Found You (Zianourry Fanfiction)

The four boys of One Direction, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall were all at their flat on their day off when a thought occurred through one of their heads. It was too quiet and boring. They needed more excitement, something to keep them busy. They come to the conclusion that they want to adopt a child. But first they talk to management and get approval. Then they head down to the orphanage to adopt a child, after they go shopping. What they find at the orpanage is sweet, innocent, adorable, abused and little, Harry.


How will the boys handle Harry? Will they be able to help Harry? How will they share the little boy?

Read the story of One Direction's life with their baby boy.


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3. Chapter 3 (Home, Tears, Naps & Food)

Niall's POV:

As we get into the car I put Harry on my lap, I put the seatbelt over the both of us and hold him close to my body. He lays his head on my chest, facing Liam. I start to play with his straight-curly hair and he closes his eyes. I smile and kiss his forehead as I card through his hair. He smiles and snuggles into my chest, causing the other boys to laugh fondly, I smile down at Harry.

"Harry, babe?" I softly whisper. He lifts his head to look at me, keeping his chin rested on my chest lightly. I smile and ask, "Are you tired?" He stares at me for a few moments before nodding his head slowly. I smile and nod, "Okay, get some shut eye, love." I tell him. He rests his head back on my chest, his head facing Liam slightly, and he closes his eyes with a soft sigh.

"He's so cute." Zayn whispers after a few moments of silence. We all nod in agreement. "He's really tiny too." Liam adds. I look down at Harry and for the first time since we adopted him, I realize how tiny he actually is. He looks premature, if you ask me. I then decide to see if i'm right and say, "Get the papers we got from the orphanage, the ones with information about Harry. Check to see if he's premature." Louis nods and flips through the papers in his hands, he stops and glances at a few pages, then says, "Yeah, he is premature, why did you want to know?"

I shrug my shoulders lightly, not wanting to startle Harry, and reply, "I just kinda figured that he would be premature, I wanted to see if I was right." Louis nods and says, "Well, you were right." I nod at that and look down at Harry who's asleep again on my chest. I smile and kiss the top of his head.

"He sure does sleep a lot." Zayn says from behind me. "Well, he is only one year and a month old. It's normal for his age." Liam says. We all nod in agreement. "Besides, you shouldn't be talking, Zayn. You sleep all the time." Louis says with a smirk. I burst out laughing and cover my mouth, not wanting to wake Harry. I giggle in my mouth and the boys all smirk at me. "Whatever." Zayn mumbles.

I look down again at Harry. He peaks his eyes open and looks up at me innocently and sleepily. I smile down at him and he smiles back. He turns his head and buries his face in my chest, rubbing his nose softly against my shirt. He lets out a soft yawn and turns his head to the side,facing the window. He grabs a fist full of my shirt and stretches slightly. The boys and I all hold in an "aw" at his adorableness.

He then closes his eyes and hums very quietly. I smile widely and he sighs again. I bring my hand up to his head and massage his scalp very gently. After a few minutes we hear very, very quiet snores coming from Harry. I look down again and see that he's asleep. I kiss his head and hold him close for the rest of the ride.

Zayn's POV:

After Harry falls asleep on Niall's chest we don't really do much. Niall, Louis and I only really look out the window and Liam drives. We all glance at Harry every now and then. I have to say, I had my doubts about adopting a child, but after seeing Harry, I knew it would be a good idea and it would be fun too. Harry is just so cute, adorable and small.

Once Liam pulls up to our flat, we all get out. Niall gets out slowly, not wanting to wake Harry up. Liam, Louis and I get most of the bags, Niall picks one up in the hand he's not carrying Harry with and we all walk into our flat. We set all the bags down on the floor by the couches and take off our shoes. We then look at Harry, who's still asleep in Niall's arms. "One of us should stay here with Harry." Louis whispers. We all nod and look around at each other. Liam then whispers, "I think you should stay down here with Harry, Zayn. You didn't even get a chance to carry him yet."

"Yeah, we'll set everything up and you just stay with him." Niall whispers. I nod and take Harry from Niall's arms slowly. He stirs in his sleep but cuddles into my chest after a moment. "We'll leave most of the supplies down here, in case he wakes up and needs something, but we'll put them away later after everything is done." Liam says quietly, I nod and they all walk up the stairs with most of the bags and boxes.

I walk over to the couch slowly and sit down. I look down at Harry who's still asleep. I cradle him slowly in one arm and move his hair out of his face with the other. His eyes flutter open and he looks up at me. I look down at him and he stares back. After a few moments he puts his thumb in his mouth and smiles up at me. I smile back and he giggles adorably. He nuzzles his face in my chest and giggles again. I smile and peck the top of his head. He looks up at me and poked my cheek lightly. I laugh and he moves his hand away. After a few moments he brings his hand up again and pokes my chin. I smile and he moves his hand up to my mouth.

