Never Let Me Go

Macy is a girl that has everything that she could wish for. She has an amazing boyfriend, the greatest friend that she could ask for, and great grades............ but this isn't a perfect fairy tale........................ anything could happen and Macy will be left alone, with no shoulder to cry on.


4. The Incident

Macy's POV:


As soon as I am about to go back home, their phone rings. "wait her honey, it could be Jacob." I stand there for around 3 minutes, as worried as ever, breathing heavily. "what if something had happened to Jacob? why would he not be back yet? he always come back strait away..... I'm pretty sure".
"he, he's in hospital" Rebecca struggles to say, tucking her head into Henry's chest.
"He's gone into a coma" Henry says, with tears running down her eyes. Henry and Rebecca put their arms out so I cam hug them too. we stand there for a few minutes, trying to take it all in. Rebecca and I are crying but Henry is trying to stay strong for us. After a while, we wipe away our tears and Rebecca says;
"he's been in a car accident, would you like us to take you to go and see him?"
"yes please" I say, creating more tears.


Author: sorry that's was a short and sad chapter guy's, I'll try to make the next one longer.

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