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2. Status Quo: Fan Girling

Uggh!! Fangirling. So basically Fan girling is when girls grow in love with a specific famous person and do a lot of stuff and money in investing on doing and getting stuff related to that person. And personally..... It the HARDEST thing ever to get out of. Fan girling includes being overly dramatic about a group of or one particular artist/singer/writer/ etc.


Currently one of the Most FAWNED over group of people draining the brain of girls these days are of course.... One Direction. If you don't know who One Direction is by now My God someone get you from under that rock in which you live.


Of course... Yours truly isn't really the type that Fan girl's a lot... or for a long time anyway because, I find it pointless. "Oh My God I'm so in love with blah blah blah. Im going to marry Blah blah blah." Which will NEVER happen.


No offense to anyone in particular but I find Fan girling Really annoying. Mainly because of the prime example of this site.... They go overboard. Constantly writing pornographic literature is just gross and soo stupid. Like Wtf... who does that.  Like really What town do you live in that you are just going to accidentally bump into Harry styles and just start making out with him... Im serious let me know because I want to be there.

BUT.. on this one thing. I have nothing against people that enjoy fan girling. That's just what you like to do. It has nothing to do with me. And The couple of times I've fan girled ....it was quite interesting, considering I love Ed Sheeran <3


The Difference Between: Fan Girling, Mild Fan Girling, Extreme Fan Girling , and Dangerous Fan Girling.


Fan girling: Maybe you listen to their music . Maybe a poster, CDs and Albums.

Mild Fan girling: Write's Fan fictions, Listens to music more than a regular fan would, Posters, Desired artist's name on school binder, Almost all of their songs (even the ones that you may not like so much) on your Ipod, phone, or tablet. and Birthday dates,

Extreme Fan Girling: Listens to music everyday, A lot of posters, Consert tickets, Cries when they see them live on tv, Shirts, Talks about them constantly,  Birth day dates, Only writes Fan Fictions about them and no one else, Fears liking other artist or boy bands.


Dangerous Fan girling: All of the things Extreme Fan Girls do, Knows Exact birthday dates and hospital in which the person was born, Knows Home town, Writes their name constantly on bodyparts, Plans entire life around artist, Knows every lyric to every song. Their music is there ringtone, may have a phone case of them, has been to numerous concerts, has glued or photo shopped themselves into a picture with the desired person. Screen saver is of desired person. Knows person's favorite food, drink, color, and activity. Has numerous posters, CD's, Albums, Pictures and books or stories written dedicated to that person. Has written fan mail and gets overly angry if someone happens to talk badly about them or someone says something relationship wise, crush wise, or comments flirtatiously about their looks as if they were their real life girlfriend. etc.



Now Dangerous Fan girls are scary.

But hopefully after awhile fan girling gets old as the person you are infatuated with grows old and crusty... at least I hope it does.

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