I love you

I'll just let you read what the book is about. :D Hope you like it!!! :D


2. Blindfolded and Headphones

The boys left and closed the door. I went to my suitcase and got out my bra and shirt then put it on.  I opened the door and nobody was there. I went to the kitchen to make some breakfast because i hadn't eaten for 15 hours. I soon feel someone breathing on my neck. I tried to turn around but they put a blind fold over my eyes. I felt myself being carried. After about 20 minutes, I had headphones on and I was listening to One Direction's New song, Best Song Ever. I was being carried again and this time it was really bright..... and cold. I started to shiver as i was put down on a seat. Soon, the headphones and blind fold came off. My mouth just dropped open.

I found myself on-stage. I tried to get up and run off stage but soon enough, Niall chased after me and made me sit down on the lounge in the centre of the stage. 

"Hey everyone!" Niall said. The fans all started to scream and shout

"This here is Bella. She has been living with us for about 1 year to the day. As you could tell, she didnt know that any of this was going to happen. You see..." Liam said but i soon tuned out until i heard him say somethig about this morning. He was going to tell the WHOLE AUDIENCE  about what happened when i got out of the bath. 

"Niall? Do you want to tell the girls. I mean since you were watching." Zayn said and Niall was about to burst from excitement. 

" You see.." he started but before he ould say anything else, i tackled him to the ground. I grabbed the microphone. "It is something VERY personal that we ALL agreed that we wouldnt say to ANYONE! Right boys?" I said as i got up and gave the rest of the boys a look that they knew what I would do. They all nodded. I helped Niall up, gave him his mic back then stormed off stage. 

"Bella!" Niall said yelling after me. I didnt answer.

"BODINE!" he yelled. I turned around

"What did I say about calling me that name. It is pathetic." I said in anger.

"Im sorry. I should've known not to do that." he said. In the background, i could hear louis say to the audience "We will be right back!" Next thing, all the boys come running up to Niall amd I. 

"What?" I said to them. 

"We are all so sorry about this. We now know it wasnt the right thing to go and do.Do you forgive us?" Zayn said.

"I guess so. I mean you will always be my 5 boys." I said as I hugged them all. Next thing i know. The camera for back stage is filming. I hear a lot of people from the croud yelling to the boys 'KISS HER!' as a chant. 

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