Found You (Zianourry Fanfiction)

The four boys of One Direction, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall were all at their flat on their day off when a thought occurred through one of their heads. It was too quiet and boring. They needed more excitement, something to keep them busy. They come to the conclusion that they want to adopt a child. But first they talk to management and get approval. Then they head down to the orphanage to adopt a child, after they go shopping. What they find at the orpanage is sweet, innocent, adorable, abused and little, Harry.


How will the boys handle Harry? Will they be able to help Harry? How will they share the little boy?

Read the story of One Direction's life with their baby boy.


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5. Chapter 5 (Discussing, Arguing, Nap & Texting

Niall's POV:

After Harry finishes colouring inside the lines he looks up at Louis and hands him the book. Louis takes it and raises and eyebrow before asking, "What?" Harry giggles and sticks his tongue out at Louis before looking up at me. I look back at him and smile, "Hello!" I say cheerfully to the one year old. Harry bursts out laughing and giggling while clapping his hands and rolling around on the floor. We all laugh fondly and Liam starts to stroke Harry's hair while he giggles and lays on his stomach. Zayn laughs and pats his diaper covered bum lightly causing Harry to giggle again.

"He sure is giggly." Louis observes with a smile. I laugh and nod, "What do you expect, he's only one." I say to him. He rolls his eyes in a sassy manner and replies, "Well duh, Sherlock." I roll my eyes and reply, "Well actually he's one and a month old... or was it a few days?" I get no reply because Louis is too busy looking at Harry, which I really don't blame him for. Harry is the cutest most sweetest little boy I've ever layed eyes on. "Hey guys," Liam says suddenly, still looking at Harry giggling on the floor. "Yeah mate?" Zayn replies also still looking at Harry. "We should get Harry a nanny." Liam says simply

All eyes go to Liam (expect Harry's) shocked. "Why would we do that? We're taking him places with us, aren't we?" Louis says bewildered. Liam looks up at us all for a moment before looking back down at Harry and nodding. "Of course, but the tour is starting up again soon and with sound checks, interviews, performances and everything else going on we won't have much time for Harry and it will be especially hard looking after him and we can't just leave what we're doing and run off stage or run off somewhere to go and check on Harry. We won't be able to do that and he's going to be a handful." Liam explains. 

We all look at him wide eyed and Zayn replies, "We can't leave him with a nanny, Liam. We don't need to run off checking on him or anything because he can't even walk yet, he won't get that far and even if he crawls away someone from the studio or whatever will find him and look after him or put him back in his spot." Louis and I nod in agreement to that and I add, "Plus, we can make Harry go public and out him to the fans or something, we can't hide him forever and if we do that then we can bring him to interviews with us and have him sit in our laps or something."

Liam raises an eyebrow and asks, "And how exactly will we out Harry to the fans?" I bite my lip and shrug. "We could tweet it later or something... or maybe do a twitcam? Or both?" Louis suggests. We all share a look and smile widely. We were going to tweet about him. "But now? I mean, we only just got him and it's only been a day, not even 24 hours yet." Liam states. I sigh and nod my head and reply, "Yeah that's true, mate. We could wait a little while. But how will we hide him from the fans and cameras?" There's silence after that, all of  us thinking of what we could do.

"Like I said before, we need a nanny to stay with him." Liam says with a smirk. We all roll our eyes at him. "I am not going to let you leave him with a nanny, Liam." Louis says firmly. "Oh yeah, then what are you going to do, huh? Are you going to let him freak out when fans scream at him and try to reach for him, will you let everyone post pictures of him online, and how will we look after him, Louis, please do explain." Liam retorts. "I don't fucking know--" Louis is cut off by Zayn, "No swearing, Harry is awake if you all have forgotten." He says while looking at Harry. All of our gazes land on the one year old, all of us forgetting he was still laying down in the circle we made and looking up at us with wide eyes. "Shit-- I mean crap, oops." I mumble with wide eyes.

Harry looks at all of us and giggles cutely. How did we not hear him? Zayn picks Harry up and sits him onto his lap. Harry immediately snuggles into him and yawns his cute little yawn. Zayn laughs and asks, "You tired, Hazza?" Harry looks up at him and babbles something no one understands. Baby talk. Zayn laughs and says, "I'll take that as a yes." We all smile fondly at the two, Harry looks so cute in Zayn's arms, well, he looks cute in anyones arms and all the time actually.

