Found You (Zianourry Fanfiction)

The four boys of One Direction, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall were all at their flat on their day off when a thought occurred through one of their heads. It was too quiet and boring. They needed more excitement, something to keep them busy. They come to the conclusion that they want to adopt a child. But first they talk to management and get approval. Then they head down to the orphanage to adopt a child, after they go shopping. What they find at the orpanage is sweet, innocent, adorable, abused and little, Harry.


How will the boys handle Harry? Will they be able to help Harry? How will they share the little boy?

Read the story of One Direction's life with their baby boy.


PS: If you see this story around on Wattpad, it's on my user Summer1245, I'm putting it up on here and there, hope you like it!1


4. Chapter 4 (Nightmares, Cuddling, Breakfast & Play)

Louis' POV:

We were all cuddling on the sofa and not really paying attention to the cartoon in front of us. It was Tom & Jerry, Tom is a cat and Jerry is a mouse. Tom wants to eat Jerry but Jerry is too smart and escapes and all that. "It's so quiet without Harry here." Niall mumbles from beside Zayn. Niall is at the end of the couch, Zayn is beside him, then Liam and then me. We're all cuddling with one another. "Yeah it is, but he needs his sleep." Liam responds.

"He's probably exhausted from everything that's happened today. After all, today is his first day with us." I say. They all nod and Niall was about to say something but the baby monitor went off and we could hear crying coming from it. "Shoot, Harry!" Zayn says loudly and we all run up the stairs and into Harry's room. We see him laying down in his crib, curled up into a ball and shaking and crying really badly. I quickly scoop him up into my arms while Liam flicks the light switch on. We all sit on the floor by the crib and I cradle Harry in my arms while he cries. He buries his face into my chest and fists my shirt.

Zayn rubs his back soothingly and Niall stands up and walks out of the room. Liam starts to play with Harry's hair, messing it up a little then fixing it again. Harry continues to sob and we don't know what to do. "Wait, I got an idea!" Zayn says and stands up. He walks to the big toy chest and opens the lid. He scoops up about seven toys and walks back over to us. I put Harry into a sitting position on my lap and have his back to my chest. I wrap my arms around him and Liam continues to play with his hair. Harry continues to sob and hides his face in his small hands. Niall comes back into the room with a bottle of warm milk. He sits down in our little circle we made and slowly puts the bottle in Harry's mouth.

Harry pushes it away slowly with his hands and continues to sob and whimper. I hug him closer and he snuggles into me as much as he can in the position he's sitting in. "He's sassy." Niall comments as he puts the bottle down in the circle. I smile and nod my head. Zayn puts the toys on the floor in the circle and goes to get more. He grabs about ten more and brings them into the small pile. Liam starts to fish through the toys and grabs a stuffed cat. It's black and white, (A/N: Like Dusty!! :D ) he places it into Harry's lap and Harry sobs one last time before looking down at the stuffed cat in his lap. He pokes it and whimpers. I move the cat closer to him and press it softly towards his stomach.

He looks up at me and then back down at the stuffed cat. He starts sobbing again and pushes it away. Liam picks the stuffed cat up and puts it in the circle again. He holds both of Harry's small hands gently in his much bigger ones and starts stroking them lightly. Harry continues to sob and whimper but it's quieter now. Liam picks up the stuffed cat with one hand and with the other he holds both Harry's hands. He then puts the stuffed cat in Harry's lap and gently takes Harry's hands to the stuffed animal. He wraps Harry's arms around the cat so he's hugging it to himself. He keeps Harry's hands there for a minute or two while Harry continues to sob quietly and after a minute he lets go and Harry keeps his arms around the cat.

Harry looks up at Liam and his bottom lip starts to quiver. Liam pokes Harry's nose lightly and Harry brings his left hand up to his nose and rubs it with the palm of his hand. He holds onto the stuffed cat with his right hand. Niall smirks and says, "Hey Harry," and Harry looks up at him teary eyed, he puts his hand down and around the stuffed cat again. "Remember in the car when I was making funny faces, like this..." Niall says as he starts to make funny faces at Harry. Harry continues to stare at him and Niall tries really hard to make him laugh or smile. He makes a monkey face, making his cheeks fill up with air and he holds his breath, he puts his left hand on his head and starts to scratch it and he brings his right hand to his armpit and starts scratching it. 

Harry stares at him for a few more moments before he bursts out laughing and giggling. We all smile at the one year old and Niall laughs along with him. Once Harry calms down he looks back up at Niall with a huge smile on his face, showing his cute little dimples that I just want to poke. Niall makes a fish face and makes popping noises with his mouth which cause Harry to laugh again. "Looks like Niall is the one who can cheer Harry up." Zayn says with a smile. Liam and I nod while smiling. Niall slowly brings his arms closer to Harry, who is still smiling up at Niall. Niall moves his hands to Harry's stomach and starts poking and tickling him there. Harry bursts out laughing again and squirms in my lap. I laugh and hold him in place, giving him less space to squirm around. Niall tickles Harry's feet, causing Harry to laugh more. 