I bite down on his finger lightly and his eyes go wide. I lick his finger and he squirms around on my lap, but I don't let his finger go. He tries to pull it out but I keep it in my mouth. I bite down harder and he whimpers, then he starts sobbing quietly. I open my mouth and he takes his finger away, he holds it to his chest and continues to cry. I feel bad so I take his finger in my hands and rub it gently. He whimpers but lets me. "I'm sorry, Haz, I didn't mean to hurt your finger." I tell him honestly. He continues to cry so I look around and try to figure out what to do. I then spot the bag of toys we got and slowly I get up with Harry in my arms and move to the bag. I pick it up and go back to the couch.

Looking in the bag, I find a small teddy bear. I slowly take it out and hand it to Harry. I put the bag on the floor beside my feet and watch Harry. He looks at the teddy bear in his hands and brings it up to his face. He then sniffs the bear and I stifle a laugh. He puts the bears ear in his mouth and immediately takes it out with wide eyes. I laugh quietly and he looks up at me. I take the bear from him and put it on his lap. He looks down at the bear, then back up at me, then back down at the bear. He slowly puts his small hands on the bear and starts feeling the bears fur.

He puts his face in the bears fur and snuggles with it. I smile fondly and kiss the top of his head. He looks up at me and smiles widely. He then starts to babble something and giggles to himself. He drops the bear on his lap and holds my hand with both his hands. He plays with my fingers and babbles again. I smile at him. He looks up at me again and smiles. He lets go of my hand and tries to stand up on his own. His legs start to shake as soon as he puts pressure on them. He flops back down and looks up at me teary eyed. I frown and wrap my arms around him.

He buries his face in my chest and starts to sob. I rub his back soothingly and hold him close. "It's okay baby, you'll learn to walk soon, I promise, you'll be able to walk on your own soon enough, don't cry, I love you, don't cry it's okay." I whisper over and over into his ear. After a few minutes he calms down and just sniffles. He looks up at me with big eyes and I wipe the tears away softly. He sniffles again and looks down.

I play with his hair gently and massage his scalp to make him feel better. He snuggles into my chest and closes his eyes, probably tired from all that crying. I kiss the top of his head and adjust him on my lap so he's laying down against my body. He wraps his tiny arms around my waist, only making it less than a quarter of the way. I smile and wrap my arms around his body, making sure he stays in place and doesn't fall. He yawns cutely and sighs, he licks his lips and moves his left hand so it's laying on my chest.

I cuddle him and hold him close until he falls asleep. We stay like that for an hour until the boys come back down the stairs rather loudly. They run down the stairs laughing loudly, causing Harry to wake up. He rubs his eyes with his fists and yawns. He looks up at me tiredly with a frown. I kiss the top of his head and sit up straight. He cuddles into me again and I hold him close.

The boys all look at us with a frown, "Did we wake him up?" Liam asks quietly. I nod my head slowly and look back down at Harry who's trying to sleep again. He has his eyes closed and a frown on his face, he's gripping onto my shirt softly and has his head is on my chest. Liam, Niall and Louis crouch down in front of him and Louis rubs Harry's back lightly. "C'mon Hazza, you haven't eaten in over an hour, you need to wake up. You can sleep later." Liam says softly.

Harry yawns tiredly and sits up straight on my lap. He has tear streaked cheeks from earlier and both his nose and cheeks are pink, his eyes are also bloodshot. He actually looks pretty cute like this, not that I want him to cry. He wipes his eyes with the palm of his hands.

Liam picks Harry up and puts him on his lap. Harry snuggles into his chest and rests his head on Liam's shoulder. Niall looks at me and asks, "Has he been crying?" I nod my head and sigh, I reply, "He got upset a few times, but it's nothing big. He's fine now and he had a long nap too." They all look at me for a few moments then nod their heads. "If you say so." Louis says.

Harry starts whining in Liam's lap and we all look at him. Liam then smirks and says, "Harry needs a diaper change." We all smile down at the little boy who is hiding in Liam's arms. "We made a diaper bag too, so we have everything we need for Harry when we go out." Louis says while showing me a navy blue shoulder bag that I just noticed he had. I nod my head and look back at Harry who is still hiding in Liam's arms.

Liam's POV:

Harry was wining and hiding in my arms. His diaper feels pretty full so I should really change that, it must feel really uncomfortable. I stand up with Harry in my arms and he hides his face in the crook of my neck. I rub his back soothingly and take the diaper bag from Louis. "Hazza and I will be back soon." I say to them. They all nod and I nod one more time before walking up the stairs with Harry. I walk over to the changing table in our newly decorated nursery room.

