Never Let Me Go

Macy is a girl that has everything that she could wish for. She has an amazing boyfriend, the greatest friend that she could ask for, and great grades............ but this isn't a perfect fairy tale........................ anything could happen and Macy will be left alone, with no shoulder to cry on.


2. Love Me, Love Me Not

Macy's P.O.V

Everyone rushes out of the door. I'm usually last out because I always organise my things..................... ....................... ok, ok, I'm a neat freak.

Jacob's waiting for me, he's so sweet, he must be needing to tell me that thing urgently.

"Jacob, we need to go, come on" says someone at the door, impatiently.

"ok, just a second Lewis" says Jacob. Jacob is in the school football team and he has a game today, well right now actually.

"No Jacob, now. Coach is mad today 'cos apparently he broke up with his girlfriend" Lewis says. Lewis is his best friend. I think he's a bad influence on Jacob. he's always at parties and dating sluts and stuff.

"Shit, not again. Sorry babe, I need to go, ill talk to you after school"

"ok, that's alright" I say as I give him a hug and a kiss. I don't want to let go of him but I have to because he need to go. I let go and they rush out of class.

I start walking towards my locker.


I turn around to see who it was. its Chloe, my best friend. Offcourse, I laugh a little bit. We always tease each other like that, that's what friends do, we love each other, and we would do anything for one another.

Speaking of love, when is Jacob going to tell me???? we'd been dating for a year last month and I'm starting to get worried. when is he going to tell me?? I mean, I love him but usually the guy says it first.... right??


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