Just a Haunted House

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all have fears. Some are stupid, some are obvious, and some actually have a great story behind it. As for my fears? They're obvious. They use to be stupid, but now they have a great story behind them. Fears are something you have to face, and I thought I was ready for that, but I was wrong. Being in a haunted house for a night with four of my best friends, and the One Direction boys changed my life. When I finally thought the fears of ghosts and demons were gone, something indescribable happened. The saying 'Everything is not what it seems' never fit more perfectly with my story. And thanks to those five boys, that's a saying I will never live without.


5. They Won't Know About This

    After realizing that Deisy was gone, I felt alone. I still have my three girls who I love and care for a lot, but Deisy's my family and I've been with her for way longer. I watched as Mayra stood up from her seat on the floor, she faced the rest of the circle. "Well we have to look for her! We can't leave without her," she explained. Everyone else started to stand up too; I'm pretty sure right now we're all going to be looking for Deisy.

"Well, let's go look for her," said Liam walking to the door. Everyone followed behind him and got out of the room, even Veronica who was probably terrified by now.

"Are we going to look alone?" asked Vero a bit scared.

"No, we can go together," I said to her. Vero smiled at me, it was a small sad smile.

"Let's go Mayra!" Harry said grabbing her arm. Mayra just followed behind him not really caring, but I'm pretty sure she was fan girling on the inside. Niall ended up going with Eli, Zayn and Liam went together, and Louis stayed with Veronica and I.

    We really didn't know what we were looking for exactly. We knew we were looking for Deisy but what were we expecting to see? Her hiding? Because honestly I have no clue on what could of happened to her. She was in the room with Liam and Vero, she was in the bathroom and they couldn't see her. But according to Zayn he found her and told her to go to the room where we met up, so I honestly had no idea what was going on. "Do you guys have any clue where she could be?" asked Louis softly. It was really weird seeing Louis act like this, I mean I didn't know the guy personally but by watching videos it was kind of hard to imagine him act like this. He seemed so sad, vulnerable, and maybe even scared. But I could tell he was trying to be brave for Veronica and I; since he got stuck with the scary cats of the group.

"I don't know where she's at," I said softly. The conversation ended there. We kept on walking through the hall, we didn't check any of the doors we passed by. I was too scared to open them up, I didn't know what I would find in there; but I know I should of at least tried to open them.

    Louis suddenly stopped walking, he turned around and faced us. He had a look in his eye that I couldn't read, and to be honest it was kind of scaring me. "What's wrong Louis?" I asked him. He looked down on the floor and shook his head, he looked scared.

"This was suppose to be a night where we get scared, but not when someone goes missing," he said softly. I was about to answer him when his phone started ringing, he got it out of his pocket and answered it.

"What?.... You did!.... Okay we'll be there soon," he said hanging up. Veronica and I looked at him waiting for him to talk; he looked at us and smiled.

"Zayn and Liam found Deisy, they're calling the rest," said Louis. I smiled wide and Vero did the same, we were all happy to know that Deisy was found.

"Wait, where was she?" I asked Louis.

"They said she was stuck in a closet, it was like someone jammed the doors to prevent her from coming out," said Louis.

"That can't be right! That doesn't explain how she came into the room and hid in the bathroom," said Veronica.

"And how Zayn found her," I added.

"I know, and that's the scary part," said Louis.

    We all walked inside the room where we were at first, the first person I noticed was Deisy. She was sitting on the floor, she looked traumatized and scared. "Deisy! Are you okay?" I asked running up to her. I wrapped my arms around her, and slowly Vero did the same. After we pulled away from the hug I noticed that the only people missing from the room were Mayra and Harry; please don't tell me they went missing too. As if to answer my thoughts they both came in, they looked happy and when Mayra saw Deisy her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I could tell she was also relived to see her, to see that she was safe and to know that we didn't have to tell her parents the story of how she went missing. After all the hugging got out of the way, I noticed something odd. Deisy was quiet, she hadn't said anything.

"Are you okay?" asked Mayra. I could tell she noticed Deisy's quietness as well, I wasn't the only one. Deisy shook her head.

"No, I thought I wasn't getting out, I didn't know what was going on," she whispered. Even though her voice was small and rough, I was glad to know that she still had it.

"What happened to you right when the game started?" asked Liam.

"I ran off to a random room and just go inside the closet, after a while I knew I was trapped and kept on screaming, but no one heard me," she whispered.

"Then how did we see you come into this room?" asked Vero scared.

"And how did I find you?" added Zayn. Deisy looked at them and shrugged. By looking at everyone, I knew that this night has been successful on scaring us all. And all I want to do now is leave and forget this night; except for the part where I meet One Direction.

"We should go," said Harry in his deep voice. We all agreed and stood up.

    The girls and I were walking in front of the guys, I could tell they were behind us because I could feel their presence there. It made me feel safe knowing someone was behind me, and also having Deisy and Mayra next to me. We made our way to the front door and opened it, the sun was barely coming out. I really hope my Dad was still sleeping, I don't want to get in trouble for sneaking out and coming here. The girls and I stepped out of the house, Veronica being first, then Mayra, me, Deisy, and Eli. The presence of the boys being behind us left, I felt unprotected from my back and it kind of scared me. The way the girls and I looked at each other I knew they felt it too, so we slowly turned around to see the boys. My heart dropped when I saw what was behind us, just an empty house. The boys weren't there, no one was there. It's as if they vanished in mid air, like they were ghosts who couldn't come outside. "This night never happened, agreed?" asked Deisy. We all looked at her and nodded,

"Agreed," we all said together. We took one last look inside the house to see if we could at least see a glimpse of them, to make sure that we weren't going crazy and they weren't imaginary. But my questions got answered when the door shut all by itself.


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