Just a Haunted House

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all have fears. Some are stupid, some are obvious, and some actually have a great story behind it. As for my fears? They're obvious. They use to be stupid, but now they have a great story behind them. Fears are something you have to face, and I thought I was ready for that, but I was wrong. Being in a haunted house for a night with four of my best friends, and the One Direction boys changed my life. When I finally thought the fears of ghosts and demons were gone, something indescribable happened. The saying 'Everything is not what it seems' never fit more perfectly with my story. And thanks to those five boys, that's a saying I will never live without.


1. The Plan

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all have fears. Some are stupid, some are obvious, and some actually have a great story behind it. As for my fears, they're just plain stupid. I'm scared of sharks, snakes, and crocodiles. I also have a major phobia of clowns. Don't tell me to go near one because I will cry. But other than those things, nothing can surpass my fear of haunted houses, especially those where there have been rumored ghost sightings at. I've sworn to myself that I will never go near a haunted place, let alone go inside one. It's just something that isn't and never will be on my bucket list. Even though I have crazy friends who would love to spend a night somewhere supposedly haunted, they know to leave me out of their plans. No matter how much they beg, how mad they get at me, or no matter what they promise do for me afterwards, none of that will get me to go inside a haunted house. They know I'll stick to my ground and just say no, no matter how safe they make me feel. And that's actually a promise I made and will keep, no matter what.

My friends and I are close, we love each other and will tell each other everything. We're not perfect though, and that's something I'm willing to live with. We get into fights, and sometimes I ask myself why the hell I still hang out with them, but all those bad times I have with them can be easily erased with good memories, and I couldn't be more thankful for that. To me the most special days I have with my four girls are the ones we spend at each other's houses; we're just lazy like that. At night instead of going out to parties, to get guys, or to just go out; we prefer to have sleepovers. And instead of spending our sleepovers doing makeovers, and doing each others nails, we just watch movies and talk. I think that's the thing I enjoy the most, talking to them. Sometimes I feel like I have no one to talk to, like no one would care what I say or think; but when I'm with them I know they're listening and even though sometimes they may not care, at least they're good at pretending.

Ever since my brother moved out of the house I've used his room as a sleepover room, so whenever they have the chance my girls sleep over at my house. The room is a good size to fit five girls, we're all usually squished when sleeping, but at least we don't use as much blankets since we are each other's blankets. I looked over at the desk that was under the wide window that lead to the roof; all the food seemed to be there. A wide array of cans of soda, huge bags of chips, those sugar cookies that are the size of your hand, super chunky chocolate chip cookies, and there was even fresh baked apple and pumpkin pie. I looked over at the floor; the couch was against the wall and the floor was covered in blankets and sleeping bags. The game cube was on floor waiting to be used, and the big stack of movies had fallen over in front of the TV, but I wasn't picking those up. My cousin Deisy walked inside the room, she was wearing her cookie monster bottoms with a black t-shirt, and we were actually matching. Her long brown hair was down in a messy way, and her big round brown eyes stared at me wide, as if waiting for me to say something. Even though Deisy has beautiful big brown eyes, when she opens them wide and just stares at me, it kind of creeps me out. "Stop it!" I said in a high pitch voice. Deisy's eyes went back to normal and she let out a laugh, I just smiled at her and shook my head.

"When are the girls getting here?" she asked sitting on the couch. I shrugged and pulled my phone out from the side of my pants, I checked the one text message I got and read it in my head.

"Vero's Mom is apparently bringing Eli and Mayra, and they're almost here. Vero wants us to go get her," I said to Deisy.

"Ugh! I just sat down!" she complained. I smiled at her, amused with her laziness.

"I'll go get them," I said heading out the door.

After stepping out the door, I stood in front of my house on the side walk, waiting for the blue truck to arrive. While I waited the fresh air hit my bare arms, it was a bit cold but in a way refreshing. I looked up at the night sky, the stars were shining and the moon was full; it was beautiful and completely breathtaking. The car lights snapped me back to reality. I watched as my three beautiful friends got out of the car and made their way to my house. They were all wearing their pajamas and carrying their bags; this should be a fun night. We all said our hello's and hugged each other before we walked inside my house and up the stairs to the room. As soon as we walked inside they let their bags drop along with their butts on the floor. "So, what do you guys want to do first?" I asked them. They all shrugged murmuring an I don't know.

"Let's play Mario Kart," suggested Deisy. We all nodded in agreement.

After finishing up quite a few games of Mario Kart, and stuffing our faces with food, it was midnight. I looked over at Veronica, her green eyes were droopy and I could tell she was already tired. Eli had her head on Vero's shoulder, her brown eyes were half closed and barely visible. And then there was Deisy, Mayra, and me. All three pairs of eyes were wide awake and ready to do something new. "Do you guys want to watch a movie?" I asked them. Deisy shook her head,

"No let's do something fun!" she exclaimed. Since Deisy was a loud talker Eli seemed to wake up; her eyes still looked tired but more awake than before.

"Okay, like what?" I asked her. She seemed to be thinking for a while, before a light bulb clicked.

"Let's tell scary stories," she suggested. My brown eyes widened at the thought, I was never good with scary things. Mayra looked excited, Eli looked like she didn't care what we did, and Veronica and I shared the same look. Just like me, Veronica was scared easily with scary things.

"No! You know what we should do? You know that house that's like abandoned by our old school?" asked Mayra.

"Yeah, what about it?" I asked. Mayra had a wide smile, her white teeth showed and I could tell she was excited.

"We should go spend the night there, right now. Some girls in my second period were talking about it and they said it was haunted," she said. At this point I would prefer to take my chances with the scary stories. I may not be able to sleep for a week or so, but I would rather live through that than to go to a haunted house.

"Yeah! Let's go!" said Deisy excited. I crawled over to the girl who I knew would disagree with their haunted house plans, Vero.

"No! Let's just tell scary stories then," I said holding on to Vero's arm. By now Eli and Veronica were wide awake, I was kind of sad about that since I could have used the they're-tired-and-we-should-sleep-now excuse to get out of going to the house.

"Come on! Please!?" begged Deisy.

"I don't care what we do," said Eli giggling; I swear that girl laughs or giggles at everything.

"See that's three against two, please let's just go!" Deisy continued on begging. I have to think of something, an excuse, anything! I don't want to go!

"How would we get out of the house anyways? My Dad's downstairs sleeping and he's going to hear us get out since he's a really light sleeper," I said. Deisy pouted at me and looked over at the window.

"The window! The roof is like right under the window! We could get out the window and hop on to the garbage can lid, that way we don't use the main entrance and your Dad will never know we left," she said with a smile. I got to say I love how Deisy has amazing ideas, but at moments like these I really wish she didn't.

"Okay, I'll go but you I have to be in the middle, and I'm going to be holding on to someone," said Veronica. I looked at her shocked and sad; now it's four against one.

"Please Andrea?" asked Deisy. I looked over the four girls faces. Deisy was giving me a pouty look, Mayra was doing the same, Eli was just waiting for an answer, and Veronica wore a blank expression. It's four against one, how could I beat that?

"Fine! But we get back home before the sun's out, and I also call a spot in the middle," I said. Deisy and Mayra smiled wide, and quietly cheered. I felt my heart pounding in my chest faster and faster by the second. This should be an interesting night.

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