Found You (Zianourry Fanfiction)

The four boys of One Direction, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall were all at their flat on their day off when a thought occurred through one of their heads. It was too quiet and boring. They needed more excitement, something to keep them busy. They come to the conclusion that they want to adopt a child. But first they talk to management and get approval. Then they head down to the orphanage to adopt a child, after they go shopping. What they find at the orpanage is sweet, innocent, adorable, abused and little, Harry.


How will the boys handle Harry? Will they be able to help Harry? How will they share the little boy?

Read the story of One Direction's life with their baby boy.


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7. Chapter 7 (Morning, Hurt, Nanny Dani & Management)

Louis' POV:

We were all laying in bed cuddled up together with Harry laying on top of Niall. We all had a limb or two touching Harry or Niall, mostly because we didn't want to overwhelm one of them with hands and body parts all around them. I was awoken by a soft whimpering noise and groaned. I really hate the mornings. After a few minutes I decide to open my eyes and see what or who is making that noise. Once I open my eyes I see the boys have changed positions. Liam is laying across everyone, his head on Zayn's chest, his chest on my body, his legs on Niall's legs and his arm was laying on Harry's stomach. Niall and Zayn are both a mess of limbs. Their legs are tangled together and their arms are laying on top of each others bodies, except Zayn is avoiding Harry's body. Then here I am, in the middle of this mess.

My eyes then widen when I realize that Liam is crushing poor little Harry who is awake and whimpering. Zayn's arm is on top of Niall's arm and Niall has his arm on Harry's little thighs. I slowly untangle myself from the mess of limbs and get out of bed slowly. Once I'm out of bed and standing up I stretch my arms and yawn quietly. I then walk over to the edge of the bed and slowly untangle Harry from the mess of arms. I manage to get Zayn's arm off easily but Niall has a tight grip on Harry. I groan in frustration when I can't get his hand away and Harry's whimpering isn't helping the situation, it's just making me want to hurry up and get him out.

After a few minutes of struggling I finally manage to get Niall's arm off of Harry and sigh in relief. I then work on Liam's arm which is even harder to get off than Niall's was. After a good five minutes of struggling I get Harry away from the mess. Harry is still whimpering though so I pick him up gently and hold him close. I pick up the diaper bag and put it on my shoulder before picking up Harry's stuffed kitten that is now on the ground and his empty bottle. I walk out of the room and take Harry into the nursery room.

Once we're in there I put the diaper bag down on the floor and put the baby bottle into it before laying Harry down on the changing table. He whines and sniffles and it's then that I realize he's crying. I frown and slowly take his messy diaper off before putting it into the waste basket. I walk back over to Harry and take out some wet wipes and lotion from the diaper bag. I slowly clean Harry's legs and diaper area with the wet wipes gently. After that I squeeze some lotion onto my hands and slowly spread it all over Harry's diaper area and thighs. Once that's done I put a clean diaper on Harry and tape it securely.

"All better now?" I ask Harry with a grin. He giggles in reply and claps his hands together. I laugh fondly and pick him up into my arms. He rests his head on my shoulder and hums to himself. I smile widely when he does that because it's the first time I've ever heard him make that noise. I bounce him gently in my arms and smile when he bursts out into a fit of giggles. I walk over to his little closet and pick out a blue, red, purple and white long sleeved plaid collared shirt. I also grab a blackish dark blue sweater to put on top of the shirt and also dark blue jeans to go with it. I grab a blue, red, purple and white little beanie and a pair of red and white shoes. I smile at the outfit in my hands and walk back to the changing table and lay Harry down onto it again.

I smile at the one year old and start to change him. Luckily Harry isn't fussy in the mornings so he lets me dress him with ease, giggling the entire time and often clapping his hands or kicking his feet up in excitement. I laugh at his cuteness and once I'm done changing him I pick him up again and hug him. He giggles and hugs me back. I pull away and he pokes my nose. I gasp over dramatically and he giggles again. I continue my act and say, "You poked me?" I ask him in a shocked tone. He giggles and nods his head. I hold back a laugh and continue, "You poked me first, before I could poke you?" I ask. He nods his head again and smiles at me. I can't control it anymore and laugh at his cuteness. He giggles along with me and I hug him again. "You are too cute for words." I tell him fondly. He giggles and claps his hands once I pull away from the hug again.

I smile and poke his nose lightly. He giggles and rubs his nose with the palm of his hand. I laugh and peck his cheek before walking out of the nursery room with the diaper bag on my shoulder. I close the door to the nursery room and smile at Harry who smiles right back. "Do you want to wake up Daddies?" I ask him. He nods his head excitedly and claps his hands while giggling. I smile and walk over to our shared bedroom and stand outside the door. "Okay, Harry," I whisper to him. "We have to be really quiet when we walk in, then we can scare them, okay?" I ask quietly. He nods and giggles before clamping his mouth shut with his hands and grinning widely. I smile and peck his cheek before walking into the room and setting him down on the bed beside the boys' feet.

He looks up at me and smiles. I smile back and motion for him to go forward in the empty space in the middle. He does what he's told and slowly crawls to the empty spot on the bed. He sits down on his bum and looks up at me again. "Alright Harry," I whisper really quietly. "GO!!" I shout and he giggles loudly before throwing himself onto Niall's body. Niall groans and says, "Go awayyy" I smirk and reply, "That's Harry you're talking to." His eyes fly open and he sits up quickly, causing Harry to fall backwards and land on his back on Niall's thighs. Harry giggles uncontrollably and claps his hands while looking up at Niall. Niall laughs and starts to tickle Harry's sides and tummy, "You like scaring Daddy, hmm? You like to make Daddy jump?" Niall says with a smirk.

Harry laughs and giggles more and starts flaring his arms about, trying to get Niall away but failing. I laugh at the sight in front of me and look over at the two other boys who are still sleeping soundly, oblivious to what's going on right beside them.. I roll my eyes and look back at Harry who is still laughing from Niall's fingers. I laugh and pick Harry up into my arms and he immediately wraps his arms around my neck (only getting a quarter of the way) and rests his head on my shoulder. Niall smiles at me and raises an eyebrow. I give him a confused look and he replies, "You still need to make things up with Harry, even though he's happy and fine right now. You have to do something special for him to show your sorry for what you did." I roll my eyes and nod my head. "I know, I know, we will. Tomorrow." I tell him.

