Found You (Zianourry Fanfiction)

The four boys of One Direction, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall were all at their flat on their day off when a thought occurred through one of their heads. It was too quiet and boring. They needed more excitement, something to keep them busy. They come to the conclusion that they want to adopt a child. But first they talk to management and get approval. Then they head down to the orphanage to adopt a child, after they go shopping. What they find at the orpanage is sweet, innocent, adorable, abused and little, Harry.


How will the boys handle Harry? Will they be able to help Harry? How will they share the little boy?

Read the story of One Direction's life with their baby boy.


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2. Chapter 2 (Car Ride, Food & Shopping)

A/N: If you missed it, I changed Harry's age from 11 months to a year and a few days.


Louis' POV;

We nod, thank her, and walk out of the orphanage. Harry is still in Niall's arms, half asleep. He's the cutest thing ever, I love him so much already and I feel really protective over him. Liam sits in the drivers seat again and Niall was about to go sit in the passengers seat again but stopped and turned to me.

I raised an eyebrow at him and he whispered, "You should take Harry in the back with you." I nod and take Harry from Niall. Niall then gets in the passenger seat and I go in the back with Harry and sit beside Zayn.

I rest Harry's head on my chest and put the seatbelt over the both of us. Zayn stretches his hand out and slowly massages Harry's scalp. I look down at him and see that he has his eyes closed and a frown on his face.

I tap Zayn's shoulder and he looks at me. I look down at Harry, then at Zayn, signalling him to look. Once he does, he frowns slightly and mouthes "What happened?" I shrug my shoulders slightly. He nods and continues to stare at Harry.

"So lads," Liam says, getting everyone's attention, besides Harry, he continues, "So, we go shopping for Harry's clothes, supplies and furniture for his room?" he asks and we all nod. "Yeah Li, that sounds good." I reply, he nods his head.

"We should split up." Niall suggests, Zayn and I look at him and Zayn asks, "What do you mean by split up?" Niall replies, "I mean, two of us could go shop for Harry's clothes and the two who shop for the clothes take Harry with them to try on clothes. One other person could go shopping for supplies and another for furniture. Or the other two, who aren't shopping for clothes, can go shop together for supplies maybe and we all get the furniture together, or something."

"I think two of us should shop for clothes and the other two for supplies or furniture then we all shop for the last thing needed. That's better then splitting up completely." Niall says, we all nod again in agreement. "Sounds good." Zayn says.

We all then hear a quiet childlike yawn. I look down, Zayn looks to his left, Niall turns and looks at where I'm sitting and Liam looks through the mirrors. We all see Harry yawning adorably. His small body is against my chest and body, his head is turned to the right and his tiny arms are laying on my chest. He grabs a fistful of my Jack Wills t shirt (though I really don't mind at all) and clenches it in his small hands. He opens his mouth and yawns, making a cute little squeal escape his lips. He rubs his left eye with his left hand and sighs softly. We all grin, he's just way too adorable. He looks up at me with innocent and sleepy eyes.

He sits up straighter on my lap and looks over at Zayn, who is smiling fondly at him. He then turns his head a little more to look at Niall, who is also looking at him lovingly. He turns to look at Liam but ends up staring at the seat in front of him, which is the back of Liam's seat. He frowns and looks up high at the mirror where he sees Liam's reflection, Liam is staring up ahead at the road but glancing at Harry every now and than.

Harry continues to stare at Liam's reflection in the mirror and smiles to himself. He turns back around and looks up at me. I smile at him and he pokes my chin. I chuckle softly and he beams up at me. I smile fondly and he smiles back. I can tell Harry is getting used to us now, he's not all that scared. But you can see he's still fearful and has his doubts, but nonetheless he still smiles at us and looks happy, that's the most important thing to us, that he's happy and smiling.

I poke Harry's nose gently, he giggles and rubs his nose with the palm of his hand. I laugh at his cuteness and he looks up at me. I raise an eyebrow at him and he sticks his tongue out at me. The rest of the boys laugh and so do I, Harry soon joins in giggling. "He's so sassy and cheeky." Liam says and laughs. We all nod, still laughing.

