Failed Secrets

My parents died when I was 8. My older brother was lucky enough to be 19 and be able keep me and him together. After ten years of him watching me and I turning 18. Something really bad happens. I never know how I get through the day will work. I move to London and want to get a new start. I run into some mishaps along the way. But isn't that life? But sometimes life can be very unfair.


2. The New Life

 *2 weeks later*

   Robbie's number had been retired and they named their new stadium after the Rodgers. The girls were so excited that we still got to go to the stadium which they call their own now. Every time we go there we always have to go past his picture and say hi. We have fully moved into  the new condo. The girls are enrolled into the new school and life is starting to get back to normal. 

  Today was the day I went to my new job at the new shop down the street for men clothing. I was a little nervous for the first day. At least one of the other players wife own's it so I don't have to be to scared of my boss because I already know her very well. So after I dropped off the girls at the school I drove to work to help open. 

  I got to work and we tidied up the shop and now we were open. It was slow at first. Then there were this big group of guys that came in. I was in charge of ringing people up so I got to sit at the counter and wait around for people to be down shopping. After at least an hour of no one coming around I got to walk around and ask the people in the store if they needed any help. 

  I asked the few gentlemen that were wandering around. They didn't need help. So now it was on to the big group of guys to see if they needed help. I walked on over to them. " Do you gentlemen need any help with anything?" They turned around with big smiles across all their faces. " No I think we're okay for now." one of them said. " Okay well if you do my name is Bentley." I said and turned around to walk back to the cash register.


  After another little while finally the big group of men came to the cash register. " this is it." the one with black hair said. I smiled and started to type in what they had bought. Once done I gave him the receipt to sign. He singed it and they all left. Once I looked down at the receipt he had signed I noticed something extra at the bottom. When I looked closely at it, it said " Hope to  see you around town."

I smiled and slipped it into my back pocket. Soon Riley came out and said my shift was over and I could leave. I looked down at my watch and saw that the girls still had school for about four more hours. I decided to go to the cafe down the street to get a coffee and get something to eat to take home. I walked in and saw the same group of guys from the shop. I decided to act like I didn't see them. I knew they saw me because I over heard them talking about me. So I ordered my stuff and sat facing them to where I could see them looking at me but they couldn't see me looking at them. I began to eat and pulled out the book that Robbie had written about his career. A lot of it was about growing up and having to take care of me.

    I missed him deeply, he was like a dad and best friend to me, he took care of me through heartbreak and everything and now he was gone. I was eighteen. I was eighteen with two little girls to raise with the help of the club.  I didn't know how I should take care of them. Now I can't go to UNI because I have two girls to take care of. why did he had to leave this early. Why couldn't someone of just let him live. Did they not realize that he had a family of three at home waiting for him to teach them about life's choice's. 

    That's when I realized I was crying. I decided that I would just throw away the food and coffee and go for a walk.


Liam POV

''Hey isn't that the girl from the shop?" Niall said. " Yeah it is!" Josh said. We watched her and decided to see who had to talk to her. I was watching closely when she sat down she pulled out a book about Robbie Rodgers. Then I noticed she was staring blankly at nothing and tears started to fall down her face. With out noticing I got up and walked over to her. She got up and threw away her food and coffee. untouched.  I "bumped" into her. " Sorry." I said earning a look from her tear stained face. " Hey what's wrong? " I asked to see if she would talk. " Nothing." she said pushing me pass me and down the street. I walked back to the table still wondering what was wrong.


Bentley POV

I decided to just go for a walk but got stopped by one of the guys from the shop. He asked what was wrong but I really didn't want to talk about my brother so I kept going. I got home from my walk and saw that the girls got out in an hour. So I grabbed my keys and left. I pulled up to the girls and saw that they were super excited. I got out of the car and asked " What are you two so happy about?" " We get to see daddy and our stadium!" they said. That brought a smile to my face remembering that there was a game today. So we went home and the girls went to go get the jersey's he had made just for them and the one he made for us, except for today Marley wanted to wear her dad's. I thought that would be okay since it was his real one and the club got a normal one because the girls didn't want to give it up. So I got her some leggings since it was long on her and we slid it over her head. She looked very beautiful reppin' her dad's jersey. So we put macie's on and we all slid on our white rain boots and and grabbed our rain coats and drove to the stadium early to hang out with the team.

  We got to the stadium and walked into the doors. Being greeted by everyone we waked to. We avoided the locker room and went out to the field through the tunnel. The girls loved the tunnel it echoed their little screams. We saw some of the players sitting in the circle just sitting around some stretching. The girls wanted to go say hi, so I told them that I was going to sit in our seats that were at the end of the bench along with the other important people. I watched as the girls ran over and said hi to all the guys. Over the past few weeks both of them have gotten close to everyone on the team. The girls ran around saying " duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!" as Marcus the midfielder got up and pretended to chase Macie around. Her squeals echoed in the empty stadium. All the players had smiles on their faces as the girls showed them their new tricks they learned with a soccer ball. I was sitting watching when I heard Mary the person who runs the halftime shows talking, I looked over shocked to see the guys from the store. I saw them turn around and look at me, so I pulled up my hood and hoped not to get noticed. 

   Too LATE.

  " Hey Bentley right?" One of them asked. I looked up " Uh yeah. But I gotta go." I grabbed my phone and let the trainer know where I was going so the girls knew. I walked into the tunnel far enough they couldn't see me and I just stood there. I took off my jacket because I was getting hot and held it in my arm. " B. Rodgers?" I heard a familiar voice say. I knew it was the curly haired boy reading the back of my jersey.  He walked to where he could see my face and we stood across the tunnel and said " Are you related to THE Robbie Rodgers?" I groaned and went to walk back out not wanting to answer that question. " Wait up!" he yelled. I kept walking not wanting to talk to him or anyone at the moment.  I  turned around and yelled " I'M NOT IN THE BEST PART OF MY LIFE AT THE MOMENT SO WILL YOU PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE."  I turned around with tears streaming down my face because he brought up him when I had just got Robbie out of my mind. I walked over to my seat and sat down with my head in my hands. I felt a small little hand on my leg. I looked up and I saw Macie there. " What's wrong Bentwy? Don't cry daddy would want you to be happy." I smiled at the way she said my name and realized at what she said was true. She opened her arms and gave me her biggest hug. I looked up and saw one of my best guy friends on the team Chandler standing there. I stood up and he opened his arms. I gave him a hug and we just stood there talking about things for awhile. " are you okay?" he asked. " I honestly don't know."



A/N: First encounter with the boys= grumpy bently! ( and yes I did change her name. I like it better.)

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