He brings his hands to Harry's neck and tickles the side of his neck and behind his ears. Harry laughs louder and his face gets pink and rosy. Niall slows down his movements and eventually stops, keeping his hands on Harry's shoulders. Harry stops laughing and smiles up at Niall. Zayn slowly brings Harry's bottle up to his mouth and slips it into Harry's mouth. Harry doesn't fuss about it and starts sucking on the bottle and drinking the milk. He looks up at Zayn and giggles while drinking the milk, causing him to spill some on his chin and pajama top. Liam laughs and goes through the diaper bag and takes out some wet wipes. Zayn takes the bottle away for a minute while Liam wipes Harry's mouth and chin. 

Niall stands up and walks to Harry's closet and picks out some new pajama bottoms and a top to go with it. He walks back over and sits down. Liam moves the toys away and puts them beside him as I put Harry down in the middle of the circle. Harry giggles and looks at me with a huge smile. I smile and poke his cheek, causing him to burst out laughing. We all laugh and each give him a little peck on the lips. He laughs again and makes cute little kissy faces and kissing noises. We all coo at him and he claps his hands in the air, he coos back and giggles. Niall slowly removes Harry's pajama bottoms while Harry looks up at him and babbles something with a smile. Once Niall has Harry's pajama bottoms off I pat his bum lightly, making him giggle. Zayn helps and takes Harry's pajama top off. Once Harry is just in his diaper Niall pats his bum to check if he has a wet diaper. "All clean! Good job Hazza!" Niall praises and takes a hold of Harry's hand, he makes Harry clap his hands together and that causes Harry to giggle again. I could never get sick of that giggle.

Liam takes the baby lotion out of the diaper bag and squirts some on his hands. He then rubs it into his hands a little and starts to massage and rub Harry's skin, spreading the baby lotion everywhere. Once he's done with that I move my hands under Harry gently and lift him up into a sitting position. Harry laughs and claps his hands together. Zayn slowly puts a pajama top on Harry. It's a navy blue and white striped shirt. Niall puts the matching pajama bottoms on Harry after. "I'm going to get him another bottle of milk." Zayn says and stands up. He takes the empty bottle off of the floor and walks out of the room. I look back at Harry who is babbling something excitedly to Liam. He reaches out and grabs Liam's pointer finger, pulling it towards himself. He sticks Liam's finger into his mouth and starts sucking on it. Niall and I both hold back a laugh.

"No, Harry. That's not good. Take my finger out please." Liam says softly but sternly. Harry looks up at him with wide eyes before taking Liam's finger out of his mouth. I give Liam a confused look and he explains, "I used to do that when I was little and it took me forever to get out of that habit." I nod and we look back at Harry. He has his attention on Niall now, who is staring at him with a blank expression. "Niall, what are you doing?" Liam asks. Niall doesn't move his head or eyes, but replies, "I want to see what he'll do if I stare at him." We both nod even though Niall probably didn't see. 

Zayn then comes back into the room with Harry's bottle of milk. He sits down in the circle again and looks down at Harry who is still looking at Niall. "Niall wants to see what Harry will do if he stares at him." Liam informs. Zayn nods and looks at the two, as Liam and I do the same. After a few moments Harry looks away and to the ground. He puts his tiny fingers on his toes and looks back up at Niall. When he sees that Niall is still staring at him with the same look, he whines and shakes his head at Niall. We all stifle a laugh and continue to watch. Harry reaches his hand out and puts it on Niall's leg that's stretched out. He pushes it softly to show his frustration and takes his hand away. He then grabs a firm hold on Niall's leg and pushes himself closer to Niall. Harry is now sitting right in front of Niall and looking up at him, he shakes Niall's arm to get his attention but now Niall is looking anywhere but at Harry. Harry pokes Niall's arm lightly, then his stomach, then his face, but Niall still doesn't give him any attention. Harry pouts and scoots his bum away from Niall and faces me. He reaches his arms out with a sad and defeated look. I scoop him up into my arms easily and place him on my lap.

He looks back at Niall and pouts, then he looks back at me and snuggles into my chest. I hold him close and I feel his body start to shake lightly. I frown and look down at him, moving him away from my body so I can look at his face. He looks up at me with unshed tears in his eyes then he looks back down and starts to whimper. I look at Niall who looks guilty. I slowly lift Harry up and put him in Niall's arms. Harry starts sobbing and reaches out for me. I shake my head with a sad smile and look at Niall. "Fix this." I tell him simply. Niall sighs and looks down at Harry. "C'mon boys, lets give Niall a minute alone with Harry." I say to Liam and Zayn. They both nod and stand up. We all leave Harry and Niall in the room, shutting the door and leaving it open just a crack. We stand outside and eves drop.