Zayn sighs and looks up at all of us. "Shall I take him to bed while you guys continue to talk or... should we all go and put him to bed?" We think for a moment and Liam replies, "I wanna put him to bed too." I smirk at that and say, "Me too." Louis pouts at that and says, "No fair! I wanted to adopt him in the first place! I get to put him to bed." Liam shakes his head and says, "No, I want to put him to bed, I'm the most responsible." Louis glares and replies, "I'm the oldest." "What's that got to do with anything?" Zayn questions, which causes Louis to roll his eyes in a sassy manner and say, "I wanted to adopt a child. I called management, I get to put him to bed." I roll my eyes at the three idiots who are wasting time but continue to watch them argue. "He likes me the most, though." Zayn argues. "Nu-uh! He likes me the most." Louis argues. Liam shakes his head at the two and says, "He likes me the most, I take care of him the most." 

Louis and Zayn both raise their eyebrows at Liam. "How exactly do you take care of him the most?" Zayn questions while putting Harry down on the floor and standing up. Liam and Louis also stand up and Harry looks up at them all with wide and scared eyes. "I changed his first diaper." Liam says simply, as if it was a big deal. "What's THAT got to do with anything?" Louis questions, his voice getting louder with anger. "It means I'M more responsible because I knew he needed a diaper change while none of you knew." Liam says, his voice also getting louder. "That has nothing to do with it! You just got to him first before any of us could." Zayn says, his voice louder than the other two. 

I look down at Harry and frown when I see he has tears in his eyes. Such a beautiful, small, innocent and adorable baby who's always happy and giggly shouldn't be allowed to cry. I gently pick him up and place him onto my lap. He clings to me and whimpers quietly. I hold him close and rub his back while looking back up at the argument for a moment. "No I got to him first. You didn't know he needed a diaper change, you all just saw him whining." Liam suddenly yells, causing little Harry to jump and whimper louder in my arms. I rub his back soothingly and reach for the diaper bag, grabbing the baby bottle from inside of it and taking the cap off. I slowly put the bottle to Harry's lips and he opens his mouth for me. I push the bottle through his parted lips and he starts sucking on the still warm milk. "I SAW HIM FIRST! I POINTED TOWARDS HIM IN THE ORPHANAGE!" Louis yells angrily. Harry shakes in my arms and chokes a little on the milk. I slowly take the bottle out of his mouth and grab some wet wipes from the diaper bag. I clean Harry's mouth and he whimpers while looking up at me with scared eyes. I kiss his temple and stand up. I adjust Harry in my arms and he buries his head in the crook of my neck. He fists at my shirt and whimpers quietly. I rub his back for a moment before putting the wet wipes back into the diaper bag, I zip up the diaper bag and put the cap back onto Harry's bottle of milk.

I slowly make my way up the stairs and to the shared room the boys and I share. I open the door and slowly walk over to the bed. I put the diaper bag on the floor beside the bed and climb onto it slowly and gently with Harry in my arms. Once I'm settled down on the bed, back against the headboard, I adjust Harry on my lap again so his head is rested against my chest and his arms are in his lap, his legs are straight and rested across my lap, his feet only just touching my right thigh and he's sitting on my left leg. He buries his face into my chest when the yelling from downstairs can be heard even though the door his closed. I rub his back soothingly and wrap my left arm around his tiny body. I uncap the cap from the baby bottle and put the cap on the beside table. I then bring the bottle up to Harry's lips and he starts to suck on the milk. I coo at his adorableness and he stops drinking the milk for a moment and moves the bottle away with his tiny and chubby little hand. He looks up at me with tired eyes and coos back.

I smile and peck the top of his head. He smiles a little and then reaches out for the milk that's in my right hand. I chuckle quietly and slowly bring the bottle back to his lips. He starts drinking the milk again and smiles while doing so. I smile fondly and gently rub his small tummy with my left hand in a soothing motion. He relaxes in my arms and leans his head  and body into my chest. I smile down at him and watch as his eyelids start to flutter close while he sucks on the milk. "Go to sleep, baby." I whisper soothingly. He's just about to go into dreamland when an especially loud yell echos through the house and into the room. "I HATE YOU ALL AND I ESPECIALLY HATE HARRY, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??!!!" A loud voice, that belongs to Liam, can be heard. Harry's eyes shoot open and he looks around frantically, moving his mouth away from the bottle of milk. He whimpers at the loud noise and shuts his eyes tightly closed, putting his hands to his ears to block out some of the noise. "Shh, Hazza. I won't let anyone hurt you. I'll protect you from anything and everything, don't worry. It's okay, Daddy Liam didn't mean it, he's just upset. Shh baby, your okay, everything is going to be okay. You're safe." I whisper soothingly.