He sighs and nods his head. "Tomorrow, Tomlinson. That's all the time you have or else I won't be letting you or the other lads anywhere near Harry." He says sternly. I glare at him and reply, "You wouldn't." He smirks and raises an eyebrow, challenging me and saying, "Try me. I would and I will." I growl at him and hold Harry closer. "You can't do that, he's not just your child, I wanted to adopt him in the first place." I say angirly. He rolls his eyes and replies, "Yes, but now we are all his Daddies and we can't fight over him like this. It doesn't matter if you thought of adopting a child first or you were most excited or whatever, we're all his dads now so get over yourself."

I glare at him and am about to say some nasty things but I stop myself when I hear a whimpering noise coming from Harry, who is still in my arms. I frown and rock him slightly back and forth for a few moments before replying to Niall, "Whatever, Niall. We'll make it up to him. I don't want to yell because Harry is already scared. I thought you were over this and just wanted us to make things up with Harry?" Niall sighs and nods his head. "Fine. But you better make things up with him. I'm not mad... I guess." He trails off at the end which makes me smirk. "Alright, lets just get some food into his little stomach." I say to Niall.

He nods his head and looks at the two still sleeping boys. I laugh quietly and say, "Leave them be. They need their beauty sleep.' Niall laughs and nods his head before standing up and stretching his limbs. "I'll be making some breakfast for Harry, you can get changed and all." I call out before walking out of the room with Harry. As I'm walking down the stairs I hear a loud reply from Niall, "Okay!" I chuckle and shake my head in amusement. I walk into the kitchen and set Harry down in his highchair. He giggles once he's sitting down in it and claps his hands together. I laugh and peck his cheek before walking to the fridge and decided on what to feed Harry.

"Harry?" I ask and turn around to face him. He looks up at me and gargles something I can't understand. "What would you like to eat?" I ask, knowing I won't really get an answer but might as well see what Harry replies with. Harry looks up at me and bursts out into a fit of giggles. I laugh and shake my head before turning back to the fridge. After a good 10 minutes of thinking I still have no idea what to feed Harry.

Niall soon walks into the kitchen and smiles widely at Harry who makes grabby hands at him while giggling. Niall laughs and picks Harry up and out of his highchair. I roll my eyes and look back at the fridge. "Lets see what Daddy Lou is doing, hmm? What is he going to cook for you?" I hear Niall say to Harry. I hear Harry giggle and babble something that no one can ever understand, but it still sounds really adorable.

I then feel a small hand on my back and turn around to see Niall standing behind me with Harry in his arms. Harry giggles up at me and I smile down at him. "Yes, baby?" I ask. Harry giggles and rests his head on Niall's shoulder while still looking up at me. I smile at his cuteness and poke one of his small little dimples. He giggles and pokes his dimple too, causing both Niall and I to laugh.

"So what's he having for breakfast?" Niall asks. I shrug my shoulders and reply, "I have no idea. I can't seem to pick what to make." Niall laughs and nods his head, "Want some help?" He asks. I nod my head and watch as he walks back over to the highchair that Harry was in before and puts him back into it. Harry giggles up at him and claps his hands together. We laugh fondly and shake our heads in amusement. Niall then walks back over to where I am and asks, "So, lets get cooking!" He says cheerfully. I laugh and ask, "What exactly are we going to cook?"

Niall shrugs his shoulders and walks to the fridge. He opens it and looks around at what's inside. "Um... how about... pancakes?" He asks lifting his head up to look at me. I raise an eyebrow and ask, "Will he be able to chew pancakes?" Niall thinks for a moment before looking back into the fridge and mumbling quietly, "Good point." I sigh and start to think of something to feed Harry. Yesterday we fed him apples, milk and... sandwiches! We could do that again, I guess. "Yesterday we made sandwiches for him with apples and milk, or something. So we could do that again?" I suggest. Niall pokes his head out of the fridge once again and asks, "The same breakfast again?" I shrug my shoulders and reply, "It doesn't have to be the same kind of sandwiches, and we could give him apple juice or something, and a different fruit."

Niall thinks for a moment before nodding his head and saying, "Okay, yeah. That sounds good enough to me. What kind of sandwich?" I look into the fridge at our options... Butter... ew, a butter sandwich, gross... um... jam? That's a little too sticky... cheese.... Cheese! That'll do! "How about a cheese sandwich?" I suggest. Niall looks at the cheese before nodding his head, "I would definitely eat that, so lets give it to him!" He says cheerfully. I raise an eyebrow at him and mumble, "Okay then... weird." That causes Niall to burst out laughing for no reason at all, that I can think of, but I find myself smiling when Harry laughs too from his seat.

"Alright you lazy bum. Come help me with these sandwiches!" Niall says while grabbing the ingredients for the sandwiches. I smirk and start to help Niall make the sandwiches for our little Hazza. While Niall and I are making the sandwiches we hear Liam's voice from behind us, "Hello Hazza! How are you this fine morning?" We smirk and continue to make the sandwiches while listening to Zayn and Liam talk to Harry. "You sure are hyper today, yes? All giggly and jumpy?" Zayn asks Harry, who giggles in response. "Very giggly indeed." Liam says with a warm smile.

"Daddies are making you breakfast?" Liam asks Harry, who giggles again. "I think they are." Liam hums softly. "What does little Harry want to eat?" Zayn asks, but Harry just giggles and babbles something with a big smile. We all laugh at that and shake our heads. He will always be too cute. "Want to get out of that highchair, baby?" Liam asks Harry and I turn around again to see his reply. He nods his head and grins up at Liam while reaching his hands up for Liam. Liam smiles and gently takes Harry out of his highchair and bounces him in his arms, making Harry laugh cutely and peck Liam's neck. We all coo at his adorableness and laugh softly when he coos back. Zayn then walks over to Niall and I and asks, "Want some help here?" Niall smiles at him and nods his head. "Sure, we'd love some help!" He replies. Zayn nods his head with a smile and starts to help us prepare breakfast while Liam plays with Harry and walks around with him.

