The Most Amazing SuperHeroes in the World

What would happen if One Direction were super heroes instead of a boy band? How their lives would be? In this story they are the most amazing super heroes in the world! They also have normal lives, of course, but what would happen if falling in love with their dreamed girls made then want to be just normal people??? Read to find out!!
A/N** another of my ideas for a story! Hope you like it! Oh and in the story all the guys will be 19 years old ;D I love you mis guayabassss<3


5. Apologies


I woke up with the sound of a horn. I opened my eyes and I realised that I was late for school. My dad was honking the horn like crazy.

-IM COMING!!!- I exclaimed trough the window.

I quickly ran to my bathroom and got changed with the first thing that I saw: a white sweater that said in red "I Only Date Superheroes", my black skinny jeans and my red Converse. I quickly fixed my side swept bangs and put a black beanie on.

I grabbed my phone and it said 7:10 am. I was really late for school.

I grabbed my backpack and got in the car.


Liam told me a great plan to invite Lizzie to the prom.

I closed my locker and then the bell for first period rang. I had Physics with Lizzie and I really wanted to apologise for leaving her like that yesterday.

I walked to the classroom but Lizzie wasn't there so I decided to wait.


I was 10 minutes late for Physics class. I didn't have the time to go to my locker so I ran directly to the classroom. 

I popped my head trough the door; everybody was working and the professor was writing some confusing problems in the blackboard. I didn't want any problems with him so I decided to walk quietly to my seat.

The problem with this professor was that if you arrive late or do a scandal you get detention.

I walked quietly to my seat. Everybody was looking at me and Niall was staring at me.

I was just about to sit when I heard:

-DETENTION MISS RODGERS!!!- the professor exclaimed.
-Crap...- I mumbled.

I walked to the professor's desk and he handed me a yellow paper.

I walked back to my seat and I saw everybody laughing quietly and looking at me. I sat on my chair when a ball of paper hit my head.

-What?!- I whispered and rubbed my head.

I looked around the classroom and saw Niall smiling at me. I sighed and I looked back at the blackboard. 

He was so mean yesterday, he left me without an explanation.

Then I fell another paper ball hitting my head.

-WHAT?!?!- I whispered mad to him.
-Nice shirt- he whispered back.

I faked a smile and showed him my thumb up.

I turned back to the blackboard and then... yes, another paper ball hit my head.

-STOP IT NIALL!- I exclaimed.
-Horan!!! Detention!!!!- the professor exclaimed mad and handed Niall a yellow paper.

He took it with a smile and sat back at his chair.

The bell rang again and I ran to my locker, I didn't want to talk to Niall.

I opened my locker when a note fell out of it. I picked it up and I opened it:

"I'm really in love with you... you're just perfect... and mostly beautiful ~Your secret admirer~"

I turned around the paper and a huge blue "P" was written on it.

I smiled and then I saw a rose inside of my locker.

-How did this got inside of my locker- I whispered to myself.

Maybe it all was a prank. I got mad and then threw the rose and the note inside of my locker and slammed the door.


I was walking to my locker when I felt a hot touch on my shoulder.

-Ouch- I said and I turned around.
-Sorry- Zayn said with a smile.
-Oh, hey- I said and I kept walking.

Zayn stood in front of me.

-Zayn...- I said.
-Are you mad with me?- He asked kinda sad.

I didn't answer.

-Valen, I'm really really sorry, I swear I didn't want to leave you like that! I had an emergency- he said.
-If you're trying to say that you got bored of me just say it- I said kinda mad.
-What?! I wouldn't never get bored of being with you...- he said and hold my hands.
-So, what kind of emergency?- I asked.

Zayn let go my hands and rubbed his neck.

-I knew it...- I said sad and walked away. 


I was taking some stuff out of my locker when I felt a pair of hands hanging something on my neck.

It was Harry.

-Hey Hazza- I said.
-Do you like it?- he asked while pointing to my neck.

I looked down and I saw a beautiful necklace with two little race flags hanging from it.

-I love it!!!- I said and I hugged him.
-Are you going to do something later?- he asked me.
-No, why?- I asked nervous while I pulled away.
-Because we can hang out in Starbucks after school...- he said.
-That will be perfect!- I said excited.
-So I'll see you in the parking lot later- he said while starting to walk away.
-Sure!- I exclaimed.

Harry left but Valen stood up in front of me with crying eyes.

-What happened?- I asked while hugging her.
-Zayn doesn't like me, he is just using me- she whispered in my ear while crying.
-Valen, it's alright, he's an idiot and he doesn't deserve you- I said.

We pulled away and Valen wiped away her tears.

