Found You (Zianourry Fanfiction)

The four boys of One Direction, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall were all at their flat on their day off when a thought occurred through one of their heads. It was too quiet and boring. They needed more excitement, something to keep them busy. They come to the conclusion that they want to adopt a child. But first they talk to management and get approval. Then they head down to the orphanage to adopt a child, after they go shopping. What they find at the orpanage is sweet, innocent, adorable, abused and little, Harry.


How will the boys handle Harry? Will they be able to help Harry? How will they share the little boy?

Read the story of One Direction's life with their baby boy.


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9. Chapter 8 (Nap, Scared, Grumpy,Time Out, Lost Trust)

Zayn's POV:

After we leave Managements building we all head out to our car. Niall's still holding Harry who's awake but very tired and pouty. We all get into the car, Louis goes into the drivers seat, I sit in the passengers seat and Liam and Niall sit in the back seats, Harry on Niall's lap. Once we're all buckled up Louis starts the car and we drive back to our flat.

"Is Harry sleepy?" Liam asks from the back. I look behind me and see that Harry is half asleep on Niall's lap now. His eyelids are droopy and he's whimpering quietly. "Yeah he is." Niall replies quietly. "Why is he whimpering?" I ask curiously. Niall looks at me then back down at Harry. "Probably because he's tired and wants to sleep." He replies. I nod and continue to look at Harry. He looks up at Niall tiredly and pouts. Niall chuckles quietly and asks, "Do you want to sleep?" Harry nods his head and rubs his eyes with his little fists. Niall smiles and nods. "Okay baby, sleep." Niall murmers quietly and hugs Harry.

Harry closes his eyes and after a few moments we hear soft snores coming from his little mouth. We all smile widely and coo at him quietly. He stirs in his sleep and babbles something. "What did he say?" Louis whisper asks. I shrug and Niall replies quietly, "Who knows...I think he'll sleep talk though, when he learns how to talk." I smile and nod, "That would be cute." I whisper. Liam smirks and says, "Very cute."

The rest of the ride is quiet, much like most of our other car rides when Harry is asleep. We talk quietly every now and then, but other than that it's quiet. The only noise being the gears of the car switching, honking from other cars or outside noise. But nothing too loud, Harry is a pretty deep sleeper, but not always I've noticed. I guess when he's tired he is a deep sleeper but otherwise he's a light sleeper. 

After about half an hour we reach our flat and quietly get out of the car. I gently take Harry out of Niall's arms and he gives me a grateful smile. I smile back and hug Harry close. Louis takes Harry's diaper bag and closes the door quietly. Harry's head droops onto my shoulder and his left hand rests on my shoulder. I smile and walk into the house. I walk up the stairs and into Harry's room quietly. I walk over to his bed and gently put him into his crib. He stirs in his sleep but a moment later he continues to snore lightly. I peck his forehead lightly and tuck him into the blanket. I walk over to Harry's toy chest and grab an orange teddy bear that has a blue bowtie. I laugh quietly at it and walk back to Harry's crib. I lift Harry's right arm up and place the teddy bear on his tummy, I put his right arm gently around the stuffed animal and tuck him back into the blankets.

I smile at the sight of my son sleeping and walk to the night light. I turn it on then walk over to the light switch and turn the light off. I walk out and leave the door open just a crack. I quietly walk back down the stairs and to the kitchen where my other boyfriends are. I smile at them and they smile back. "Is Harry tucked into bed?" Liam asks me. I nod my head and he nods also. "Good. He needs some sleep." Niall says softly. The lads and I nod and I say, "So, we have time--" I'm cut off by the baby monitor going off and little cries being heard from it. 

We all run up the stairs and into Harry's room. I switch on the light while Liam turns off the night light. Louis gently picks Harry up from his crib and rocks him gently in his arms. Harry continues to cry loudly into Louis' arms so I go downstairs to make him a warm bottle of milk.

Once the milk is made I run back up the stairs to see the boys sitting in a circle and Harry screaming in the middle. I walk over and sit in between Niall and Liam. I pass Louis the bottle of milk and he gently puts it in Harry's mouth, or tries to. Harry pushes the bottle away and starts crying louder and screaming loudly. I cover my ears and look down at Harry. "Harry, please stop crying." Niall says softly. Harry doesn't listen though and continues to cry loudly and his screams get even louder. "What do we do?!" I ask the boys. They all shrug and I sigh heavily. "Maybe we should just wait and see what happens." Liam suggestions. I shrug but nod. "Sure."