We glance back at Liam and Harry when we hear an especially loud laugh coming from Harry. Liam put Harry down on the table and is now tickling him everywhere, causing the small one year old to burst out laughing and squirm around. Liam laughs with Harry and tickles his small feet. Harry laughs and kicks his feet up, not really getting them high up. We laugh fondly at the two and grin when Liam picks Harry up and spins him around in his arms twice before stopping and kissing Harry's right cheek, left cheek, nose, chin, forehead, right eye, left eye, right dimple, left dimple, neck, behind his left ear, behind his right ear, on his small lips and then finally again on his nose. Harry laughs and squeals excitedly and rubs his nose with the palm of his left hand. "So Hazza, tell me who dressed you today?" Liam asks the one year old. Harry giggles and throws his head back in laughter, but Liam holds his head in place with his left hand while his right hand is placed under Harry's bum and lower back to keep him in place. "Don't hurt yourself, Hazza. If you move your head too fast you can break it." Liam says softly and kisses Harry's cheek when Harry stops laughing but just grins at him. Liam slowly pushes Harry's head forward so it's straight again and smiles softly.

Liam then walks over to the table and sits down on one of the chairs with Harry in his arms. He bounces Harry gently on his lap and hums quietly. Niall, Zayn and I all get back to cooking breakfast after that and smile whenever we hear Harry giggling loudly or laughing and squealing in excitement and glee. After we're done making Harry's breakfast we all decide to make some pancakes for ourselves with some tea. Since we all like different kinds of tea we have to make sure to remember who's cup is who's, because we often forget.

After we're done making our breakfast we take everything to the table. After two trips back and forth we finally have everything on the table and sit down in our seats. Niall sits beside Liam and Zayn sits beside me, across from Harry, Niall and Liam. We all start eating and I look at Liam who is still bouncing Harry up and down gently, he still hasn't touched his food or fed Harry yet so I ask, "Liam? Aren't you going to eat or something, we could feed Harry." Liam looks up at me for a moment then nods his head. "Uh yeah, sure. Could one of you get me one of Harry's bibs?" He asks. Niall nods and stands up. He walks over to the counter and gets one of Harry's bibs from the rack we put up day before yesterday. He walks back over to us and puts the bib onto Harry. It's the bib that said, "Feed Me Please" and had the heart on it. I think that's my favourite one, it looks so cute on Harry.

Liam smiles at Niall and nods his head as a thank you. Niall nods back and sits down beside Liam. Liam slowly takes a piece of the cheese sandwiches that are cut up into tiny stars with a plastic fork. He looks at it fondly before looking at all of us and smirking. He then looks back down at Harry and slowly brings the fork to his mouth. When Harry doesn't open his mouth we all smirk at Liam who rolls his eyes at us. "Hazza?" He asks softly. Harry looks up at him with big eyes and pouts. "Could you eat the sandwich for me?" Liam asks sweetly. Harry shakes his head and keeps his mouth shut. We smirk again and this time Liam glares at us. "Oh c'mon, Liam. We're kidding! It's all in good fun. It's not our faults that you can't get Harry to eat." I say smugly. Liam glares at me and says, "I can feed Harry, and I will feed Harry. You just watch, Tomlinson." I smirk and raise an eyebrow, motioning for him to go on. He groans and sighs before looking down at Harry. "Hey Hazza," He says softly. Harry looks back up at him with big eyes. "You want to know a secret, baby?" He continues. Harry nods his head eagerly and smiles. "Well, if you eat a piece of this sandwich, it will go into my tummy." He tells Harry. Harry looks up at him with wide curious eyes then back at the sandwich confused. I smirk and ask, "So now we want to teach Harry that lying in okay?" Liam glares at me again and replies, "It's not lying, it's just a little fib." Zayn smirks and says, "Fibbing is lying." Liam groans and asks, "Do you want him to eat or not?" We laugh and nod our heads, "Go on then, feed him." Niall says with a smug look on his face.

Liam looks back down at Harry who is still looking at the sandwich. "It's really good." Liam urges. Harry looks up at him for a few moments before opening his mouth. We all laugh fondly and Liam smiles widely while picking up the fork again and putting the piece of sandwich near Harry's lips. Harry clamps his mouth around the fork and takes the sandwich out of it. Liam laughs quietly as Harry chews with his gums somehow. He continues to let Liam feed him and Liam eats the pancakes in front of him while feeding Harry. Harry stops chewing suddenly and looks up at Liam. Liam looks down at him and swallows his pancake piece before asking, "What's the matter, Hazzey?" Harry shakes his head and opens his mouth. Liam laughs and picks up a piece of the little sandwich piece with the fork and slowly brings it up to Harry's mouth. Harry sticks his tongue out and licks the bread, making us all laugh at his cuteness. Harry then starts licking the bread faster and suddenly takes it into his mouth. Liam doesn't pull the fork away but instead lets Harry do whatever it is that he's doing. Harry hallows out his cheeks before pulling the sandwich into his mouth and looking up at Liam with big innocent eyes. We all coo at him and he coos back with a mouth full of bread and cheese. We all laugh and he giggles with the food still in his mouth. Liam smiles down at Harry and says sternly but softly, "Chew your food Hazzeykins, you don't want to choke on it." Harry chews then swallows before looking up at Liam again.

Liam pokes Harry's cheek gently and Harry beams up at him with big happy eyes. We smile and continue eating our food while watching Harry eat. Niall is the first to finish his food, which isn't much of a surprise. He watched Harry fondly and smiles whenever Harry giggles, which is often. After about 5 minutes Harry is also done eating his cheese sandwich, apples and drinking his apple juice, he then starts giggling and clapping his hands excitedly. Niall smiles at him and asks, "Hey Hazza, now that you're done eating, do you want to play or something?" Harry giggles and reaches his small arms out in Niall's direction. Niall smiles and stands up to go and pick Harry up. He bends down a little and scoops the little boy up into his arms. Harry giggles and buries his face into Niall's chest. We smile at the two and watch as Niall gently bounces Harry in his arms, making sure not to drop him or go too fast with him. Harry giggles and lets Niall bounce him a little, once Niall stops Harry buries his face into Niall's neck again and sighs cutely. "Hey Harry," Niall says while looking down at the one year old. Harry looks up at him and smiles. "Lets get this bib off of you now, hmm?" Harry nods his head happily and lets Niall take the bib off of him. Niall walks over to the counter and puts the bib by the sink before looking down at Harry again. "What do you want to do?" He asks. Harry babbles something with a smile and throws his arms up in the air gently. We all laugh at how cute he is and he giggles when he hears us laughing.

