Never Let Me Go

Macy is a girl that has everything that she could wish for. She has an amazing boyfriend, the greatest friend that she could ask for, and great grades............ but this isn't a perfect fairy tale........................ anything could happen and Macy will be left alone, with no shoulder to cry on.


5. Staying Strong

Macy's POV

we get to the hospital and I burst into tears when I see him, and as soon as I'm getting better, the doctor comes in and tells us about what happens and the photos of his destroyed car. This makes me cry even more, but I then realise that I need to stay strong from Jacob, for his parents, from me.

*2 months later*

I'm at school doing exams and it's been two months since Jacobs accident. But it seems like it's been 2 years. I've been stressing so much. I can't even concentrate on my work. We finish the test just as the bell goes and I rush over to where I meet Chloe, but she's not there.... where could she be? I scan the court yard and just spot Peter, her friend. I'm not exactly his friend, he's a Dickhead sometimes... actually all the time and he's really mean to people. I walk over to him, slowly, because he's kissing someone. The girl walks away just before I get there.
"where's Chloe" I say, nervously.
"uuuhhhhhh" he says, biting his lip, nervously. "Sorry, got to go" he says as he speed walks away into the distance until it can't see him.

"What the fuck just happened?" I think to myself.

When school finishes, I start walking to my locker. I see Chloe
"hey Chloe, I haven't seen you all day"
"Oh, hi, what's up?" she says.
"what's going on with you and Peter? You two keep avoiding me" I say. she doesn't respond. I remember something, Peter was kissing someone before I got to him, could that be Chloe?.
"How could you go behind my back like that?" I say " I thought we were friends and told each other everything!". "besides, how is this so bad, that you can't tell me?"
"Look Macy, you've been so caught up with Jacob and I thought that it would be good to not tell you until everything with Jacob cleared up".

"So you decided to ditch me today so that you could make out with your new boyfriend?"
"Are you serious Macy? I told you this morning that I had cheerleading practice at recess and lunch. But who was kissing Jacob" Chloe says in the most angry voice I have ever heard her speak in.
"I don't know, and honestly, I don't FUCKING care!" I say and storm off. I guess that was a little harsh but I was very mad.


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