-Nice necklace...- she said.
-Thanks!!! Harry gave it to me- I said while touching it.
-You're lucky, he really likes you- she said with a smile but her eyes still red.
-Do you think so?- I asked her a little bit excited.
-Of course!- she said happy.
-And do you think that he will ask me to the prom?- I asked more excited.
-Absolutely yes! Maybe he's a little shy but I know he will ask you- she said.

Then the bell for the second period rang.

-Let's go to class- I said while closing my locker.
-Yep- Valen said and we walked together to class.


It was recess time and Andrea, Lizzie and I were in the cafeteria.

-Is that real?!- Andrea asked excited to Lizzie.

Lizzie just told us that she has a "secret admirer" and we are in shock.

-Are you sure that it isn't Niall?- I asked her.
-No, I already told you, it just said "secret admirer" and a huge "P" at the back.
-"P"?- Andrea asked.
-Yup- Lizzie affirmed.
-Do you know anybody with his name starting with "P"?- I asked.
-Just Preston from biology, and he's a nerd and he never talks to me- she said while we looked at the nerdy Preston.
-P...- I said while thinking.
-I got it!- Lizzie exclaimed.
-Who?!- Andrea and I asked in unison.
-It's "P" of "Prank"- she said.
-No it isn't a prank!- Andrea exclaimed.
-Yes it is!- Lizzie exclaimed.
-Oh, come on...- I said trying to convince her.
-I don't want to talk about it anymore...- Lizzie said -Please?-
-Fine- I said and we are our lunch.

After the recess was over I walked to my biology class.

-Hello students, today were going to do groups of two to answer this questionary- the teacher said.
-Want to be with me?- I heard Liam asking me from behind.
-Sure- I said.

We pulled a chair next to me and the teacher handed us a questionary.

-Sophie?- he called me.
-Yes?- I said while putting our names in the papers.
-I'm really sorry about what happened yesterday- he said sad and I looked at him.
-Sure, don't worry- I said with a smile.
-Aren't you mad with me?- he asked me.
-Of course not- I said.

I could never get mad with this boy.

-Thanks for understanding- he said.

I just smiled and we started working.


The school was over so me and Louis went to the gym to decorate the gym.

-So today we need to check the sound- I said while walking to the DJ cab.
-Ok, I'll tell you if the sound works- Louis said to me.
-Thanks!- I exclaimed.

I put some music and Louis started dancing, I just laughed.

-It's my turn!- Louis exclaimed and ran to the cab.
-Ok- I said.

I gave Louis the headphones and I walked to the middle of the gym.

I saw Louis pressing a button and slow music started playing. I got really nervous.

Louis left the music on and walked to me.

-Hey Andrea- he called me.
-Yes?- I answered.

Louis stood in front of me.

-Maybe this will sound ridiculous, but would you teach me to dance? I'm not really good at that...- Louis said ashamed with his hands in his pocket.
-Sure- I said nervous.

Louis came closer to me and rested his hands on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his shoulder.

-Just follow me, ok?- I said with a smile.
-Ok- Louis said with the most cutest smile I've ever seen...


It was 3:00 pm, detention time. I walked to the vice principal office and gave him my paper.

-Today you'll be taking off the gum of the desks- he said.

I looked at him gross.

-Classroom 19- he said mad and I left.

I walked inside the room and saw Niall drawing in the blackboard.

-What are you doing?- I ask him while closing the door behind me.
-I was trying to have fun...- he said while looking at me.

I walked to the teachers desk and I left there my backpack, the note and the rose.

-Who gave you that?- he asked me with a smile while pointing at the desk.
-I don't know and I don't care- I said and Niall looked sad.
-Why?- he asked.
-Because it's a prank, duh- I said while grabbing a ruler and walking to the desks.
-How do you know that- he asked following me.
-Because it's obvious- I said and sat on the floor
-So why did you keep it?- he asked.

I really didn't know, I had the hope that it wasn't a prank.

-I really don't know- I said while laying behind a desk.

Niall laid in the desk next to mine.

-I'm sorry...- he said and I looked at him.

I really loved his piercing blue eyes, they were just perfect.

-About what?- I asked while starting to take the gum off.
-About yesterday, and for bothering you in class- he said and I looked at him.
-Fine- I said with a smile.

He smiled back. His smile was perfect.

-So... you only date superheroes?- he asked me.
-What?- I asked him confused.
-Your sweater...- he said.
-Oh... that... you could say... but neither a superhero would date me...- I said.
-I know one that would...- he said and smiled.
-But I would only date Irish Man...- I said and his smile grew wider.
-What?- I said with a smile.
-Nothing...- he said and kept doing his work...


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