Harry lets out a loud sob and clings to me again. I frown and wrap both my arms around him, capping the milk bottle again while doing so. Harry whimpers and buries his face into my chest. I hug him and start to rock him back and forth slowly. After a few minutes his sobs quiet down and he's just whimpering and sniffling. I continue to rock him and kiss him every now and then, while whispering reassuring things to him to calm him down. The boys really scared him and I remember the lady from the orphanage told us that Harry had a ruff past and was abused by his daddy, poor kid though, being abused at such a young age, only a few months, that's actually really sick. I hold him closer at that thought and make a mental note to not let the boys anywhere near Harry for a little while, until they calm down and Harry is okay.

I rock him back and forth and he soon falls asleep shortly after. I uncap Harry's baby bottle again and put it into his mouth gently. He lets the nip of the bottle slip into his mouth and starts to suck on the milk once I lift the bottle a little higher with my right hand. I hold him closer to my body with my left arm. I hum fondly once I hear soft little mewls coming from Harry's mouth as he drinks the milk. It reminds me of a kitten, mewling cutely. I wonder if Harry would like a cat, or a kitty. It would be quite cute if you ask me, Harry playing with a kitten when he's only a baby himself, and the kitten would grow up with him, Harry would have him as a childhood pet, and he would look back at memories of the cat. Or maybe Harry would be a dog person, playing with the puppy while he runs around and the puppy chases him everywhere. Or maybe he likes them both. We definitely should get Harry a cat or a dog, kitty or puppy. It would be quite adorable.

I continue to rock Harry back and forth as I hear the yelling subside from downstairs. I sigh in relief and start humming. It's not until the chorus of the tune I'm humming, that I realize I'm humming to our number one hit song What Makes You Beautiful. It's a really catchy song and thousands of people have listened to it, and bought the CD. I love the part where we all sing together, "Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you." It's always been my favourite part in the whole song, I don't know why though. I guess it's just because of the way our voices blend together, causing the tune to sound deeper than intended. 

After a half hour passes my eyelids start to droop and I'm fighting against consciousness. I look down at Harry who is fast asleep in my arms, his bottle already finished but still in his mouth, his gums sucking on the nib anyways. He's clutching onto my shirt every now and then, fisting at it and bunching it up in his small little hands, then letting it go and putting his palm flat against my chest and pressing on my chest in his sleep. It's really adorable if you look at it from my spot. His little legs are against my body and his bare feet are on my thighs, his toes clenching downwards every now and then and then going back to it's original position. I realize that Harry doean't have any of his stuffed animals with him and instantly frown. He is usually not ready to sleep or take a nap without his stuffed animals, one of them at least. I bend down a little, holding Harry closer to my body while doing so with my right hand, and reaching down for the diaper bag with my left hand. 

Once the diaper bag is in my grip, I pull it up and put it on the bed beside me. I reposition Harry on my lap again and hold him close while looking for one of his stuffed animals that I know we have in here somewhere. I feel around and moments later my hand comes in contact with something fluffy and soft. I pull it out and see that it's Harry's favourite stuffed cat. I smile and slowly put in Harry's arms. He snuggles with it and buries his face further into my chest.

I smile and move the diaper bag back on the floor beside the bed, then I slowly reposition myself so I'm laying down on my back with Harry's small body on my chest and stomach. His head is tucked under my chin and is resting against my chest. His whole body covers my chest and his legs just go to my private parts. I smile and stroke his hair while I let sleep take over me.

I awake fourty five minutes later when I hear a buzzing noise coming from beside me. I open my eyes tiredly and look to my left where I see Harry awake and sitting down with his legs straight, which looks nearly impossible for a human, but it's possible for babies because they are able to do that when they are little. He has my phone in his mouth and he's sucking on the sides of it. I laugh quietly at that and sit up. He looks at me with wide eyes and continues to suck on my phone, that's vibrating. I smile and ask, "What are you doing up? Hmm, awake before Daddy?" He just giggles in reply and licks the phone's screen. 

I laugh softly and pull the diaper bag on the bed again in front of me. I get out a yellow dummy and then look back at Harry who is still sucking on my phone. I slowly reach forward and take the phone out of Harry's mouth, causing him to whine in protest before I slip the dummy in his mouth and he starts sucking on it instead. I smile and wipe the drool off of my phone before looking to see who texted me.