"Lets go play a game, anything you'd like. Daddies still have to make up for when they yelled in front of you yesterday." Niall hums as he walks out of the kitchen with Harry. We roll our eyes and sigh. "So, Niall's right. We need to make it up to Harry. What are we going to do?" Zayn asks after a moment. I sigh and shake my head. "I have no idea." Liam then looks up at us with a huge smile on his face. Zayn and I raise an eyebrow at him and I ask, "What's gotten you so happy?" Liam just smiles and shakes his head, his smile getting bigger. "I have the perfect plan on how we're going to make it up to Harry." He says excitedly. Zayn and I share a look before looking back at Liam. "Lets hear it." Zayn says with a small smile. Liam grins widely at us before talking...

Niall's POV: (A/N: Haha cliffhanger, sorry, I just had to do that! (: xx !)

I walk out of the room with Harry in my arms and sit down on the floor. I put Harry down in front of me and smile when he looks up at me. He smiles back and places both his tiny hands on my right knee.I smile and ask, "What do you want to do, baby boy?" He giggles and babbles something excitedly, his eyes gleaming with happiness. "I wonder when you'll talk, Hazza. I can't wait till then. You'll be even cuter, but I don't think that's even possible." I say softly while carding my hands through Harry's short straight-curly hair. He leans into the touch and smiles contently. I chuckle quietly to myself and continue to massage his scalp gently.

I look around after a few minutes and spot one of Harry's toy chests. We have a few of them here and there. One in the living room, one in our shared bedroom, one in Harry's room and one in the nursery room. We thought it would be better to have more than one toy chest, in case Harry wants to play, so we wouldn't have to run around to find a toy or two. Each chest has a lot of toys in them. The one in Harry's room has mostly stuffed animals, soft blankets, soft little balls (bouncy and non bouncy), soft chew toys (in case Harry starts to play with his growing teeth) and mostly soft and fluffy things. The one in the nursery room has a few stuffed animals, some blankets, soft toys and other things that could calm Harry down if he's upset or fussy. The one in our room has blankets, soft toys, stuffed animals, race cars, a few building blocks, bedtime books and colouring books. The one in the living room is the one with the most toys. It has a few blankets, a lot of building blocks, race cars, colouring books, soft toys, chew toys, stuffed animals, small puzzles, some arts and crafts things, Lego blocks, action figures, balls (big and small), toy trains (ones that light up, move, stay still and have different buttons/parts) and well, a lot more.

I stand up and walk over to the toy chest that's by the TV and against a wall. I look through the chest to try and find a toy for Harry when I hear a loud whimper coming from behind me. I spin around and see Harry laying on the floor crying silently and whimpering. He has his left hand fisted against his stomach and his right hand on his head. I run over to him and pick him up gently into my arms. He whimpers and buries his face into my neck. I rub his back and slowly make my way to the couch. I sit down and gently lay Harry down across my lap. He whimpers and lifts his feet up then brings them back down. I rub his tummy gently and he starts wailing loudly. I frown and gently stroke his arms up and down, trying to sooth him. He continues to cry and wail and moments later the boys are rushing into the room and sitting down around Harry and I. Liam is on my right, Zayn on my left and Louis in front of me. "What happened?" Zayn asks while rubbing Harry's knee gently and soothingly. "I don't know! I was by the toy chest and I heard a whimpering noise, so I turned around and I saw Harry laying down on the floor with his... left hand on his stomach and right hand on his head." I explain in a worried tone. Liam rubs my back and kisses my cheek, "It'll be okay, Nialler. Don't worry about it." He says soothingly.

I calm down a little and sigh. "But what if he's really hurt, Liam? It would be my fault." I ask. Liam shakes his head and smiles, "No, it wouldn't be your fault. It's okay. What's done is done, lets just forget about how it happened and see if he's okay, alright?" He asks. I nod my head and sigh. "Okay." I mumble. I focus my attention back on Harry and watch as he cries and wails. His face is flushed and slightly red from crying, his left hand is red and slightly swollen, he's trying to kick his knees but Zayn has a firm hold on them and he's shaking badly in my arms. I frown and stroke his tummy lightly again. "What do you think happened?" Louis asks. We all shrug and frown down at Harry. "I think he might have hurt his head and hand." Liam says after a few moments. We all look at him and he shakes his head before gently lifting Harry up and slowly placing him on his lap so Harry is facing him. Harry whimpers and clings to Liam, his right hand is slightly around Liam's waist, his left hand is tucked in between his own body and Liam's stomach, his legs are on either side of Liam's right leg and his head is buried into Liam's chest. Louis gently rubs Harry's back soothingly and Zayn cards through his hair and massages his scalp.

I slowly get off of the couch and walk over to the toy chest again. I open it and take out one of Harry's stuffed animals, his favourite stuffed kitty. It's funny to think how many times Harry has had this stuffed cat with him, and it calms him down most of the time too. I walk back to the couch and sit back down on my spot. "Hey Hazza," I say softly. He looks up at me teary eyed and sniffles. "Do you want your kitty?" I ask, holding up his stuffed cat for him to see. Harry shakes his head and buries his face into Liam's chest again. "Aw Hazza, it'll be okay!" Louis says softly and lifts Harry's hurt hand up gently. Harry lets out a loud wail and starts to shake again in Liam's arms. Liam frowns and hugs Harry who calms down slightly and snuggles with Liam. Louis then takes Harry's hand again and starts to massage it lightly. Harry lets out a loud cry and tries to pull his hand away but Louis doesn't let him. He keeps his hands firmly on Harry's and continues to rub and massage it. "Lou, maybe we should just put some ice on it." Zayn says after a few minutes of watching Harry cry. Louis looks at him and shakes his head, "No, he'll be okay." He says firmly.

