Failed Secrets

My parents died when I was 8. My older brother was lucky enough to be 19 and be able keep me and him together. After ten years of him watching me and I turning 18. Something really bad happens. I never know how I get through the day will work. I move to London and want to get a new start. I run into some mishaps along the way. But isn't that life? But sometimes life can be very unfair.


1. The Missing Thoughts.


    I walked inside after school. My brother was there. He had tears streaming down his face. I didn't know what was wrong. I ran up to him and wrapped myself around his legs. " What's wrong Robbie?" I said looking up. He looked down and them walked me over to the couch. I sat down and he said " Mommy and Daddy are dead Bent..." I looked him in the eyes and then walked into his arms. I lost control and cried for hours in his arms.





    Today was the day. The day I had turned 18. I woke up and Robbie and his family had breakfast and presents ready for me on the table. I ate breakfast then his two little girls kept  begging me to open the presents. I opened the small bag and when I saw what was inside of it I freaked. It was a pair of keys. I walked over and saw the brand new mini cooper that was sitting there! Robbie bought me a car! That's so sweet of him. I ran over and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug then grabbed the two little girls and told them we were going for a ride. So we went around the neighborhood. I was so excited! We went back seeing the little girls had to get ready for school. we drove back to the house and us three girls ran up stairs to get the little girls ready, I helped Robbie since his kids mom wasn't around now. So we ran down stairs and they gave daddy their kisses bye and said the normal I love you's on the way out. 

    I dropped the girls off and then went to work. I went to work and after a few hours of cleaning up the cafe i got my break. I went to pick up my phone when it went off. I answered not knowing who it was. " Hello is this ms. Rodgers? Robbie's Sister?" " Uh Yea" I said with caution. " I'm very sorry to tell you this Ms. but today while walking into the arena for his futbol practice he was shot and killed. I'm very sorry. The bodies details will be emailed to you." With that I heard a click on the other end of the line then it went dead. WOW the guy who had raised me since I was eight years old had died. Someone had shot and killed him. Why would someone want to shoot him? He was one of the most beloved professional players in London. 


   I walked out to the Cafe sitting area and it was already on the news. My boss Henry came over " I am very sorry for your loss take as  much time off as needed, contact me when you want to come back." I hugged him and said I would call him when I got it all figured out and then tell him where I was going.

 The Girls. They're going to be devastated. 


With that I ran to the car and drove as fast as I could to the school. When I got there I asked to pull them out of school. The headmaster agreed knowing the circumstances. When the girls came around the corner to see my face they instantly asked what was wrong. I got down to the four and eight year old level and looked at them both. " Your daddy has been killed. Someone shot him when he was walking to practice. I'm so sorry girlies." With that their faces dropped and both started crying. I picked up Macie in my arms and tightly hugged Marley as we walked out of the school. We pulled up to the house to see reporters. Can't they leave us alone? I got out of the car and picked Macie up and covered her head. I leaned down to Marely and told her to pull up her hood and keep her face down and don't let go of my hand. She did exactly what I said and  we went inside. Once inside the girls both wanted to sleep. So I went in and put them to sleep. I soon called the other players wife's and asked if they could come over. Soon enough four came over. I asked three of them to stay here and watch the girls and comfort them while I asked the one I was closest to come with me.

When I was on my way to pick up the girls. Robbie's coach had wanted to talk to me whenever I felt up to it. I told him that I just needed to get the girls to sleep and have some people over to watch them and then I could drive into London. So once that happened I called his coach and told him that I would be coming in after the half an hour drive I was finally into London. I drove to the stadium not surprised to see the media already there waiting. We were told to wait in the back till someone came out to get us. We waited about three minutes before a couple of security were out to get us. We walked through the media without trouble. When we got to the manager's office we both went inside and took a seat. He was there waiting for us, when we sat down he started to talk. " There has been an immediate investigation into this. Do you have any idea who would of done this?" no one came to mind at the moment considering all I could think about was the girls. I shook my head no. " So as you know Robbie was a very cautious guy. We had talked about a plan for if anything had happened. He said that all his money with the fund from your parents that they left when they passed would all be paid into your account. Also we want to give you three season tickets for life with stadium access. We also plan to retire his number in the season opener. We also want you guys to move to the team condo's in London." That was a lot to take in. But of course. I had seen those condo's were very nice and the girls would love to live there. 


  I agreed to everything and signed the contract for the condo and got the keys to it. We left with it and made our way back.



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