Text From DJ Malik-Zaynster

The boys and I are going out to a club, don't wait up! We were going to come and get you but you were sleeping with Harry so we decided against it. Love ya, see you soon!

Zayn, Liam & Louis! xxx

I smile at the text and reply:

To: DJ Malik-Zaynster

From: Niall Horan

Alright have fun at the club and don't get wasted, make sure Paul knows your going out so he can drive you back because we all know you three will definitely get wasted and drunk off your asses. I'm staying with Harry obviously, we can't leave him alone just yet and we don't have a nanny, so yeah. Love you too! All of you.

By the way, aren't you guys mad at each other or something?

I press send and look back at Harry who is sucking on the dummy and drooling a little in the process. He's staring at my phone and playing with his stuffed cat all at the same time. I laugh at his cuteness and take out some wipes from the diaper bag. I take Harry's dummy out of his mouth and gently wipe off the drool from his mouth, chin and cheeks. He giggles and I smile softly before gently placing the dummy back between his parted lips. He resumes sucking on the dummy while I get another text. I gently scoop Harry up into my arms and place him on my lap, making him drop his stuffed cat in the process, but he doesn't mind because he makes no effort to pick it up again. He buries his face into my chest while I look at my phone again, Harry also peaking at what I'm doing.

From: DJ Malik-Zaynster

To: Niall Horan

Yeah yeah, we know. Pau's driving us there and he said we only have a few hours at the club because he doesn't trust us or some shit like that. Oh yeah! That's right, Liam, Louis and I are all okay with a nanny now, we worked it out while you were upstairs with Harry. Is he still asleep?

I look down at Harry and smile, before asking, "Are you still asleep, Harry?" He giggles up at me with the bright yellow dummy still in his mouth. I take that as a yes and chuckle before texting Zayn back, Harry once again peaking up at what I'm doing. I lower my phone and wrap my arms over Harry's little body so he can see what I'm doing while I hold him in place.

To: DJ Malik-Zaynster

From: Niall Horan

Alright good. Better safe than sorry! Of course he doesn't trust us, whenever we go to a club we return shit-faced and grumpy, but besides that, yay! we get a nanny for Harry, when? I don't exactly trust a nanny and I want to be close by at all times, if not then I don't want to have a 'nanny' for Harry. We can take care of him ourselves. No Harry isn't asleep, he was awake before I was, sitting up in bed with my phone in his mouth. He's in my lap right now looking at my phone.

I look down at Harry again, and see that he's playing with the hem of my shirt, scrunching it up in his cute chubby little hands and feeling the fabric. I pet him on the head and he looks up at me again with wide and innocent eyes. "You are too cute, my little Hazzeykins!" I gush at him and he giggles around the dummy again, he claps his hands in excitement and kicks his legs up to show his happiness. I laugh and kiss his nose. He scrunches up his nose like he always does and rubs at his nose with the palm of his hand. I smile and shake my head in amusement. I will never get tired of that. Moments later I get another text and look back at my phone, keeping it in clear view for both Harry and myself.

From: DJ Malik-Zaynster

To: Niall Horan

That's very true. Haha don't worry babe, the nanny will be great, hopefully. We'll definitely be close at all times, I don't think anyone of us could stand being away from Harry, he's just too cute for words. Well we were thinking we could call someone tomorrow. Liam suggested Danielle, what do you think? Aw that's cute! Tell him we said hi! Oh by the way babe, do you forgive us for yelling at Harry, or in front of him? We really are sorry about that. xx

I look down at Harry who is still playing with my shirt and say, "Hey Hazza," He looks up at me so I continue, "Daddy Lou, Daddy Zee and Daddy Li say hi!" I tell him cheerfully. He giggles and claps his hands in response. "They love you very much." I tell him. He nuzzles his face into my shirt in response and kisses my stomach. I laugh and pat his back lightly. He sits up again and bounces on my lap excitedly. I laugh and hug him close, then look at my phone when I realize I haven't replied to the text Zayn sent.

To: DJ Malik-Zaynster

From: Niall Horan

Okay good! I agree he is too cute for words, I love him way too much and I don't even mind if you guys left me alone all day or something because I would have Harry with me. Oh Danielle sounds perfect! I know how much she loves kids and I actually do trust her so leaving her with Harry wouldn't be half bad, but still we gotta be around. I told him daddies said hi and he giggled in response. I don't know... I guess I forgive you, but you have to show Harry that you are sorry for yelling in front of him. Remember his past and what his dad used to do to him? 