Louis' POV:

Harry continues to scream loudly and sob but we don't know what to do. Liam and Zayn think we should just wait and see what happens, but I know from experience, from babysitting and taking care of my sisters, that leaving a baby alone is never good when their crying. I bite my lip and look over at Niall. I lean forward and whisper into his ear, "Do you think this is a good idea?" I ask. I pull away and look at him. He shakes his head; no and I sigh. This will not go well.

We all sit there and watch as Harry cries and cries and cries. All I want to do right now is hug Harry and kiss his tears away. I'm about to lean forward and pick Harry up when Liam slaps my hand away. I give him a questioning look and he answers, "Leave him." I glare at him and shake my head, "I will not leave him." I say angirly. He glares back and is about to say something when Harry crawls over to me, still crying, and sits on my lap. Liam glares at Harry and pulls on his little chubby arms ruffly. "GET OUT OF THE FREAKING WAY HARRY!!!" He yells at the one year old. 

Harry looks up at him for a moment before bursting into tears and loud sobs. My eyes widen and I glare at Liam. "What the fu--" I'm cut off by Zayn yelling, "SHUT UP LOUIS!!!" Niall glares at Zayn and punches him in the jaw. "Don't you dare yell in front of Harry!" He says calmly but angrily. I pick Harry up and rock him gently in my arms. "Shh Harry, it's okay. You'll be okay." I murmer quietly into his ear. 

Liam takes a deep breath and brings over Harry's orange teddy bear with a blue bowtie. He sits back down and looks at Harry. "You're grumpy? Take your teddy bear." Liam says and puts the teddy bear into Harry's lap. I glare at Liam and say, "That's not how you give a one year old a stuffed animal." He rolls his eyes at me and smirks. "What do you know? You were a shit brother." He says. I give him a death glare and punch him in the nose with my right hand, still holding Harry in my lap with my left hand. 

Liam cups his nose and screams, "YOU IDIOT!!!" I smirk and reply, "Don't mess with Harry." Zayn glares at me and pulls Harry out of my arms, he walks down the stairs and we all follow. Niall and I share worried looks when we reach the bottom steps. Liam steps forward with a small chair in his hands from Harry's room. He puts it in the corner and Zayn shoves Harry into it. 

Harry continues to scream and cry and Niall and I look at each other. "We need to stop this." He says urgently. I nod and look back at Harry who is screaming and crying badly. "But how?" I ask. Niall is about to say something but Liam steps in front of us and says, "Don't you DARE take Harry out of time out." I roll my eyes and reply, "You can't tell us what to do." I step forward and pick Harry up but Zayn grabs him and shoves him back onto the chair. I'm about to yell but stop when Niall pulls me away and whispers, "Just... leave it. We're hurting Harry more by fighting back, and he's really scared right now. Just let them do what they want and if they do anything too harsh, we'll step in." 

I take a deep breath and nod. "Okay." I say quietly and let Niall lead me to the couches. We sit down and watch Liam and Zayn. "DON'T YOU DARE F***ING MOVE!!" Zayn yells at Harry, causing the little boy to flinch, his cries are less and he's not screaming anymore. "GOOD. NOW YOU BETTER STAY HERE OR.... OR.. WE'LL SPANK YOU!!" Liam yells. My eyes widen and I bite my lip; hard. "Now. You'll stay here and we'll get you whenever we think you've had enough. Understood?" Zayn says in a strict and firm tone. Harry nods his head and whimpers quietly. "And DON'T make ANY noises. If I hear as much as a squeak or a cry, or a quiet whimper... Guess what, SPANKING!!" Liam says harshly. Harry nods his head and looks down.

Liam and Zayn walk away and into the kitchen, leaving Harry alone in the time out corner that we apparently just got. Harry is curled up into a ball in the time out chair; his knees are up on the chair, his head is buried in his knees and his arms are wrapped around his legs. Making him seem even smaller than he already is. I look over at Niall who has tears running down his cheeks and his eyes are wide. I frown and look back at Harry. I don't know when Zayn and Liam are going to take him out of time out, but I hope it's soon. My poor baby is probably scared out of his little mind.

Niall's POV:

I watch as Harry's little body shakes in the time out chair. He's curled up into a ball, which is probably one of the cutest things ever, but also very sad. I hope I never have to see him sad like this again. He looks even smaller than he already is, and that's shocking because Harry is already so small and petite. He has the smallest arms and legs for a one year old and he's so short. You always want to see a kid like Harry happy. Never sad or upset or scared. But right now, he looks terrified. I wish I could just scoop Harry up into my arms and hug him forever. I would never let him go for even a second. I hope he'll be out of time out soon. I regret not stopping Liam and Zayn from doing this, I should have listened to Louis and just let him stop them. But I was stupid in a way. We could have protected Harry and avoided this, but because of me, Harry is in time out right now.