After a few minutes we pass by a lot of houses, trees and buildings, now we're just halfway to the mall, we probably have about a half hour left until we reach the mall, there's a lot of traffic today but none of us really care or notice because we're having too much fun looking at Harry and watching his silly and cute acts.

"Hey Li?," Niall asks after a few more minutes. Liam raises an eyebrow and asks, "Yeah?" Knowing Niall it's probably some stupid question or a statement. "Can we stop for some food? I'm starving!" He complains while rubbing his stomach. We all roll our eyes at him and hear a familiar giggle. We all look at Harry who's giggling while looking at Niall.

Niall smirks at the one year old and asks, "What? You think it's funny when I rub my stomach like this?" he says while rubbing his stomach again and smiling widely when Harry nods and giggles while clapping his hands in excitement. We all smile at him and he continues giggling.

"What else do you like?" Niall asks fondly. Harry just looks up in his direction and smiles widely. "Do you like it when... I do this?" Niall asks and then makes funny faces at Harry who bursts out into another fit of giggles.

"Alright we're here. Niall go order whatever you want to eat and we'll wait here, then we'll head to the mall again." Niall nods as Liam parks the car in a parking lot that's fairly empty. "Does anyone want anything?" Niall asks as he opens the door on his side. We all shake our heads and mumble a quick "no" and "no thanks." Niall nods and is about to get out when Harry whimpers and makes grabby hands at Niall. Niall sits back down in his seat and looks at Harry, like the rest of us.

Harry reaches his arms out again for Niall and pouts, sticking his bottom lip out and making his eyes go wide, he does a full on puppy dog face. Niall coos at him and you can see a tint of pink form on Harry's soft cheeks. "You wanna come with, babe?" Niall asks and Harry nods slowly, still giving him puppy dog eyes. Niall laughs and looks at the rest of us and asks, "You guys wanna come?"

We all sigh and nod our heads. We get out of the car and I put Harry into Niall's already waiting arms. He holds him close and wraps his arms protectively around Harry. He looks at us all and says, "We need to get him a coat or something, he's cold and the weather is just going to get worse." We all nod understandingly, we really do need to buy clothes for Harry, all he has on is a white t shirt that's way too big for him and nothing but a diaper on his legs, leaving them completely exposed to the cold.

We walk into a food shop called "Coffee House," but coffee isn't all they serve, they also serve baked goods, sweets and drinks. We sit at a booth and wait for the waiter/waitress. Niall, Harry and I sit on one side of the booth and Zayn and Liam sit on the other side across from us. Harry is sitting in between Niall and I, cuddling up to our warm bodies.

I wrap an arm around his small body and bring him up onto my lap. He sits on my left leg and starts playing with my fingers absentmindedly. I smile down at him and kiss the top of his head. He lifts his head up to look at me and smiles when I smile at him. He looks back down at our hands and intertwines our fingers together, then untangles them and does it again. I have to say, it actually feels pretty good. His small hands make my hand tingle, in a good way.

A waitress soon comes to our table. She has dark brown eyes and red hair with black and white bangs. She has a black skirt on that's way too small for her body, a white top that has a collar and buttons on it, a white headband on, black shoes and white socks. I personally think the uniform or her outfit isn't good looking. Maybe that's because I like guys, but still I would never be attracted to her, she looks kind of creepy to me.

Harry looks up at her and frowns. He stares for a few more moments before hiding his face in my chest. I smile and rub his back soothingly and he makes a whimpering noise. I frown and start moving my leg up and down to give him a small horsey ride to cheer him up. The others are too busy ordering to notice. Harry soon stops shaking and whimpering, he looks up at me with a big frown. I frown and kiss his nose lightly. He smiles and I smile back. He reaches up to grab my face in his tiny hands and I let him, he gives me a sloppy kiss on the lips and pulls away. I smile and ruffle his hair.

The boys are soon done ordering and the waitress looks at me. I decided to get a cookie for both Harry and myself, some milk for Harry and a small coffee for myself. The waitress soon leaves to place the order and the boys get into a conversation about our fans.

I look down at Harry and see that he's playing with the hem of my shirt, his small hands grip it and let go, he moves his hands under the shirt and touches my stomach with his tiny fingers. He rubs at the skin for awhile and moves his hands back out. He then brings my shirt up to his mouth and starts chewing at it lightly.

