Failed Secrets

My parents died when I was 8. My older brother was lucky enough to be 19 and be able keep me and him together. After ten years of him watching me and I turning 18. Something really bad happens. I never know how I get through the day will work. I move to London and want to get a new start. I run into some mishaps along the way. But isn't that life? But sometimes life can be very unfair.


5. The Mistake.

Louis POV


I walked into Harry's room to see everything everywhere, a few holes in the wall and then Harry in the corner with his knee's to his chest choking out sobs. I walked quietly to him and Knelled  in front of him. " Harry what's making you so upset?" he looked up to me. " Niall. Niall. that's what is making upset. At the cafe he knew I called dibs on Bentley. Everyone agreed to let me have her. But then I'm walking home and I see THIS all over every freaking magazine cover. " He threw a magazine cover and I saw Niall sure enough hugging and talking to her. I flipped to see what other things were said. I saw pictures of him talking to the little girls and she cuddling up to him while watching the girls. " I'm sorry Hazz. I know you called dibs first. It was wrong of him to do that. I know that he would never have the guts to talk to her if it wasn't help from one of the other guys. " He looked up at me " Yeah right. I'll just go to bed. " That 's when he got up and ripped the covers back and laid in bed. I sat for a minute and realized that he w as still crying. He must really like her because I've never seen him be like this over any girl. Not even a girl he thought he was in love with. " Oh and Lou, please don't tell anyone else why I was so mad. " I shook my head and closed the door. 

" what happened." Zayn asked. " Just something fans said to him got to his head." I looked over at Niall who was just staring at the wall. " Hey Niall, what's wrong?" he looked over at me. " Nothing erm. I just forgot uh to do something at home. " I could tell he was lying. " Nice try Nialler what's wrong?" I asked again hoping to get a different answer. " I've made a real big mistake. "  with that said he got up and walked out not saying a word. I wonder what he meant.


Niall POV


Oh. MY. God. 

I just realized that the reason Harry was all worked up was because he had called first chances with Bentley. He hadn't even got to know her before I stepped in. I need to get away. I just gotta get out of here. I told the boys that I had made a mistake and just left. I logged onto twitter and saw a picture TMZ had taken of Harry walking home. He had his head down but you could tell by the way he was standing that he had been crying. That's when I realized what was in his hand. It was a magazine with a bunch of pictures of me and Bentley all over the magazine. I looked over to a news stand and saw on just about everything had mine and her face all over it. I checked my timeline and noticed that I had a lot more mentions then normal. I looked at them and saw what the said and quickly shut my phone down before I read any deeper and they got harsher. I put my phone back in my car and decided just to go somewhere. I couldn't go to Bentley. So I just wandered around until I ended up at the city transportation that had airport and everything. I chose between a taxi and the airport. I didn't know which one to chose. So i flipped the coin and it landed on heads. Heads was the airport so I walked in and went straight up to the counter and said " First ticket to Australia."  The lady looked at me and then processed the ticket and then handed it to me. I got through security easily and went to my gate. When I heard " Flight number 136 from London to to Sydney, Australia now boarding . People with priority seating please come forward. "  I guess that was me. I walked up and turned over to my shoulder to see Liam running after me. I got my passport checked and then boarded the plan to get on. Liam turned the corner to see that I had boarded. He then saw me threw the door and we saw each other. His face fell please don't go I saw him mouth. With that I turned and walked onto the plane knowing I probably just broke a lot of people's hearts. But I needed to leave. I logged onto my twitter using the laptop on the plane and I read my mentions 


@ NiallOfficial : Why would you do that to Harry. Your a horrible friend and person

@NiallOfficial: You just stab Harry in the back by doing this. You should leave the band.



I read through a bunch more which got worse calling me things I didn't even know what they meant. 

So I decided to tweet something.


" I'm so sorry I did this. I'll just grants everyone's wish."

" I hope he's happy with her."

" Bye, sorry boys."


I hit enter and suddenly I got four DM's. I saw who they were from I quickly excited twitter and then excited. Just I did the person who sat next to me asked if I was done. I said yes and gave him the Laptop.


With that I closed my eyes wishing that when I woke up I would be in Australia also hoping Liam didn't follow me. 

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