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I'll just let you read what the book is about. :D Hope you like it!!! :D


9. GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!!!

"Nialler?? Where are you?" I called. There was no answer. "LOUIS???? WHERE HAVE YOU TAKEN MY BOYFRIEND??" I yelled. No answer. "Liam! Do you know where Niall and Louis are?" I asked as I walked into his room. "Ummmm....." he started to say as an akward silence followed. "No, I think Lou said something about going to a costume store for halloween or something. They wanted to get their costumes early, i guess." He finally said. I nodded slowly and walked out of the room. I went and sat down on the lounge and started to watch t.v. ICarly came on. It was my favourite show. Once i heard the first few words of the episode which were "CARLY COME ON!" screamed out by spencer. It was the one direction episode! "HEY GUYS!! YOUR ON ICARLY!" I screamed as they all came out of their rooms except for Niall and Louis. They all sat down on the lounge and i got up and layed on the floor. Next thing I know, someone is sitting on my bum. I kicked them off and spun around and then sat on top of them and was ready to punch when i saw... NIALL!?!?!?!?!? I was literally sitting on top of him with my legs either side of him. I looked at the boys and they were all shocked to how I reacted. "Niall.. Im so sorry. "I said as i started to get off him, pushing my hair behind my ears, but he pulled me back onto him. "Its alright love," he said smiling "i quite like the position." he said back. 


Niall's P.O.V

Bella basically tried to punch me when I sat down on her bum. She was sitting on top of me with her legs both sides of my body. I have to admit, i thought that she was weak and didn't have that kind of energy inside of her. I started to get a boner and I think that she could tell. I started to sit up as he slid her leg over top of me and kneeled down next to me. "Sorry. I was scared. I had been bullied during highschool and never had any friends. When my parents said that I could live with you guys, they threw a party and everyone who bullied me came to that party. I took a few karate lessons to defend myself just so be safe but i never thought that i would defend myself from you." She said as she put her face in her hands. "Im so sorry." She said as she got up and ran to her room. " I looked at the boys. "I know how she feels. I went through the same thing but when i was in the x fractor, they threw me at party and i never showed up for it, " Liam said "Let me handle this." He got up off the lounge and walked into Bella's room


Bella's P.O.V

I was lying on my tummy, crying my eyes out knowing that i was gonna hit my boyfriend. I heard my door open then i heard Liam's voice. "I know what you are going through. It happened to me when I was 15." "Did you almost beat up your girlfriend like i almost did with Niall?" I asked. "Umm. No." he said. "THAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE! NOW GET OUT OR I WILL HIT YOU!" I started to yell. "Please, let me help you." He said quietly. "GET THE HELL OUT LIAM!" I screamed. he didnt budge. i got up off the bed and stood next to him. "Let me tell you one more time before I loose my temper. GET THE HELL OUT!" I YELLED. "NO!" He yelled back. My blood started to boil and I slapped him really hard across the cheek. "Now will you leave me alone?" I said. "No. just talk it out!" he said. I pushed past him and ran to the bathroom.


Niall's P.O.V

I saw Bella run across to the bathroom amd slam the door behind her. Liam walked out of her room and his cheek was a dark red. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?"  I yelled getting up from the lounge. He told us everything. by the time he had finished telling us what happened. I was speechless. I ran up to the bathroom door and knocked. "Babe? are you alright?" I said. she didn't answer. I heard the tap running and the sound of someone getting into the shower. 

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