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I'll just let you read what the book is about. :D Hope you like it!!! :D


13. NIALL!!!!

Bella's P.O.V

I went into the bathroom so I could pee. I pulled down my pants and got the shock of my life. MY PERIOD! I wasn't pregnant. "NIALL!!!! I'M NOT PREGNANT!" I yelled as I ran out of the bathroom, jumping up and down! "What??" He asked confused. "I'm not pregnant! It was all a mistake!" I said as I hugged him. "Thats great but, how do you know?" He asked confused. "Oooo...." I said letting go of him and then running into my room. I grabbed a new pair of shorts, undies and my last tampon. I ran back to the bathroom and changed. 


*5 Minutes later*

I was cleaned up, I walked out of the bathroom. "AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!" I yelled as I fell into a screaming heap on the floor. "What's wrong?" The boys came running up to me very concerned. "Cramp.........soooo.........painful..........i'm.......ok." I said trying to ignore the pain. Niall and Louis helped me up and carried me over to the lounge. "What would you like us to get you, ma'am?" The boys asked at the same time. "Ummmm....... a heat pack, 3 packets of chocolate and a few boxes of tampons please" I said trying to fight the pain. "What the hell are tampons?" Louis asked. " Niall. Can you take me to the mall so I can go and get them? How about I show you, Louis?" I said back to him. Niall and Louis nodded. Niall grabbed my sunglasses and a beanie then got the car keys. He came over to me and picked me up bridal style. Louis opened the door for him and winked at me. "See you guys when we come back." Niall yelled as we went to the car. A huge group of fans came running up to Niall and I. He put me into the car then ran around the other side of the car. He gave a few autographs, took pictures and hugged them. "NIALL! HURRY UP!" I said starting to get impatient. He quickly got into the car and we drove to the nearest mall. Niall and I got out of the car and then walked into the mall. We were just about to get off the escalator when we were mobbed again. "I'll meet you back at the car, Niall." I said as i let go of his hand and walked through the crowd. 


I grabbed 3 boxes of pads and tampons. I went to the check outs and paid, put them into my jumper pocket and started to walk out of the mall. Niall pulled up out the front and I got in the car. "Where is your stuff?" He asked. I pulled the tampons and pads out of my hoodie pocket and he nodded. By the time we got back to the bus, i had to pee really badly. I jumped out of the car and ran to the door, opened it. "Can you guys get me some chocolate and a wheat pack please?" I said as I ran into the bathroom. "Yep." I heard Louis yell back.


After I had changed my tampon, I got a massive cramp. "Not again!" I screamed as I went to collapse on the lounge. Louis came back with a wheat pack heated up and a bar of chocolate. "Thanks lou." I said smiling. "No proplem. So, what ois your period and a tampon?" He asked. I hoped that I would never get into this conversation again. "Umm.. Do I have to tell you?" I asked. They all nodded. "Oh god. Why dont you just ask lou teasdale?" I asked. "Because she isn't like our sister that we're really close to." Liam said. "And that would just be embarrasing."Louis said. I sighed. I explained it to them and it took a while too, like 3 hours. "I'll be right back." I said running into my room, getting a tampon than running to the bathroom. When I came out, Louis jumped infront of me. "What does a tampon look like?" He asked. I looked up and was about to die from embarrasment. "Can't you go and look it up on the internet?" I asked trying to push past. He shook his head. "Ok then, It looks like a mini dick made of cotton with a string. Happy?" I asked. "Wait, You have to stick cotton up your thing that's in the shape of a small dick?" Harry yelled. "HARRY!!! DO YOU HAVE TO YELL?" I yelled back at him. "Thats just sick." I heard Zayn say. "Want me to show you? will that keep you satisfied?" I asked as I walked into my room and got a tampon, unwrapped it and then hid it in my pocket. "Niall. Can I have my kiss now?" I asked. He got up and walked over to me. I put my finger against my lips which meant not to say anything. He gave me a small wink. I grabbed the tampon out of my pocket and threw it at Louis and Harry. "AAAGGGGHHHH!!!" They both screamed. I started to laugh my head of. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??" Harry shouted at me. "Its a tampon. What did I tell you. Was I right or was I right?" I said starting to giggle. 


*Sorry for the weird chapter. I cant stop laughing from their reactions. HHAHAHAHHAHA!!! -Bella.xx*

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