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I'll just let you read what the book is about. :D Hope you like it!!! :D


7. Tea and Paranormal activity 4

"LOUIS!" I yelled He didnt answer. "BOO BEAR!" i screamed at the top of my lungs. Again. No answer. " WHERE THE HELL IS THE SWAG MASTA FROM DUNCASTA?? I screamed! "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?" He yells from the kitchen. "Can i have some tea?" I ask. "DEFINATELY!!" He yells back to me. 5 minutes later, he brings out a cup and saucer that has steam coming out of the cup. "Thanks bro." I say as he hands me the cup and saucer. "No prob love." he says winking at me "HEY! She's MY girl!! STAY AWAY FROM HER!!" Niall yells as he hugs me from behind making me spill my tea. "AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"  I screamed. He made me spill boiling hot tea on my leg. i but the tea on the table and run to the kitchen and grab an ice pack from the freezer and put it on my leg. "Babe. Im so sorry. I didnt mean for that to happen to you. Are you ok?" He asks as he rushes into the kitchen. I sit up on the counter and place the ice pack on the burn. "Niall. Im fine. My mum is a nurse and also I have burnt my legs and arms so many times, i know what to do straight away." I say to him. He help the ice pack to my leg for me. "Niall. It hurts." I say sounding like a little kid. "He takes the ice pack off it and gives it a kiss for me. "Better?" he says as he puts the ice pack on again. I nod. He picks me up bridal style and starts to walk to the living room. I was expecting him to pit me back onto the lounge but instead he started to spin me around and then finally put me down.


"Do you guys wanna watch a movie?" I ask. They all nod. "What do you wanna watch?" Niall asks. I think for a while. AHH!! I got it! I was about to say the movie of my choice but ZAYN inter-ups me. "PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4!" He screams. I nod slowly. He finds the movie and puts it in the DVD player. I layed on the floor thinking that this was going to be an awesome movie. When a REALLY scary bit came on, I started to scream, jumped up and ran into my room and hid underneath the doona. I hear the movie pause and then I hear foot steps coming towards me. The doona comes flying of me and I scream my lungs out. I see the boys at the door way looking in laughing their heads off. Zayn was standing next to my bed laughing as if he was in pain. I started to cry. Soon, the boys realise what they had done and Niall came over to me and started to pick me up bridal style. I roll out of his arms and pushed my way through the boys at my door and straight into the bathroom and locked the door. I sat on the floor crying my eyes out from how scared I was. I heard the movie play again. Next thing I know, The lights go out and I started to scream like a little girl and cry even more. The lights come back on. The door bangs wide open and Niall comes rushing in to see if I was OK. He sat next to me on the floor and started to cradel me until i started to calm down. "Why did you do that?" I said between sobs. "I swear. It was Zayn's idea." He said. " Zayn. you are so lucky right now. I swear, I am gonna get you back." I said still crying.  I stood up and went and dived onto the lounge. Niall layed next to me and wrapped his arm around me. "Im sorry. Are you ok?" he asked. I nodded. "im scared though." I said turning over and looking at Niall. "Its ok. You can sleep with  me tonight. I will keep you safe. I promise." he said. I nodded and smiled, feeling relieved.


Naill's P.O.V

Bella got creeped out when she was watching Paranormal Activity and then we scared her a few times and then I said that I was going to keep her safe tonight because she would be sleeping in my bed... WITH ME!! I am so excited. " IM HUNGRY!!! I AM GONNA DIE IF I DONT HAVE FOOD!!" Bella screamed out. I started to laugh. "Nando's??" I asked. She nodded her head. I called Nanodos so they could deliver it. About an hour later, we get a knock at the door of the bus. I just up and open the door. I paid the guy and took the food. "Thank you" I said as i closed the door. I walked over to Bella and gave her the food. I took out my food and opened it. I ate it really slowly because i was too busy looking at Bella. She had eaten all of her food in one go. She got the hiccups and I started to laugh and so did the boys. She soon fell asleep on my shoulder. I picked her up and said goodnight to the boys then walked into my room. I put her down on the bed then went to go and get changed. I got into bed next to her and then soon found myself asleep too. 

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