Zayn shakes his head and walks out of the room and into the kitchen. "Don't hurt him, Louis." I say while watching Louis rub Harry's small hand in his much larger one. Louis sighs and shakes his head before glaring half heartedly at me. "I'm not hurting him, it'll help." He says confidently. I sigh and continue to watch them. Liam continues to hold Harry close while Louis rubs his hand. "It'll be okay, Nialler. Have some fate in Louis, he has younger siblings after all." He tells me. I sigh and mumble, "So does Zayn." Liam smirks and nods his head, "Yeah he does, so?" He asks. groan and lean back into the couch and mumble, "I don't know." Liam and Louis both laugh and look down at Harry. I sit up and also look at Harry, we all expect to hear Harry giggle or laugh or something but he just snuggles deeper into Liam's chest.

Zayn walks back into the room moments later with two small icepacks and a baby bottle. He sits back down in his spot and looks down at Harry who is still snuggled into Liam. He slowly moves the icepack to Harry's head and places it gently on his head, keeping his hand there. Harry whimpers and flinches, tightening his grip he has on Liam's side. Liam, Louis and I rub his leg, back and side gently. He sniffles and starts to shake in Liam's arms again. "Zayn, take the icepack off and get a cloth to put around it, it must be freezing." Liam says sternly. Zayn nods and rushes out of the room again and into the kitchen. We all continue to sooth and calm Harry down the best we can and he manages to calm down just a bit and relax in Liam's arms. He sniffles a few times and sighs tiredly. We all smile and I gently place a soft kiss to Harry's shoulder.

Zayn walks back into the room with a cloth over the icepack and sits down in his spot again. He moves the icepack to Harry's head again and places it there gently and starts putting the slightest bit of pressure on it. Harry whimpers and buries his face into Liam's chest, trying to get some comfort. Liam hugs him, Louis massages his shoulders and arms and I rub his back soothingly. Zayn nudges me with his elbow and I look at him. "Could you put an icepack on Harry's hand?" He asks. I nod my head and take the icepack from his hand. He puts more pressure on the icepack that's on Harry's head, causing Harry to let out another loud cry. I wince at my poor babies cries and whales and hope that we won't be hearing it often.

I gently pick up Harry's hurt left hand and put it on my much larger left hand. With my right hand I slowly and gently place the icepack on his left hand and close my eyes tightly when I hear him sob. He tries to take his hand away and I feel so bad right now, but I have to put the icepack on it or else it will hurt him more later. I take a deep breath and open my eyes. Harry is crying silently and trying to stay still. His hand is slightly swollen and it's kind of scaring me. We need to get him some medicine or something. He looks like he's in too much pain. "You're okay. baby Hazza. You'll be okay." I tell him. He sniffles and continues to cry silently.

Zayn's POV:

We all continue to sooth and comfort Harry the best we can, he isn't crying or sobbing anymore, just sniffling and whimpering every now and then which is a lot better than before. I have an Icepack placed on his head and Niall has one on his hurt hand. Harry is resting against Liam's chest, his body slumped against Liam's. He looks so warn out and tired, his eyes are bloodshot and more blue than green and the slightest bit grey, probably from all the pain and exhaustion. His cheeks are red and puffy from crying so much, tear tracks visible on his little chubby cheeks. His nose is pink from the tip and his face is pink. His body is a light pink colour, probably because of all the crying. His eyelids are drooping and it's obvious that he's fighting sleep.

I take a deep breath and sigh because this wasn't supposed to happen. Harry wasn't supposed to get hurt. He was supposed to be happy and giggling, not sad and hurt. He wasn't supposed to hit his head or hurt his hand. But he did. He got hurt and now he's sad. I feel incredibly guilty because I wasn't there to help him or watch him. No, I was too busy listening to Liam's plan on how we were going to make it up to Harry. I feel so angry with myself because I let this happen and I could've stopped it from happening. Or I could have tried.

So far we haven't been the greatest parents. We hurt and scared Harry yesterday when we fought in front of him, we were full on yelling in front of the poor baby. We shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have gotten involved. I wish I was Niall, he didn't fight with us, he did the smart and responsible thing by taking Harry away from the yelling and into a peaceful area. He calmed Harry down and we didn't. We are horrible parents. And now, we let Harry get hurt. He should never get hurt. He's too happy, too innocent, too small and too sweet to get hurt. I won't let anyone hurt Harry, I won't let anyone use him either. Harry will have the best childhood ever. I will try my best to make him happy.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of a doorbell. I look at the other boys confused and they shrug their shoulders. "Someone's at the door." Louis states. I roll my eyes at him and sigh. The doorbell sound goes through the house a few more times, loudly. The more it rings the more Harry shakes, three bells later and Harry starts sobbing loudly. Liam hugs Harry and kisses his forehead repeatedly. "It's okay Hazza, it's okay. There is nothing to be scared of, shh we've got you, I've got you. Shh. We'll protect you." Liam murmurs while rocking Harry gently in his arms. Harry continues to cry as the doorbell keeps ringing. I look at Niall and Louis with an eyebrow raised and they give me confused and questioning looks. I roll my eyes at them and stand up to get the door.

I walk to the door and open it to see Danielle standing there with a huge smile on her face. I smile back and she waves. "I'm here to look after Harry!" She says. I laugh and nod my head, "I know that." I state. She smiles as I move out of the way to let her in. She walks in and I lead her to the living room where the rest of the boys and Harry are. When she sees Harry crying she frowns and asks, "Why is Harry crying?" I sigh and reply, "He got hurt and then the doorbell scared him." She nods and walks over to Harry and the boys, I follow and watch as she gently picks Harry up and rocks him in her arms. He continues to cry but after a few minutes he stops and looks at Danielle curiously. She smiles at him and kisses his forehead. "I'm Danielle. It's nice to meet you Harry." She says softly.

Harry looks at her and giggles before whimpering in pain. Danielle keeps smiling and asks, "Did you get a booboo Harry?" Harry shakes his head and tries to get out of Danielle's arms, which confuses me because he seemed to like Danielle just a minute ago. "What's wrong Harry? Danielle asks again and you can see the tight grip she has on him. I bite my lip hard, but keep watching. I'll do something if it gets too far. I just have a bad feeling about Danielle right now, like she's going to do something to Harry.