Nial's POV:

The boys leave the room, shutting the door and leaving it open a quarter of the way, leaving me alone with Harry. I look down at him and see that he's curled himself up into a ball, hiding his face and making himself smaller. I frown and stroke his hair, trying to comfort him. I honestly didn't mean to make him feel bad or scared, I was just playing around. After a few minutes pass Harry uncurls himself and puts his head on my chest while fisting my shirt with his small hands. He starts to sob and shake. I hold him closer and rock back and forth. I then start to hum a lullaby to him and kiss the top of his head.

After a few minutes pass Harry's sobs quiet down. Now he's just shaking and whimpering. "Harry?" I whisper softly. He looks up at me with big eyes and I kiss his nose. "I didn't mean to scare you, or upset you," I whisper and kiss his cheek. "I was only playing around, I wanted to see what you would do. I didn't want you crying or upset, I'm so sorry." I whisper. He looks up at me for a few minutes before smiling widely. I smile back and he giggles. He brings his hands up and puts them on my cheeks. I bring my face down and he kisses my nose. I laugh and kiss his nose back and he giggles. He rubs his nose with the palm of his hand and laughs again. "You forgive easily, Hazza." I state. He looks up at me and giggles again. 

The boys walk in a moment later acting like they weren't just eves dropping on us and standing outside the door. I smirk to myself, they really think I don't know what they do? They sit back into a circle and look at me. "So," Zayn starts, "Harry's not upset anymore?" he asks. I smirk and reply, "You should know. You were all eves dropping. Don't think I don't know what you do." They all blush and I laugh, which makes Harry laugh too. I smile down at him and kiss the top of his head. 

"So, I think we should let him sleep with us." Louis states while looking down at the one year old. We all nod in agreement and stand up, I adjust Harry on my lap so his head is resting on my shoulder and his arms are around my neck. I keep my left arm under his bum to support him and the right hand is on his back to keep him still and in place. Liam picks up the diaper bag that was on the floor beside him. Zayn picks up the bottle of milk that he put down a few minutes ago before leaving the room and Louis picks up some toys and says, "Just in case he needs them later at night or something." We nod and walk out of the room.

We walk down the stairs and sit in a circle on the floor. I bounce Harry on my lap and he giggles a little. "So Hazza, are you ready to sleep?" Liam asks. Harry looks up at him and giggles a little more before nodding and clapping his hands together. We laugh at his adorableness and I hug him close. Zayn then brings the bottle of milk closer to Harry's mouth and slowly slips it in between his lips. Harry starts sucking on the bottle and slowly drinks the milk.

After a few minutes the milk is nearly done, only a few more sips left and Harry's eyelids are drooping. Once he finishes the last sip he's fast asleep in my arms. We coo at him while Zayn puts the bottle cap back on the baby bottle. Liam stands up and slowly takes Harry into his own arms, cradling him gently. Zayn puts the empty bottle into the sink, Louis gets the diaper bag and I grab half of the toys Louis brought down while Zayn comes back into the room and helps pick up the other half.

We walk up the stairs and walk into our shared bedroom. Liam climbs onto the bed slowly and gently and sits in the middle with Harry in his arms. Louis sits on the right side beside Liam and I sit on the left. Zayn sits beside me and we all watch Harry sleep. His mouth is closed, he's breathing through his nose. His eyelids are shut, cheeks pink and puffy and dimples barely there. His hair is all over the place and his hands are fisting into Liam's shirt.

We all lay down in bed and Liam places Harry in the middle of us, in between himself and me. I wrap an arm around his stomach lightly, Liam moves his hand lower and lays it across Harry's tighs, Louis has his hands over Harry's feet and Zayn is holding Harry's small hand in his own larger one, his other hand is massaging Harry's scalp lightly. We all hear a soft snoring noise coming from Harry, which makes us smile. One by one we kiss his forehead and all say goodnight to the sleeping boy before falling asleep ourselves.


We were all laying in bed at 8:36 am. We had another day off today, oddly enough. I think management wants us to get settled down with Harry. Right now Harry, Zayn and I are the only ones in bed. I think Louis and Liam are making breakfast because I can smell pancakes. I decide not to get up just yet and fall back asleep.

