Failed Secrets

My parents died when I was 8. My older brother was lucky enough to be 19 and be able keep me and him together. After ten years of him watching me and I turning 18. Something really bad happens. I never know how I get through the day will work. I move to London and want to get a new start. I run into some mishaps along the way. But isn't that life? But sometimes life can be very unfair.


3. Those damn boys.

   Warm ups had to start so I had to let Chandler go. I looked around before letting go. People were filling in the stadium. A lot of people, then I noticed that the camera was focused on us on the big screen and everyone was watching. " Chandler, everyone's watching us." I said looking up at him. He looked around and said " Well lets give them a show." he said winking at me. I gave him a confused look as to what he meant. He looked me in the eye's then started to move in. I stood there then closed my eye's. Soon enough I felt his lips crash into mine. His hand on the small of my back sent shivers up my spine. I felt him smile into the kiss then we broke apart and he gave me another hug then ran off to warm up. I saw his teammates passing him high fives. He looked back at me and smiled. I looked around the stadium and saw that there were some angry and ecstatic faces. I knew that we weren't going to hear the end of this. I looked down and Macie had a huge smile on her face. Then Marley came over and said " Your blushing like crazy Bent." I shoved her playfully and then we went to sit down. I looked over to the group of boys that were from the shop. Some of them weren't paying attention to me, but the blonde one had his head down and the black haired boy had  his hand on his back trying to calm him. That's weird. The blonde never talked to me. I wonder if he was upset about the kiss. 


Niall POV

  Bentley was the type of girl I had been looking for my whole life. Then when I looked over at her to see her she's lip locked with a player on the team. Well there goes my chance at finding my princess. I finally found her but she is taken by some famous footballer. I looked at Zayn who could see the hurt in my eye's I put my head down and soon felt his hand on my back. I needed to talk to her before I never saw her again. We were showed our seats which happened to be right next to her seats. When she see's that we are sitting next to her she makes the two young girls move down and sits on the other end of the girls away from us. I glanced over at her and saw her looking at me. When she saw that I looked at her she turned away watching the team warm up. I felt someone poke me. I looked down and smiled at the little girl who looked to be around four. " You are really cute mister." she said. The boys laughed and she giggled. " Why thank-you. You look beautiful in that jersey." I said to her. " Thanks my daddy gave it to me! Hey! you have blue eyes just like me!" she yelled. " Why yes I do. But I'd have to say that yours are much prettier than mine." I said smiling back. " who are your friends sitting over there." she said as she pointed tot he rest of the guys. " come meet them!" she got off her seat and walked over to Zayn who was sitting right next to me.

" What's his name?" she asked pointing to him. 

" I'm Zayn. and what's your name?'' he asked.

" I'm Macie!" she said excitedly.

" well nice to meet you Macie!" Zayn said back.

" Hey Macie. Can you do something for me?" He asked.

" Yes sir I can." she said.

" Can you go ask Bentley why she won't talk to Niall?" I glared at Zayn.

"   I sure can! They should be friends! Bentwy really needs a friend right now." she said as she paddled on over to Bentley.

Bentley looked over as Macie went to talk to her. I saw Macie go on and on about me and how I was cute and that we should be friends. Bentley said something to her and she smiled and then came over back to us. 

she then said " bentwy said that she doesn't talk to Niall because she didn't know that Niall wanted to talk to her. She said she would like have friends but not at the moment because of my daddy." she smiled and then went back over to Bentley and pulled her hand to get up she led her over to the seat that was next to me. " Now you sit here and talk to him" she said pointing at me. I smiled and she went to sit on the other side of her sister I'm guessing and went to go talk to her. 


Bentley  POV


Macie grabbed my hand and told me to sit and talk to Niall the blonde boy. When she left I turned and looked at him. Instantly my eyes were drawn to his. His eyes were so pretty. He smiled at me and I smiled at him. 

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