -just wait until I tell you-
-Okie Dokie- Niall said.
-And Harry, I need you to go to the crowd and bring the paramedics, now- I said.
-Ok- Harry said and he turned invisible and went trough the crowd.

-Ready guys?- I asked Louis and Niall.
-Yup- they answered.
-Go Niall!- I exclaimed.


I was invisible now, so I started walking trough the crowd trying to find the paramedics.

I really didn't like the task that Liam gave me but whatever.

-Hey doctors!- I said while turning visible again.
-Mr. Invisible!- a paramedic exclaimed.
-We need your help, now!- I exclaimed and we ran trough the crowd.

-Great- Liam said to me.


I ran to the back part of the train and I grabbed a hook that was hanging from the train, I started to run to the other way.

My feet hurt, I needed help.


-Ready Invincible Boy?- Liam asked me.
-Yup- I said kinda insecure.

I knew we were superheroes, but we really were scared to die.

I put my arms in front of me when I saw the train pretty close to me.

I closed my eyes and waited for the impact.

The train pushed me back, but it was slowing down, I must admit that Niall helped a lot.


I saw my friends stopping the train. When it finally stopped I went to the ground and we all started helping the people of the train.

-Thanks a lot- a woman carrying her baby said while crying.
-It's a pleasure to help- Liam said sweetly.

After all the people was out of the train, people from the news started taking pictures of us.

We went back home, (I carried Harry and Liam, Niall took Louis).

We were at Harry's house and we changed into our normal clothes.

-Good job guys- Liam said.
-Wanna go to Nandos to celebrate?- Niall asked.
-Just if you pay- I said.
-Ha, sure- Niall said.

We arrived to Nandos and sat at our typical table, and order a lot of food.

-How you don't get fat Niall?- Louis asked Niall.

Niall was eating like a pig, he had like 6 different meals.

-Because I run a lot, I do exercise- he said with food inside his mouth.
-What would "L" say if she saw you eating like that?- Harry asked Niall referring to Niall's crush.
-She won't see me eating like this, never- He answered.
-Why not?- Liam asked him.
-Because she would never hang out with me- Niall said kinda sad.
-Yeah, because you don't even talk to her- Harry said.
-Shut up- Niall said and threw him food.
-And what about you Louis? Did you decided to talk to "A"?- Niall asked Louis.
-Well, I'm planning something- Louis said nervous.
-The only one who makes the plans here is Liam, so tell me your plan- Harry said.
-My plan for what?- Liam asked.
-Your plan to talk to your girl- Harry said.
-She's not my girl- Liam said while putting some salad inside his mouth- and I don't have any plans.
-Oh, come on Mr. Know It All- Harry exclaimed. 
-Shut up! there's a lot of people here! You're risking our identities!- Liam exclaimed mad while throwing his fork to his plate.
-But you like her, huh?- I asked Liam.
-Kinda- he answered with a small smile on his face and blushed.
-We have a blusher here!- Harry exclaimed and we started laughing.
-Yeah, whatever, so how about you? Harry? Zayn?- Liam asked us.

I had a crush on an amazing girl, I just didn't want to admit it.

-I'm not in love- I said.
-Liar- Niall said to me with a smile and the other guys stared at me.
-No, really, I swear- I said.

Hope they believed me.

-And you Harry?- Liam asked him.
-Everybody knows- he said relaxed.
-Everybody except her- Louis said.
-So are you telling her something?- I asked.
-Maybe, maybe not- Harry said while touching his food with his fork -I really don't know if she likes me.
-She does, you're irresistible- Louis said to him.
-Thanks Lou- Harry said with a smile.

After we finished the food, Niall payed and we went back home.


I really loved my best friends, we always could talk and laugh a little, even though they were kinda immature, but they always had good advice, I really liked having them as partners and as best friends.

I arrived to my house and the first thing that I did is my homework, you could say that I was the most responsible in the group, and I hoped that the guys where doing their homework too. After I finished it I watched some telly and then I went to sleep.

The next day was Monday and I needed energy to go to school.


Hey guayabassss!!! Hope you liked this chapter! I'm waiting for some volunteers to be Zayn's and Harry's girlfriends! I can't keep going with the story without them, I need them to write the next chapter... so um, pleaseeeeeeee! I need girls!!! But if nobody is interested I will just create the girls, thanks a lot though...
Love you xxxxxx

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