The next time I wake up Zayn isn't in bed anymore. Confused, I look at the clock that read 9:27 am. My eyes widen because it's getting late and even Zayn is awake before me. I didn't think I would fall asleep for that long. I look down at Harry who is still asleep, curled up into my side. I smile down at him and gently peck his forehead. Slowly and carefully without jostling Harry, I get out of bed and stretch. I hear a soft whine coming from the bed and look down at Harry who is now awake and making whiny noises. I sit on the edge of the bed and pick Harry up and put him on my lap.

He looks up at me and whimpers. I frown and ask, "What's wrong little buddy?" I then hear a growling noise and hold back a laugh. "Is someone hungry?" I ask and Harry nods his head while looking up at me. I laugh and stand up with Harry in my arms. I take Harry into the nursery room and put him on the changing table gently. He giggles and looks up at me with a smile, I coo at him while pealing off his wet diaper. Once the tape is off and the diaper is in the waste basket I put some cream onto Harry's diaper area and put a new diaper on. After taping the new diaper I move Harry into a sitting position and walk over to his small closet. I pick out a 1D one piece and walk back to the changing table. Harry giggles while I put the one piece on him and claps his hands when I'm done.

I laugh and give him a quick peck on the lips. He makes a kissy face at me and I hold back a laugh. I then pick him up and walk down the stairs where the other lads are. I walk into the kitchen and see everyone sitting by the counter on the bar stools. They all look at me then at Harry with a smile. I smile and bounce Harry in my arms, causing im to giggle which makes us all laugh. I sit down in between Liam and Zayn with Harry on my lap. He looks up at us and giggles, then his stomach growls. 

Liam laughs and asks, "Is someone hungry?" Harry nods his head with a pout. Louis laughs and brings a plate with bananas and a fork to the table. He slowly begins to feed Harry the bananas while Harry giggles. Zayn shakes his head fondly and says, "Don't laugh Hazza, you can choke." Harry pouts and Zayn laughs before saying, "Fine, fine! You can laugh!" Harry giggles before Louis puts another banana slice into his mouth. Harry chews it slowly and looks up at us with a smile.

Liam smiles and pokes Harry's left dimple, making Harry giggle and squeal excitedly. We laugh and shake our heads in amusement. After Harry finishes his banana Zayn brings Harry's bottle to him that has milk in it and Harry takes it eagerly with his small hands. We laugh quietly and Harry looks up at us with a smile. The bottle starts to shake in his hands so I put my left hand under it to keep it from falling over. I bring it closer to Harry's mouth and let him drink it.

After he's done his milk and banana, we all start to eat our pancakes and milk. Harry giggles in my lap and plays with my shirt. He puts his hand into my shirt and moves his fingers to my belly button, then he puts his finger into it slowly and giggles before taking his hand out of my shirt. He continues to repeat those actions while we have our breakfast.

Once the boys and I finish our breakfast I take Harry into the living room and set some of his toys on the floor. I set him down on the carpet and he crawls to the toys. He sits down and starts to play with the colouring books we got him. But instead of looking through the book and colouring, he puts the edge of the book into his mouth and starts chewing on it. I hear the boys laugh from behind me before they sit on the floor around Harry. I laugh along with them and take the book out of his mouth. He pouts but lets me take the book. "You colour in this, Haz, you don't eat it." I say while chuckling at his cuteness.

He giggles and nods his head while clapping his hands together. Liam laughs and takes the stuffed cat from the pile of toys and holds it out for Harry to take. Harry looks at it for a few minutes before taking it from Liam. He looks up at Liam with a frown and Liam laughs in reply before saying, "It's your stuffed cat, remember? The one you had yesterday?" Harry looks confused for a few minutes, which probably is the cutest thing to look at, then he smiles, giggles then nods. He hugs the stuffed cat close to his body and giggles some more. We laugh and Zayn ruffles his hair.

Zayn moves Harry onto his lap slowly and gently. Harry doesn't protest and continues to giggle. "Lets teach you how to colour, Harry!" Louis says excitedly. Harry looks up at him confused and we all hold back a laugh. Louis reaches out for some crayons and the colouring book, before showing Harry how to colour. "So basically, you scribble. Or you can go in the lines, your choice." Louis says and demonstrates to Harry how to colour. He first scribbles and says, "This is how you scribble," then he colours in the lines and says, "This is how you colour in the lines. Want to try?" Harry nods and Louis places the book into Harry's lap.

Zayn moves Harry off of his lap and into the middle of the circle, in front of all the toys, and we all watch as Harry colours. He sticks his tongue out to the side in concentration and begins to colour. We watch fondly as he starts to colour in the lines with a blue crayon. After he's done half the colouring he puts the crayon down and holds the colouring book out for Louis to take. Louis takes it and smiles fondly, "That's really good Hazza! You coloured inside the lines!" We all praise Harry for his good efforts while he giggles and claps his hands together.


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