Harry lets out a loud cry and Liam steps forward. He gently scoops Harry into his arms and rocks him gently. His grip on Harry is soft but firm so he doesn't fall. I look at Danielle and she looks guilty. I sigh, maybe I'm just overreacting. I look back at Harry who has calmed down and is now hugging Liam back. "How's your hand, baby?" Liam asks softly. Harry sticks his hand up and it's less swollen, but not completely gone, and the bump on his head is visible but smaller. I sigh in relief. At least he's not badly hurt anymore.

I look at all the boys, Liam looks calmer now that Harry is okay. Louis looks furious but relieved, Niall.... Niall looks like an angry leprechaun. I laugh at myself and the boys all give me a confused and weird look. I stop laughing and shake my head. "Sorry." I mumble and bite my lip. I look back at Niall and smirk. He gives me a confused look and I just smirk wider. "Okay then...." Louis says in an awkward tone. Danielle sighs loudly and we all look at her. "Well, I should get going. Do you need me to watch Harry right now?" She asks.

We all share a look and nod our heads. "No, that's fine. We're okay." Louis replies. Danielle nods her head and grabs her bag that I just realized she had. She puts it on her shoulder and walks to the door. "Call me if you want me to watch him." She says and walks out, closing the door behind her. Once the door is closed we all let out loud breaths, that was awkward. "Well.... That was..." Niall trails off. I nod my head and sigh. "Strange." Liam says quietly. We all look at him. He looks up and raises an eyebrow. "What? It was! Did you see the grip she had on Harry?" He asks. We all nod our heads and I reply, "Yeah. I was going to stop her if she went too far." Louis shakes his head. "She DID go too far. He was crying!" Louis exclaims. Niall nods and says, "He was about to full on cry if Liam hadn't taken him."

"Well, what are we going to do?" I ask. It's silent for a few moments before Louis sighs and says, "What can we do. Lets just wait and see what happens, give her one more chance?" We all nod our heads and look at Harry. He has his head rested on Liam's shoulder and his eyes are closed. We all coo at him and he opens his eyes. "Are you sleepy, Hazza?" Liam asks. Harry looks up and nods his head. We smile at him and Louis says, "Nap time!!" We all smile and Liam bounces Harry gently in his arms. "Do you think we should take him to a doctor for his head and hand?" He asks. I shrug and reply, "It'll be fine. The swelling is already going down." He nods and walks up the stairs to put Harry to bed.

Niall, Louis and I sit on the couches and wait, all lost in our own thoughts.

Liam's POV:

I walk out of the room and upstairs to Harry's room. I walk into his room and lay him down in his crib. I kiss his forehead and tuck him into the blankets. He looks up at me and yawns cutely. I smile and coo at him. He coos back and falls asleep. I smile down at him and move a strand of hair from his eyes and behind his ear.

I stand up straight and am about to walk out of the room when a gargling noise followed by a whimper stops me. I turn around to see Harry awake and kicking his feet. I walk back over to him and pick him up. I bounce him gently in my arms and ask, "What's the matter, Hazza?" He whimpers in my arms so I sit down on the floor and look around. I spot Harry's toy chest and stand up with Harry in my arms. I walk over to the toy chest and dig through it with my left hand while carrying him in my right arm. I find a pink blanket and take it out slowly. Why pink, I have no idea. But it's better than nothing I guess.

I pull it out and hand it to Harry. He takes it and smells it. I stifle a laugh and smile at him. He puts the blanket in his mouth and sucks on it. I laugh and ask, "Is that yummy?" He giggles up at me and takes the blanket out of his mouth. He cuddles with it and rests his head on my chest. I smile and rock him gently for a few minutes. I look down after about 5 minutes and see him fast asleep, cuddling with the blanket. I smile and slowly walk back to the crib, I gently and slowly lay him back down in it. I pull the blanket over his body (the one he's not cuddling with) and kiss his forehead.

I stand up and turn the night light on before walking to the light switch and turning off the lights. I walk out of the room and leave the door to Harry's room open a quarter of the way. I quietly walk back down the stairs and see the rest of the boys sitting on the bar stools in the kitchen. I walk over to them and sit beside Niall. "Is Harry asleep?" Niall asks with a mouth full of chips. I smirk and nod, "I put him down and was about to leave when he started whimpering so I picked him up and got him a blanket. Speaking of, when did we get Harry a pink blanket?" I ask.

Louis smirks and replies, "Niall and I got him one when we were shopping. It's cute!" I sigh but smile, "It is cute. And he likes it too!" I say. They all laugh and I join them. After we've calmed down and stopped laughing we look around. "What now?" Zayn asks. We all shrug our shoulders and I sigh, "I haven't noticed how busy Harry's kept us" I say. Niall nods and replies, "Yeah, but it's worth it. He's keeping us busy and he's just really cute." I smirk and nod, "It's better than being bored." I say. Niall, Louis and Zayn all nod their heads, "Much better." Zayn agrees.

It's silent for a few minutes until my phone goes off and I jump. The boys all laugh and I roll my eyes, "Not funny." I mumble while pulling out my phone from my pocket. I look at the number and raise an eyebrow. "Who is it?" Louis asks. I look at him for a moment then reply, "Management. I'll put it on speaker." The boys nod and I put my phone on speaker. "Hello?" Our manager, Edward's voice says through the phone. "Hello, it's Liam." I reply. There's a rustling noise from the other end and then silence. I raise an eyebrow until I hear Edward's voice again, "Sorry about that." I sit down on the couch beside Niall again after realizing that I was standing. "That's alright, is anything wrong?" I ask. 

We hear a laugh then Edward saying, "No, no. Nothing is wrong. We just wanted to talk about the little boy you and the other guys adopted." I look at the lads and see they all look confused. "Uh, sure.. what about Harry?" I ask. "Well, we want to discuss things. Like, when will your fans find out about your son? The fanbase has a right to know about him." He says. We nod our heads and I reply, "Yeah, sure." "Well, when do you want to come down here? Now or in a little while?" He asks. I look at the other boys and Zayn whispers, "Well, Harry is asleep right now." We nod and Niall adds, "We can carry him, we don't need to wake up." I nod my head and reply into the phone, "We can come now."

Alright than! Great! We'll see you soon boys!" Edward says, then the call ends. I put my phone in my pocket and Louis says, "Alright! Should we get Harry?" I nod and reply, "Yeah. We can get his diaper bag and stuff too." The boys all nod and we stand up. "So, Niall and I can wake Harry up and you two get Harry's things ready?" I ask. Louis and Zayn nod their heads and I smile. "Okay, lets go Niall." I say as I start going up the stairs.

