Teen Status Quo

Status Quo..... To find more.... Read on!! O_o


1. Status Quo: The Beginning!

Phrase: Status Quo  [ stàytəss kwṓ ]    (n)

Definition: The way things are now; the condition or state of affairs that currently exists.

Synonyms: Current situation, Existing state of affairs, Present circumstances, How things stand.



And of course.... We all Know what Teen means. So Put that in front of that definition if you don't understand what this is about. There are several issues that are wrong with this world and how they stand now... But I can only state those that apply to me. This wonderful book of mine is about the things that bother us the most about this world during the time period we all only have 7 years to live through. And I'm not saying that the stuff I talk about don't apply to people younger than 13 or older than 19 because they do. Especially to pre-teens whom are very mature for their age.


Author's Note: Don't Read if you think at all during the entire future journey of this book that I am Stereo Typing and being judgmental. Because in some parts I probably am Stereotyping. But unfortunately for you... It's my book (:


You've been warned.


Still with me? Then Read on.

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