I gently take my shirt away after awhile not wanting to hurt his tiny teeth. He looks up at me with big eyes and I just kiss his temple. He looks back down and buries his face in my lap, snuggling a little. I put my right hand in his hair and card through his soft hair. I hold him in his spot and on my lap with my left hand, my arm is wrapped around his stomach lightly.

After a few moments he sits up again and rests his head on my chest. I then decide to pay attention to the conversation in front of me.

"She was so checking you out, Niall." Liam smirks, talking about a fan yesterday who was flirting with Niall, even though she and everyone else knows we're all in a relationship. It was quite funny and we weren't mad. She was trying so hard and Niall gave her no attention other than the usual smile, small talk, laugh, picture, signing and wave goodbye. She was clearly disappointed.

Niall groaned and slumped in his seat and said, "No she wasn't! I'm in a relationship with all of you, not her. I don't check girls out like that!" Liam laughs and Zayn shakes his head with a smirk. "So you didn't notice how she was so desperate?" Zayn asked with a raised eyebrow.

Niall sighed and shook his head, "No I didn't notice it! Not until you all pointed it out! Now can we drop it?!" He replied annoyed. Liam and Zayn both laugh at Niall and shake their heads in amusement. "No can do, Nialler. This is the best thing ever and your reaction!" Liam laughs harder and barely finished his sentence. Zayn laughed along and said, "You were so checking her out, mate!"

Niall glares at them and shakes his head in disapproval. "Shut up already!" He says angrily but they both continue to laugh at him and they shake their heads. I then get an idea on how to calm Niall down. I pick Harry up and put him in Niall's lap. Niall looks down at Harry then at me, then back at Harry.

Harry sticks his thumb into his mouth and looks up at Niall, he giggles and babbles incomprehensible things with a big smile on his face. Niall visibly calms down and smiles at Harry. He wraps his arms around the boys back and scoots him closer. Harry babbles something else and takes his thumb out of his mouth. He puts his small hands on Niall's chest and grabs at the fabric there. He giggles and lets go. Harry then puts his head in Niall's chest and giggles some more. He rubs his head against Niall's chest and his hair goes all over the place in the process.

We all smile fondly at the one year old. He looks up again at Niall and Niall bends down to kiss his nose. Harry giggles and claps his hands together after Niall sits up straight again. He reaches up and Niall bends down a little, Harry then kisses Niall's nose like Niall kissed his, but Harry's was a lot sloppier, but it was still super adorable. Niall laughed and hugged Harry close. Harry giggled and hugged back.

The waitress soon comes back with our orders. She gives Niall his coffee, bagel and dozen cookies, which was surprising because Niall usually ate a lot more than that. She gave Liam his tea and bagel, and gave Zayn his bagel and coffee. She turned to me next and gave me the two cookies, coffee and milk. She then walks away without a word.

The boys all start eating and I tap Niall's shoulder. He turns to look at me and I point to Harry. He looks down, nods and slowly picks Harry up and puts him back on my lap. Harry immediately cuddles into my chest, I smile and stroke his hair. He sits up straight and looks up at me. I smile and he smiles back immediately.

I pick up a cookie and put it in front of his mouth. He sniffs it a few times, as if it would eat him back or something of the sort. He opens his mouth and is about to take a bite but instead he closes his mouth and sniffs the cookie again.

The rest of the boys laugh and I smile at his adorableness. "It's not going to eat you or hurt you, love, it's a cookie." I tell him softly. He looks up at me with a frown. I smile but he doesn't return it. "It's really yummy, try it." I say to him, but he doesn't. I don't know what to do or how to get him to eat it so I think for a moment.

I then get an idea and look back down at Harry, who's still looking up at me. I smile softly and say, "Eat it for me, love? For Daddy Lou?" I ask. The second I say that, he bites down on the soft cookie in my hand and chews lightly. I smile and kiss his forehead.

He swallows and I break off another piece for him. He opens his mouth and I drop it in, he chews slower this time but a few moments later he swallowed again. I break off another piece and put it in his mouth. He chews and I pick up my own cookie, which is the same as his, a chocolate chip cookie. I bite down on the cookie and chew, I place it onto the napkin again and break off a piece of Harry's cookie. I bring it to his mouth but this time he shakes his head and keeps his mouth closed. I frown and say, "Please eat it, for me?" He shakes his head again.