Niall's POV:

Liam and I walk up the stairs to Harry's room. We walk to the bed very quietly and I gently pick Harry up from his crib. He's still asleep and snoring lightly, with the pink blanket Liam was talking about earlier. His head rests gently on my right shoulder and he puts his small hand on my left shoulder. I smile and kiss his forehead gently. Liam picks up the pink blanket from the crib and looks at me.

Ready to go?" He whispers. I nod and we both quietly and slowly walk back down the stairs. When we reach the bottom steps we see Zayn and Louis waiting for us. Louis has the diaper bag strap on his shoulder and I look at it closely. It doesn't really look like a diaper bag, because diaper bags only have diapers in them. But this has all the things we need... but whatever. We call it a diaper bag, we're new to this parenting thing.

Louis takes a sky blue blanket out of the diaper bag and puts it on Harry's head, covering his face and half of his little body. I give him a confused look and he whispers, "I used to see my mum do this with my sisters. It keeps the sun out of his eyes and he won't wake up." I nod my head and we slip on our shoes and grab our phones, keys, wallets and sunglasses. We walk out the door and Liam locks it once we're out. We walk to our car and get in.

Louis sits in the drivers seat, Liam in the passengers seat and Zayn and I sit in the back seats with Harry in my lap. I move the blanket gently and slowly and see Harry still fast asleep. I smile down at him and put the blanket back over his face and shoulders. Zayn smirks from my left side and I look over at him and raise an eyebrow. "What are you smirking about?" I whisper. He smirks wider and replies quietly, "He's drooling on your shirt." I roll my eyes and sigh. "I don't care." I mumble quietly. Louis nods his head and adds, "He's a baby, he drools. Get used to it." I nod and with that Zayn stops talking and looks out the window.

I smile in victory and look out my window too. I watch as we drive past trees, cars, houses, buildings and other objects and people walking. It's quiet in the car, no one wanting to wake Harry up from his nap. I look over at Zayn who's already asleep. No surprise there, I roll my eyes and look at Liam, he has his head rested against the window and is staring out of it. I look at Louis who has his eyes ahead of him, his hands are gripping the steering wheel and he's bobbing his head up and down for no reason. "Anything wrong, Niall?" I hear a quiet voice ask. I look at Louis with wide eyes before relaxing and replying, "Nope." He nods but doesn't look convinced. "You looked deep in thought. What's on your mind?" He asks. I sigh and shrug my shoulders, "Nothing really. I was just observing things." I reply. He nods and sighs, "Bored, aren't you?" He asks. I smirk and nod my head, "Just a little bit." I reply.

He smirks and nods, he makes a left turn and says, "Me too." I look down at Harry when I hear a quiet and high pitched yawn. I move the blanket from his head and move it in between Zayn and I. I look back down at Harry and see him stretching. I smile and watch as he stretches his small hands and legs. He looks up at me and smiles tiredly. "Have a good sleep?" I ask him. He nods his head and sighs quietly. I hear a snore from beside me and look at Zayn who's asleep and snoring now. I laugh and Harry giggles. "Want to sit on Daddy Zayn's lap?" I ask Harry. He nods eagerly and Louis, Liam and I all laugh at his cuteness. "Okay, babe." I say softly as I unbuckle my seatbelt and let Harry crawl onto Zayn's lap. 

He climbs onto Zayn's legs and hugs his stomach. Zayn grunts in his sleep and I hold back a laugh. Harry buries his face into Zayn's chest and fake snores. Liam, Louis and I burst out laughing and Harry giggles in Zayn's chest. Zayn wakes up and mumbles, "Let me sleep." We all laugh and Harry puts his thumb into his mouth. He sits up straight in Zayn's lap and looks up at him while sucking on his thumb. Zayn opens his eyes and yawns, then looks down at Harry and smiles. "Hello, Harry." He says while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Harry giggles up at him and claps his hands together. "Are you excited?" Zayn asks while looking down at Harry. Harry nods his head and giggles up at Zayn, then babbles something. "Mmm.... what are you excited about?" Zayn asks him. Harry giggles and looks up at Zayn with a big smile. "You'll never know what goes on in his little head." Liam says from the front seat. I laugh at that, which causes Harry to giggle. Harry looks at the front seats then at Louis and giggles. Louis smiles and says, "Hi, Hazza." Harry giggles and crawls out of Zayn's lap and back onto mine. He looks up at me and hugs me lightly. I smile and hug him back.

I hear the other three boys "aww" and laugh. I hug Harry gently and kiss the top of his head. "You're very cuddly today, baby." I say softly. Harry looks up at me and giggles. He opens his mouth like he's about to say something, but he closes his mouth again and giggles. I sigh, disappointed, but he'll talk eventually talk and that's all that matters. Harry looks up at me with wide eyes and I raise an eyebrow at him, he giggles and claps his hands while babbling something. I laugh and hug him again.

After about 10 minutes we get to Managements building. It's a big brown building that's REALLY clean from the inside. It's decorated and has many floors. It's quite boring though, we usually get told what to do whenever we're here or we're told what we did wrong. So today we don't know what to expect, especially with little Harry as the subject. The car ride was filled with Harry's giggles and babbling for the most part and that seemed to make the car ride seem a lot shorter.

We climb out of the car and close the cars doors. I have Harry in my right arm, my left arm supporting his back so he doesn't fall backwards or anything. Liam has the diaper bag and Zayn is holding Harry's sky blue blanket. "So, are we ready to go inside?" Louis asks us all. We nod and start making our way to the buildings doors. We walk in and go down the familiar hallway and to the elevators. Harry looks around and makes grabby hands at the plants that are by the elevator doors. We all laugh and I move away so the plant is out of Harry's reach. He starts whimpering and whining and I frown. "Hazza, you can't have that plant." I say softly but sternly. Harry whimpers loudly and I sigh. He then starts kicking my stomach and I'm not going to lie, it hurt physically. I try to control my anger and take a deep breath. "Harry. Stop it. Now." I say sterner than intended, but it would do.

