finding who i am

it all started the night her parents beat her, so she went to a foster home. what will happen when there is another tragic accident and she finds out she's not who she thought she was. this is a story love, heartbreak, revenge, and finding out who you are.


7. hes alive

I started walking back to the house. I feel really bad for just running off like that, but I couldn't take it. I was used to masking my emotions about my brother but noah acted to much like him and that bothered me so much.

I saw mason sitting on the porch. I slowly walked up to him. " sorry for leaving you with him" I sat down next to him." what happened to you" I tear fell from my eye. ihad to explain.

" I-I had a little brother named Gavin. we were really close, I was like his second mom. I took him to the park one day and got distracted, when I turned I saw gavin  being pulled into a white van. I tried to chase it but I couldn't run any more. a couple months later police came and said they found his body. noah just reminds  me to much of him" I bawled. I never told anyone what happened before except for the police and my parents. I fell asleep in his arms.



I awoke outside of the porch with a blanket on top of me. I got ready and went to school. another boring day at school.


I got to school. I sat down. I smiled and waved to mason as he walked in. " you should stay away from him" I turned around and saw a girl with curly and I mean curly blonde hair and olive eyes. " hi i'm phoebe" I shook her hand " Alaska. why should I stay away from him?" she looked at me like I was stupid." hes the school bad boy the school player. only dates a girl for week then dumps her" she frowned.

I was about ot say something when the teacher walked in. I wonder if whats shes saying is true is he a player.


finally lunch time came. apparently I had every class this girl phoebe. we are going to mcdonalds for lunch.


I got back from lunch, and walked drama. when my name was called over the intercom. my stomach did a backflip what did they need me for?

I walked into the principals office to see the fuzz waiting for me.  uh oh. " hello Alaska I am officer Janina" she smiled brightly. " hello" I looked down.

" we want to talk to you about your brother" my head shot up " what about him" she pointed to a seat so I took it.

" the  body we found was not your brother. that was another boy the man took. your brother might be alive, but all we know is he is some where in this state" I gasped a what she said my brother might dead. I need to find him and I know I will.


A/N Ok guys so I am thinking of renaming this book, but I have no ideas. I was hoping that I could a little help from the readers. the rest of the book is going to be about Alaska finding her brother, there are also going to be a lot of twist and turns. I am also thinking about having co-authors so if anyone's interested just comment.



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