"Give him some milk, Louis. He's probably thirsty and the cookie doesn't taste as good without a drink." Zayn says. I nod and put the glass in front of his mouth and as I tilt the glass, Liam stops me by moving it away. I raise an eyebrow at him and he sighs loudly. He stands up and reaches over the table for Harry, he picks him up and sits back down with Harry on his lap.

"Think a little, Lou," he says shaking his head. I give him a confused look and he continues, "Babies drink from a sippy cup or baby bottle, and since we don't have either," he trails off as he grabs a straw and takes off the wrapper around it, he puts it in the glass of milk and adjusts Harry on his lap so his small legs are both beside Liam's sides and resting beside them and he's holding Harry's back straight so the boy doesn't wobble around, he then brings the glass closer and Zayn pitches in and holds the cup, Liam then puts the straw in front of Harry's mouth and he sucks on it, drinking the milk. Liam then looks at me and says, "Babies don't drink from glasses, if there is no straw even, then you improvise." I nod my head and roll my eyes.

He nods his head and gestures for the cookie. I give it to him and he feeds Harry small pieces of the cookie and gives him the milk to drink every now and then. Once Harry is done he puts his head on Liam's chest and yawns cutely. We all coo at him, he closes his eyes.

The waitress comes back a few minutes later with the bill and says, "Leave it on the table." We nod and she walks off to assist another table. They sure do have bad service here. We leave the cash on the table and give a two dollar tip. We all stand up and walk out of the food shop.

"So now we get Harry's clothes, supplies and furniture needed?" Niall asks, we all nod and head in the direction of the car. "Hazza's asleep." Liam says quietly. We all look over at Harry and see that yes indeed he fell asleep on Liam's shoulder. We all smile and get to our car. Once we get there I take Harry from Liam and cradle him in my arms. Zayn sits in the back seat like before, Liam in the drivers seat and Niall in the back again. I get into the back seat also and make sure not to shake Harry too much.

I put the seatbelt over the both of us and Liam starts driving to the mall. A few minutes of silence pass, then all of us hear a soft snore. We look at Harry and see him snoring very lightly, so light that you barely hear it and the only reason we heard it is because it's so quiet in the car, no one wants to wake Harry from his nap.

Twenty minutes pass and we reach the mall. We walk in, I'm still carrying Harry, and walk our separate ways. Niall and I go get the supplies for Harry and Liam and Zayn are both getting baby furniture. No one really remembered the plan we set up, but we know it had two people doing one thing and the other two doing another, then we all get the clothes, I'm pretty sure it was. Either way, we're doing it now.

Niall and I walk over to the carts and Niall takes one so we don't have to hold a bunch of things in our hands. I would put Harry in the cart, because there is a spot for little kids to sit like every cart in the world has, mostly, but anyways he's sleeping so I decided against it. We walk through the isles and look around.

Harry stirs in my arms and I look down at him. He puts his thumb in his mouth and sucks on it, then continues to sleep. A moment later he takes his thumb out and yawns softly. He opens his eyes and blinks a few times. He straightens himself in my arms and looks at me with fear in his eyes. I frown and he just stares. A few minutes later his eyes get normal again and aren't big anymore like before. He looks at me in disbelief for a moment before smiling widely and clapping his hands together. I laugh and shake my head, as I'm walking beside Niall, I peck Harry on the lips softly, he smiles and gives me a quick peck back.

I put Harry in the seat in the cart and buckle the belt they give you. He looked unsure at first but continued to smile as if it was nothing. I then look into the cart and see that Niall has already placed a few items into the cart.

There are two sippy cups. One has blue, red and green stripes on it and it's a pattern that goes over and over again. The top part is fully red. It looks really cute. The other one has purple and turquoise stripes and the top part is purple. They both look so small and cute. Niall has also placed a few pacifiers into the cart. There is a blue one, green one, purple one, red one, orange one and white one. There are five different bibs too. One is green and red, Christmas like, and it has a teddy bear and a sleigh on it with presents, it says "For Christmas I Want Food" how cute!