Louis and I sit on the couch and wait for the time to go by. An hour later and we're still waiting, Harry is still curled up into a ball and Liam and Zayn are nowhere in sight. I look up when I hear the front door open and Liam and Zayn walk in. My eyes widen and I ask frantically "Where were you?!" Liam and Zayn were laughing but stopped when they looked at us. "We were out. Why?" Zayn asks. My eyes widen more, if that's even possible and Louis says in the same frantic tone, maybe worse, "You were out?!?! Since when?!" Liam raises an eyebrow and replies, "Since an hour ago." I glare at them both and ask, "Can we freaking take Harry out of fucking time out now?!" Their eyes widen and they look at Harry. "SHIT!!" They say in unison. "We forgot about Harry!" Zayn screams. 

Louis and I jump up and run over to Harry. We sit down in front of him and rub his back and thighs. "Baby, you can come out of time out now." Louis murmers softly. He rubs up and down Harry's back that's still shaking. There's no reply from Harry so I say, "Hazza? You can come out now. Come on babe." Still no reply from Harry and I look worriedly at Louis. Louis returns the look and we look back at Harry. I gently lift Harry up out of the chair and onto my lap. I put him down gently and hug his shaking body. He doesn't hug back, snuggle, giggle or anything. He just sits there and looks down at his lap. 

"Hazza?" Louis asks quietly. "Please look at me, baby." He says softly. Harry slowly looks up at Louis and we both hold back a gasp. Harry's eyes are bloodshot, his nose is red, he has tear tracks on his cheeks, his skin is red and yet so, so pale. His nose is runny and he looks like he's in so much pain. That's not the worst part though, the worst part is that Harry's eyes are dull. They aren't even green anymore, they're grey and distant. It's quite scary because Harry has cried before, and he's cried bad before. But this, this is just too much. I put my left hand under his bum and feel his diaper completely soaked. Who knows how long he's had a wet diaper. 

Harry flinches when I touch his diaper and I quickly pull my hand back and hug him. He doesn't hug back or put his head on my chest. He lets me hug him though, so that's better than nothing. Louis massages Harry's scalp and kisses his cheek. "You'll be okay, Hazza." Louis says softly. Harry doesn't look at him and just continues to stare at his lap. I hug him closer and look at Louis who is crying badly but silently. I probably don't look any better so I can't say much. "We need to fix this." I tell him. He nods and looks down at Harry. "But how?" he asks. I don't reply to that because how can I? I don't know if Harry will be okay, or if Harry will trust us after this. I can't reassure him in any way.

I sigh and cradle Harry in my arms. His head is rested on my right arm and his legs are on my left arm. I kiss his forehead and watch as he closes his eyes tightly. Louis reaches forward and pokes Harry's nose. Harry opens his eyes and looks up at Louis with scared wide eyes. "Aren't you going to poke my nose too?" Louis asks gently. Harry continues to stare at Louis and I sigh. "Haz, we won't hurt you." I reassure. He looks up at me and flinches when I brush my finger on his cheek. I kiss his nose and he closes his eyes tightly again and scrunches up his nose. "We won't hurt you." Louis repeats. 

Liam and Zayn both step forward and Harry lets out a loud scream. He hides his face in my chest and whimpers loudly. Liam and Zayn look confused so I explain, "You both scared him when you yelled at him. You left him in time out for an hour." Both their eyes widen and they look at Harry. "Just give him some space, mates. He'll come around sooner or later." Louis says when they both step closer. They both sigh and I suggest, "Why don't you guys go out for a bit longer or something? Maybe upstairs? We can put Harry down for a nap later."

They roll their eyes and look at Harry before nodding. They walk out the door and Harry visibly calms down, just a bit. "Should we put him down for a nap again?" I ask Louis. He bites his lip and nods his head. "Yes. I think that would be a good idea, he's tired himself out. Poor baby." Louis replies and takes Harry from my arms.

We both walk up the stairs and into Harry's room. Louis puts him down in his crib and I turn on the night light. I walk over to the crib and smile down at Harry who is rubbing his eyes with his fists. Louis pecks Harry gently on the forehead and I do the same after but on his little pinky red lips. He giggles up at me and Louis and I both smile widely. "Good night, Hazza. We'll protect you. Get some sleep." Louis says softly. 

Harry's eyes droop and a minute later he's asleep. I put Harry's little pink blanket in his arms and he cuddles with it. "Good night, baby boy." I whisper and walk out of the room with Louis, leaving the door open just a crack and turning off the lights to his room.

Liam and Zayn have a lot of work to do before Harry will forgive them and trust them again.


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