I put Harry down on the table and he looks up at me with wide eyes. I smile down at him and kiss his nose gently. He scrunches up his nose then giggles as he rubs his nose with the palm of his hand. I put the diaper bag down beside Harry and open it up. I then slowly take Harry's wet diaper off and Harry starts to make whiney noises. I throw Harry's wet diaper away and grab the wet wipes. I start wiping his diaper area and he whines again. I stop and dig out Harry's milk bottle. I take the cap off of it and put it in Harry's hands. He looks at it for a moment then puts it in his mouth and starts drinking the warm milk.

I finish wiping Harry off and then I grab the baby oil and put some on my hands. I spread it on my hands before putting my hands down on Harry's diaper area. Harry stops drinking his milk for a moment and stares at me. I smile at him and he continues drinking his milk. After I spread the baby oil all over his legs and diaper area, I lift his legs up and he keeps them up in the air and swings them side to side. I laugh fondly and pull out a fresh clean diaper. I slide the diaper underneath him and gently force his legs down. He puts them down and I put the diaper on him with tape.

After I'm done I take the finished milk bottle out of his hands and put the cap back on it. I put it back in the diaper bag and zip the bag up. I look at Harry who's smiling at me. I smile back and kiss his cheek lightly. He giggles and babbles something adorably. I smile and hold his tiny feet in my hands, cupping them both in my hands. Harry looks at me and giggles. I bring his left foot down with my right hand and bring his right foot higher with my left hand. I switch the position so his left foot is now up and his right is down, I keep swinging them up and down and he giggles and squeals happily. I laugh along with him and after a few moments I pick him up and hold him close, hugging him.

He hugs back and rests his head on my shoulder. I hold him close and just hug him for awhile. After a few minutes I grab the diaper bag and head back down the stairs with Harry in my arms. Once we reach the bottom the boys all look at us. "Did you clean him?" Louis asks. I nod with a smile and pat Harry's bum. The boys and I all laugh and Harry giggles.

The boys all stand up and smile at Harry. I look down at him and see that he's playing with my necklace. I laugh and kiss his forehead. He looks up at me with a smile then looks back at the necklace and continues to play with it. "So, we should feed him now." Louis says. I nod and slowly put Harry into Niall's open arms. Niall hugs him and kisses his head. Harry giggles and rests his head on Niall's shoulder.

Niall sits down on one of the stools at the kitchen counter with Harry. Zayn, Louis and I all start thinking of something we could feed Harry.

Niall's POV:

I sit with Harry on my lap. He looks up at me and giggles. I smile and poke his cheek. He rubs his cheek with the palm of his hand but continues to smile. I look back at the other boys who are still trying to figure out what to feed Harry. I look back down at Harry and say, "Your other daddies don't know what to feed you." He looks up at me and giggles. I scoot him closer on my lap, he leans forward and buries his face in my chest. I hug him and gently put my chin on the top of his head.

I then hear a quiet yawn coming from Harry again. I take my chin away and look down at him. He looks up at me tiredly and babbles something. "You can go to sleep soon baby, I promise." I tell him. He looks down and I frown. Zayn said he just had a long nap so he shouldn't be tired, right? He looks up at me with big eyes and I kiss his pouting lips. He smiles widely showing his cute little dimples. I poke one of them and he bursts out laughing. I laugh with him and hug him. He hugs back and nuzzles his face into my chest softly.

I look back at the other lads and see that they finally decided on what to make. Louis is cutting up small pieces of bread and putting it on a plate. Liam is putting some milk in a bottle and warming it in the baby bottle warmer. Zayn is cutting up apples into small pieces and putting them on the same plate that Louis is putting the bread on.

I look down at Harry and he looks up at me. I poke his nose and he giggles. I wrap my arms around him protectively and start bouncing him gently on my leg. He lets me bounce him up and down and soon starts to giggle. I do that for a few minutes and eventually slow my movements and let him calm down. Once I stop bouncing him completely he stops giggling but continues to smile.

The boys all then bring the food over to the counter. Liam brings the bottle of milk, Louis brings the plate with the cut up apples and bread and Zayn brings napkins and the diaper bag. "We should sit on the couches. It would be easier to feed Harry that way." I tell them. They look at me for a few moments before nodding their heads. "Alright, good idea." Louis says.

I stand up and Harry puts his small arms around my neck and rests his head on my right shoulder. I hold him close and walk over to the couches in the living room. I sit down and put Harry on my left leg. He looks up at me and smiles. I poke his left simple and he giggles. Louis walks over and sits down beside me on the right and Zayn sits on my left. Liam sits down beside Harry, he has the diaper bag beside him and the warm bottle of milk in his right hand. Louis is holding the plate of food.