The next one is blue and yellow. The full colour of the bib is blue and there is a big yellow sun that has sunglasses on it and it says, "Too Hot For You" that's cute. The next one has polkadots everywhere. Orange, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, grey, turquoise and even different shades, it's a white bib with polkadots. The next bib has a dark blue background and yellow stars everywhere, they aren't that big, just tiny stars. And it has a white moon on it that's smiling and looks like it has a face. The last bib is pink and it says "Feed Me Please" and it also has a big heart around the letters. That's really sweet.

Niall also put some things like diapers, nappies, blankets, wipes, a baby tooth brush, flavoured toothpaste, baby lotion, baby oil, baby powder, sun screen, a small blue hair brush, and basically anything needed. I never knew Niall could work so fast, I surely wasn't lost in Harry's cuteness for that long, but then again, it's quite possible.

"We ready to go?" Niall asks with a smirk. I blink at him and nod my head. He smirks and pushes the cart, "C'mon then, lets pay for all this." He says. I nod and follow him to the cash register. We give the employee the money and walk out of the store and to our meeting area, which is outside the furniture store. I look over at Niall who's carrying Harry and tickling him lightly. Harry giggles uncontrollably and I smile. Niall and I both sit down, Harry on Niall's lap, and wait for Zayn and Liam.

Zayn's POV: (After they split up in pairs)

Liam and I head to the furniture shop and grab a cart to drag around. Harry is only one years old and a month, so we obviously need baby furniture for his room. But who knows how much time we get at home, with touring and all that will be happening soon, we have to make sure Harry is ready for that and all.

Liam and I walk to the beds, we have to assemble most if the stuff so we have to see the boxes. We look around at the different choices and settle for a crib that has blue railings or whatever so the baby, or Harry, doesn't fall out of bed or anything. It has a green pillow that comes with it. We put the box in the cart and walk over to the pillow cases and blankets. We grab a few colours, blue, dark blue, green, red, orange and purple. We put them in the cart and move along.

Next we get a night light, it's shaped as a fish and it glows yellow. We get some small orange lamps, a closet that needs to be assembled, it's blue. "What colours should his walls be?" I ask Liam. He thinks for a minute then replies, "Blue maybe... Or sky blue, plain white? I dunno."

"How about... Blue." I say. He shrugs and says, "Quite a lot of blue we have there but sure. We should get green or white or something in case we change our minds later." I nod in agreement and we get blue paint, white paint, green paint and light blue paint.

We get a few more things like... A changing table, items for our nursery section in the house, some small chairs and a small table. That, and a lot of other things. We'll be spending a lot of time assembling things later.

We head to the cash registers and pay, then we head over to our meeting spot which is by the other furniture store across the mall. We head over and see Niall, Louis and Harry are all already there, Harry is sitting on Niall's lap babbling and giggling. Once we get there Niall and Louis look up and smile. They both stand up and Niall adjusts Harry in his arms. "So next is... Clothes?" Louis asks. We all nod and head to the shop. We're halfway there when Liam stops, we all look at him weirdly. "We forgot to get a car seat, and a high chair!" Liam exclaims and I smack my forehead. I had a feeling we were forgetting something.

"Alright then, lets go back." Niall says and sighs. We walk back to the furniture store that Liam and I were just at and get an orange car seat and purple and red high chair for Harry. We pay then head to the clothes store.

Once we're there, we go to the baby section. We pick up a cute orange sweat shirt and see if it fits Harry. Niall sits Harry down on the floor and Harry looks up at him with a huge smile, babbling something again. Niall smiles and lifts Harry's shirt up and pulls it over his head. Harry giggles again once his shirt is off. Louis bends down and pulls the sweat shirt over Harry's head and puts it on for him. He smiles and says, "It fits!" We all clap and smile, Harry grins and claps his hands with us. But he brings his arms far back and doesn't bend his elbows, he still looks adorable.

We grab more clothes, basically a whole wardrobe for the baby boy. Different coloured pants, shirts, sweaters, coats, boots, shoes, beanies, hats, bracelets, socks, shorts, pyjama pants, pyjama tops, fluffy socks, animal hats and even gloves. We're going to dress Harry up like there's no tomorrow.

We pay and head back to the car with all the bags and items. We put them all in the trunk and head for our spots in the car, Niall puts Harry on his lap during the ride back.


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