I press send and hum once I look down at Harry again. He's now curled up in my lap, his body laying against my chest and his eyes are drooping. I smile and pick him up into my arms and lay back down on the bed, I lay him on my chest and he falls asleep. I smile and kiss the top of his head before looking back at my phone.

From: DJ Malik-Zaynster

To: Niall Horan

Haha yeah, we're not going to let you keep Harry all to yourself, you gotta share with us! Of course we'll be around Niall, don't worry about that. I just called her a few minutes ago and she said she would do it, she's excited about meeting Harry. Aw what is he doing now? How are we going to show him we're sorry? Yes we remember.

I smile at the text and hold Harry closer while I reply to the text.

To: DJ Malik-Zaynster

From: Niall Horan

Aw darn it! But he is with me right now, so Ha Ha! Okay good. So now we have a nanny... YAY!! Who wouldn't be excited about meeting Harry, he's the best. He's asleep right now, and you figure it out yourself, you made the mistake of yelling in front of Harry so you figure out how to fix this. But... your lucky, I don't think he's mad or upset.

I press send and put my phone down beside me and put both my arms around Harry again. He mewls and snores really really quietly in his sleep and it's probably one of the cutest things I've ever heard in my life, aside from all the other cute things Harry has done. I card my fingers through his smooth, silky brown-blond-golden hair and sigh in content. I'm pulled out of my thoughts when my phone buzzes yet again. I groan and grab it with my left hand.

To: Niall Horan

From: DJ Malik-Zaynster

Well we'll have him sooner or later to ourselves, so HA HA! Yes Nanny Dani! That rhymes! True true, Harry is very cute. Aw! Take a picture and send it to us! We wanna see too! Oh yay, so he's a forgiving little boy, that will take him far in the future. Hmm... we'll figure something out.

I chuckle ever so lightly at the reply from Zayn, not wanting to wake Harry or jostle him in his sleep. I put my arm up and put on my camera that's on my phone. I press the camera button and take several pictures of Harry, then both Harry and myself. I send Zayn three of them, two of Harry sleeping and the last one with me in it. I also type up a reply to his text.

To: DJ Malik-Zaynster

From: Niall Horan

Yes but I have him to myself right now and you'll all have to share him with each other. Ha, Ha. Very funny Zayn. I took a few pictures and sent you thrree, he is just the CUTEST! Yes he's going to be quite the charmer when he's older, I can tell. You better figure something out Zayn Malik!

I sigh once again, and put my phone back down beside me. I stroke Harry's back, moving my hands slowly and gently up and down his spine and shoulders, massaging them while moving my hands. He sighs in his sleep, which has got to be the cutest thing yet. Or one of the cutest! Top 10 cutest things. I get a reply from Zayn and lift my phone up to read it.

To: Niall Horan

From: DJ Malik-Zaynster

Oh whatever you little twat, we'll get him sooner or later. We know how to share. AW!!! That's the cutest thing EVER!! Liam and Louis agree. We're still driving to the club, Paul says we're almost there. He will be, and he will have a soft and innocent side, for sure. I have a feeling. I will, I will... WE will, actually. Not you, but Louis, Liam and myself.

I smile and reply,

To: DJ Malik-Zaynster

From: Niall Horan

Yes I am aware that you can share, Zayn. Yeah it is! And he sighed in his sleep too!! Alright well, I want to go to sleep too, so I'll take a nap with Harry. You guys enjoy yourselves. Yes definitely. He will be cute, charming, sweet, innocent, kind, loving, adorable, cheeky, sassy and, well, Harry. He will be something unique and lovely. Yeah, yeah, you better.

I press send and yawn, I really am tired. I close my eyes and relax for a few minutes... that is until a certain buzzing noise disturbs me yet again. I look at the text from Zayn.

To: Niall Horan

From: DJ Malik-Zaynster

Alright yes, he will be all those things. Alright babe, good night! Have a good rest! Love you! xx

Zayn, Liam & Louis

I smile and reply,

To: DJ Malik-Zaynster

From Niall Horan:

Good night to all of you! Love you! :) xx

I press send and shut off my phone. I put it on the side table and sigh, I close my eyes and relax. After a few moments Harry stirs in his sleep and moves his head to the left. I smile and wrap my arms around him protectively, then I let sleep slowly take over.


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Love you guys! Thanks for reading!! xx <3 :)

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