Louis then slips down beside Liam and I turn Harry around on my lap so he's facing Louis and Liam. I wrap my left arm around his waist gently and with the other hand I massage his scalp. Louis picks up a piece of bread and brings it up to Harry's lips. Harry doesn't open his mouth but just looks at Louis. I hold back a laugh and I can tell Zayn and Liam are the same, Harry is just so sassy. Louis smirks at Harry then shrugs. He puts the bread in his own mouth and eats it. He then picks up another piece of bread with a fork and puts it in front of Harry's mouth.

This time Harry opens his mouth and chews on the bread. He swallows and Louis puts another piece in his mouth. The bread is now half gone and Liam brings the bottle of milk close to Harry's lips. Harry drinks for a few moments then Liam takes the bottle away. Louis continues to feed Harry the last of the bread and when it's finished we all clap. "Yay! Good job Harry! You finished the whole bread piece!" Liam praises. Harry claps his hands in excitement and giggles. We all coo at him and he giggles some more, then he tries to copy us and coo, but he giggles halfway through.

After a few minutes pass Harry calms down and Liam gives him another sip of milk. Harry gladly takes it and drinks a few sips. Liam then takes the bottle away and Louis puts a piece of the apple on a fork, then he brings it close to Harry's mouth. Harry sniffs it, opens his mouth, closes his mouth, sniffs it again and then just stares at it. We all laugh and I say, "It's really tasty, Hazza, you'll love it." He looks up at me then back at the apple. He slowly opens his mouth and Louis puts the apple in. Harry clamps it with his mouth and Louis takes the fork away.

After a moment or two Harry chews and swallows the apple piece and Louis continues to feed him. We come to know now that Harry likes apples. So that's something we can give him often. After Harry is finished eating the apple Liam takes the bottle cap off of the milk bottle and hands it to me. I slowly bring it to Harry's lips and he opens his mouth and drinks the milk. I tilt it higher so Harry gets more milk and I move his head so it's laying on my left arm, with the right arm I give Harry the milk.

Once the bottle is finished I give it to Liam who takes it and puts it on the table. Harry's eyes begin to flutter and we all coo at him. He copies the noises tiredly and we hold back an "aww" at his cuteness. He rubs his eyes tiredly with his fists and yawns in a high pitch. Louis kisses the top of his head gently, then Zayn kisses Harry's cheek, Liam goes to kiss Harry's forehead and I decide to kiss Harry's nose. Harry rubs at his nose for only a few moments before putting his hand beside his head, that's on my chest. "Sweet dreams, little Hazza." Liam whispers. Harry makes a little hum and falls asleep.

Louis stands up and slowly and gently takes Harry off of my lap and into his arms. He puts one hand at the back of Harry's head to support him and the other under his bum to keep him up. Harry's head leans on Louis' shoulder and nuzzles into the crook of his neck. Louis takes his hand away from Harry's head and slowly puts it on Harry's back. "We should take him to bed. It's been a long day for him." Louis whispers. We all nod and stand up. Liam picks up the diaper bag and puts the strap on his shoulder. We then all follow Louis and Harry up the stairs.

Zayn stops halfway up the stairs and whispers, "I'll be back." I nod my head and he walks back down the stairs. Liam, Louis, Harry and I get into Harry's newly decorated room. We decided on blue and orange coloured walls for now, the crib is white and purple with dark purple blankets and green pillows. The rest of the room is pretty simple. The fish night light is on, there is a toy chest in the corner of the room, a small desk with chairs, a closet, dresser. His room is really cute and colourful.

Louis slowly and gently puts Harry into his crib. I put the blankets over his stomach and tuck him in. Liam puts Harry's teddy bear in Harry's left arm and Harry snuggles with it. We all coo at him and he coos back in his sleep. "So adorable!" I whisper. Louis and Liam nod with a smile. Zayn then comes into the room quietly with a bottle of warn milk and hands it to Louis. Louis slowly moves the teddy bear away and beside Harry, then he puts the milk bottle in Harry's mouth slowly.

Harry takes the milk bottle with both his hands but keeps it on the pillow, he's sucking it slowly while on his side. He looks so adorable drinking the bottle in his sleep that I can't help but take a few pictures on my phone. Okay, a lot of pictures. But I'm not the only one, Liam, Zayn and Louis all have their phones out and are all taking pictures.

After we're done taking pictures of Harry we all slowly and quietly step out of the room. We leave the door open halfway so if Harry wakes up we can hear him. We already have a baby monitor beside him that's tucked into the crib, so we know if he needs us. We all head down the stairs and to the couches where we all snuggle a little and watch cartoons. Since it's only 7 pm, we don't really need to sleep because it's actually quite early.

We all coo when we hear little quiet snores coming from the baby monitor.


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