finding who i am

it all started the night her parents beat her, so she went to a foster home. what will happen when there is another tragic accident and she finds out she's not who she thought she was. this is a story love, heartbreak, revenge, and finding out who you are.


4. school

I turned around to see channing comforting me.  he is super cute, and seems really nice. I smiled at him.

"sorry about matilda, shes just jealous." he smiled at me showing his sparkling white teeth.

"what is she jealous of?" I mean shes obviously not jealous of someone n=beaten by her parents and sent to a foster home.

" shes jealous because your pretty than her " I could feel my face turn crimson red. I cant believe he likes me back, but this could never happen because foster siblings cant date. he was about to lean in, when mrs.jenkins called us for dinner.

*next morning*

I woke up at 5 in the morning to get ready for school even that's to early for me. I got out of the bed and jumped in the shower. I was so happy most of my bruises had faded away and the ones that hadn't you could barely see. I pulled on a sheer black tights, jean shirt shorts, black combat boots, a purple flowery halter, and a long black sweater. then I painted my nails purple. I walked back in the room I shared, but autumn was still asleep. I woke her up.

" don't you need to get up now" I asked worrying she was going to be late for school

" its 7:30 already" she asked me with groggy eyes

" wait we're supposed to wake up 7, uggh, you can go back to sleep" I sighed matilda told me we were supposed to wake up at this time.

once my nails dried I did my makeup. I walked downstairs and got something to eat. it was 6:30 now this was going to be a long hour. when I finished eating I went outside and starting playing a game of basketball. one-on-none. I wasn't very good but I think I'm gonna win this game.

about twenty minutes later I noticed this guy looking at me win I turned around he started walking again.strange.

after a long while I heard noise inside the house. finally. I walked in they were all eating breakfast.

"good morning, angel !" OMG she was way to perky. if she found out her kids murdered someone she would probably smile and say at least they didn't kill to people.

" come on lets go" autumn grabbed my arm. well then

" aren't you excited this is going to be so much" we started walking to school. when I got there I walked to office. (oh by the way Alaska is 15) they showed me my classes and I was on my way. I walked into the class and took a seat in the back. everyone quieted down when the teacher walked in " hello students. we have a new kid in class today. her name is Alaska" she said as she pointed towards me so much for not being noticed. everyone turned around and looked at me. I just slouched down in my chair

* skip to lunch*

I ordered a sandwich and sat down on a bench outside. a boy was looking at her he looked familiar he had blonde hair and green/brown eyes, he was cute.

after lunch I had my last class then free period. I walked into drama. this was my favorite class. I noticed the boy from lunch was here yay.

"ok class for the school play we are going to do romeo and Juliet" I was so excited this was my favorite play.

" everyone who wants to play in it here are your scripts rehearse them during class, while I talk to the people who want to be in crew. " I started going over Juliet's part when the blonde walked up to me.

" hey, I'm mason, well you rehearse with me" he smiled and gave me a questioning face


"sure" I smiled

we almost to kissing scene when the bell rang.

" hey this my free period. if its yours you wanna hang out"

" of course, by the way I'm Alaska" we walked out hand in hand. I guess this school isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

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