Harry starts shaking in my arms and goes limp. I hold him closer, my anger fading away and try to hug him but he moves away. I frown and put him down on the ground. I look at Zayn who sighs and shakes his head. "You scared him, Niall." He says while picking Harry up gently. Harry whimpers loudly and clings to Zayn's shirt. "How did I scare him?" I ask confused. "Did you forget his dad, Niall. His dad would abuse him. He probably thought you were going to hit him or yell at him or something." Liam explains. My eyes widen and I look at Harry who's whimpering and crying quietly into Zayn's shoulder. "Shit. I forgot about that." I say quietly. "It's fine. He'll be okay." Louis reassures. I smile softly at him and nod. I look back at Zayn and Harry and see Harry sniffling and whining in Zayn's arms. I feel incredibly guilty because so far, we haven't been very good parents and I feel we could do better. 

I push the thought out of my head and follow the boys as they walk into the elevator lift. It's silent when the doors close. Not even Harry is giggling or babbling anything, he just has his head rested against Zayn's shoulder with his eyes open. I sigh and walk out with the boys when the elevator doors open again. We walk down the hall, make a right, walk down the hall again and knock on a big door. The door open and reveals Emily, one of the assistants. "Hello, boys! Come in, take a seat!" She says with a big smile. We smile back and sit down in the chairs in front of a desk. There isn't anyone in the room besides us so it's quiet again.

Louis is at the end, beside him is Zayn, beside Zayn is Liam and I'm beside Liam. I look back over at Harry who is still in Zayn's arms, but now he's looking around the big room. "Do you want to look around, Hazza?" Liam asks him from beside Zayn. Harry looks up at Liam and babbles something we don't really understand. Louis smiles and says, "We'll take that as a yes." Zayn smiles and puts Harry down on the ground so he's sitting in front of us. Harry looks up at Zayn with wide eyes and a pout and I hold back a laugh. He's just way too cute for his own good. "Well, Hazza. Move around, crawl, look around!" Liam encourages with a smile. Harry looks at Liam for a few moments before looking around the room curiously. He crawls over to the big desk and puts his small hands on the wood. 

"That's a desk." Louis says softly. Harry looks at Louis then the desk. He takes his hands away and puts them on his lap, then he pokes the desk with his right pointer finger. We all laugh and he looks back at us. He giggles then claps his hands together. After a few moments he crawls back in front of Zayn and looks up at him. "Hello." Zayn says with a smile. He stares at Zayn for a few moments before looking at Liam, Louis then me. I smile at him and his eyes widen. I hold back a frown and continue to smile. He crawls over to my legs and hugs them as tightly as he can. I laugh quietly and pick him up and put him on my lap. He hugs me and snuggles into my chest. I hear the other boys laugh then Zayn saying, "Looks like he forgives easily." I smile at that and wrap my arms protectively around Harry's small little body. "It seems like it, yes." I say with a smile. "That's not always a good thing." Liam states with a serious look. I roll my eyes and reply, "Big deal. He's a baby. Do you want him mad, scared or upset with you for a long time?"

Liam thinks for a moment then shakes his head. "No. You make a good point." He says. I smirk and nod. "Exactly." I say with a smug smile. Liam rolls his eyes and looks back down at Harry. I also look back down at Harry and see that he's sucking on his thumb, his head is rested against my chest and his left hand is gripping my shirt into his little fist. I smile and bounce him gently in my arms, he looks up at me with wide eyes before squealing and giggling excitedly. The boys and I laugh and I tickle his sides gently. He squeals and laughs in my lap and tries to push my hands away but can't.

After about a minute and a half I stop, not wanting to suffocate the small boy in my arms. Good timing too because our managers all walk in, which is surprising because we rarely ever see them all at the same time. The boys and I share a confused and worried look. I lift Harry in my arms and sit him down gently on my lap. Liam passes me Harry's yellow pacifier so he doesn't make too much noise. I take it with a grateful smile and gently put it in between Harry's lips. Harry rests his head against my chest and sucks on the pacifier quietly.

"So, is this Harry?" Edward asks us. We nod our heads and they all smile. "He's very cute." One of our other managers, Chris, says. "How old is he?" Our manager James asks. "He's a year and few days old." Liam replies.

They all nod and smile at us. "So when do you guys want to out Harry to the fans?" Edward asks us. We all share a look and Louis replies. "Um, anytime is okay." They nod and look at Harry who's shaking in my arms. I look down at him and frown. I gently bounce him in my arms to try and calm him but it doesn't work because I feel my shirt getting wet with tears. I hug Harry closer and sigh. He's probably scared of all the people in the room. "Is he okay?" Liam whispers into my ear. I look at him and shrug my shoulders. I continue to bounce Harry gently in my arms and hug him while our managers talk, "How about you guys do a twitcam with him?" James asks us. We all look at each other again and then back at our managers, pondering the idea. "I guess that's okay." Zayn says after a minute. We all nod our heads and they smile.

"Great! So you can do a twitcam whenever you feel the time is right. But don't wait too long because your break is ending soon and you'll be touring and doing interviews again." Edward says with a smile. We nod our heads and smile at them. "Alright, that's all boys. You can go home now." Chris says with a smile. They all walk out of the room and we all look at each other. "So, when do you lads want to do the twitcam?" Louis asks. I shrug my shoulders and reply, "Not today. Harry's tired." We all look down at Harry who has calmed down a bit but is still shaking slightly. "Why do you lads think he was shaking?" Zayn asks. Liam shrugs and replies, "He was probably scared of something."

"Of what though?" Louis asks curiously. I bounce Harry a little and reply, "Maybe he was scared of all the people in the room. Claustrophobic maybe." Zayn raises an eyebrow and asks, "A baby being claustrophobic?" I shrug and reply, "It's possible." Liam stands up and says, "Okay boys, I think we should head back to the flat and put Harry down for a nap again." We all nod and stand up. I stand up slowly and adjust Harry in my arms. He rests his head on my shoulder and closes his eyes. I gently take the pacifier out of his mouth and Zayn takes it out of my arms. I smile at him before looking down at Harry. He gargles and sneezes in my arms. I smile and the other boys coo at him. He coos back and sneezes again. "Bless you, Hazza." I say softly.

We all walk out of the building and head to the car. We get in and drive back home, Harry falling asleep on my lap.



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