Just a Haunted House

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all have fears. Some are stupid, some are obvious, and some actually have a great story behind it. As for my fears? They're obvious. They use to be stupid, but now they have a great story behind them. Fears are something you have to face, and I thought I was ready for that, but I was wrong. Being in a haunted house for a night with four of my best friends, and the One Direction boys changed my life. When I finally thought the fears of ghosts and demons were gone, something indescribable happened. The saying 'Everything is not what it seems' never fit more perfectly with my story. And thanks to those five boys, that's a saying I will never live without.


2. Stuck in a Basement

    After the four of us changed out of our pajamas and into street clothes, we did as Deisy told us. We got out of the window and stood on the roof, after we walked over to where the trash bins were located, one by one we slowly and carefully hoped on top of the trash bins and walked off. It was actually a lot simpler than I thought it would be, and luckily none of us got hurt. "Guy's do we really have to go?" I complained. I know I agreed, but I still don't want to go.

"Yes we do," said Deisy determent.

"But what if the house is locked? Or the cops catch us? And besides isn't it too far?" I asked them. Deisy gave me a glare, I know I was being stupid but I still didn't want to go. I don't even know why I agreed, I could of stayed in the room and watched movies all night waiting for them to return.

"It's like five or ten minutes away of a walk," said Deisy. I let out a groan; why does it have to be so close?

"And if the house isn't open at least we checked," said Mayra. After we were all on the ground we started to walk to the direction of the house; I can't believe I was actually doing this. Going to a haunted house was never on my mind when I planned on having the girls over tonight. The only thing really on my mind for tonight was to watch Warm Bodies and talk about One Direction, that's all I really wanted to do tonight. Going to this house and spending the night was never on my mind, it wasn't something I would do. Too bad that these girls are really convincing and I love them too much to say no; but I still don't want to do this.

    After the ten minute walk we made it in front of the house, just looking at the outside ran chills up and down my body. It was a small house, maybe a two story house. It looked old and rusty with it's chipped pale blue walls, dirty front porch, and the roof looked like it could cave in at any minute. We all stood outside the white fence, you could see spider webs and dust covering the white fence. "Well, let's go in," said Deisy as she opened the fence. I quickly held on to her and took a step after her; we weren't inside yet and I was already freaking out. Deisy and I were in front of all the girls, I looked behind me to see Vero in between Eli and Mayra, holding on to both of the girl's arms for dear life. Deisy stepped on the front porch, it creaked and by now I really thought I would wet my pants. The rate of my heart wasn't probably healthy, and I could feel myself start to sweat. I've never tried to face my fears, I never really thought about facing them, and now I was facing one of them and I wasn't even prepared. Deisy reached over for the door knob and tried to twist it, the door didn't open. We both turned around to face the girls, by the look on their faces they knew the door didn't open.

"Is it locked?" asked Eli.

"No Eli, were just standing here for a dramatic affect," I said sarcastically. Eli giggled, that didn't surprised me.

"Maybe there's a key somewhere?" said Vero more as a question than statement. Deisy slipped her arm off of me and as soon as she did that I ran to Eli's side and held on her free arm. The four of us watched as Deisy looked under the dusty mat and the dead plant pots for a key, but I could tell she didn't find anything.

"There's nothing," she said a bit annoyed. Deisy has always wanted to go to a haunted house, it was something on her bucket list that she would just love to cross off. Spend a night at a haunted house with her friends, and she was really close on fulfilling her wish.

"Well, we tried. Let's go," I said with a smile on my face. If looks could kill I would be dead, I should of kept my mouth shut.

"Wait, look over other," said Mayra letting go of Vero.

    Mayra took the lead and we all followed behind her, she was walking to the back of the house. She stopped in front of double wooden doors on the ground. They looked like a box but with doors, and anyone with eyes would know that  those things lead to the basement. Mayra leaned down and grabbed the handle of the door, she tried to open it but failed miserably. Mayra and me were the weakest girls from the group, the strongest has to be Deiys, Eli and Vero are probably just in between. "Here, let me try," said Deisy. She made her way to Mayra and took a hold of the handle. Deisy pulled it open like it was the easiest thing on earth, I have always been jealous of her strength. Eli, Veronica, and I walked closer to the open door, the five of us looked inside but we saw nothing but darkness.

"It's so dark," I commented scared. Something else you might want to add to my list of fears, darkness. With out hesitation Deisy stepped inside, she stood on the stairs and looked at us.

"Well come on, let's go inside," she said. She continued on walking down, Mayra followed behind her and I quickly followed behind Mayra. I didn't want to be the last one to enter the place. Even though being here is the last place I wanted to be at, being the last one to enter just freaks me out.

    As soon I stepped on the basement floor I noticed Veronica was behind me, then it was Eli. Once we were all inside we looked around, the moonlight gave us a little light, but it didn't help much to see through the darkness. I looked over at the big wooden doors that we used to come inside, and it freaked me out when I noticed that they were closing on their own. "Their closing!" I shouted. By the time I let my friends know the doors were shut, and we were all trapped in the darkness.

"It's okay, we can just open them again," said Deisy. Through the darkness I could barely make out who Deisy was, but I knew it was the girl walking to the doors. She climbed on the stairs and tried to push them open, but the doors didn't budge.

"Deisy! Stop pretending!" I shouted getting more scared by the second.

"I'm not pretending!" she said. My heart dropped to my stomach as I watched her try to push the doors open; if Deisy can't open them none of us will be able to either.

"Let's all try and push it open together," suggested Mayra. We all climbed up the stairs next to Deisy, we were all pushing the doors but they wouldn't budge. After a few minutes of trying we all gave up, it was useless.

    We all sat on the stairs, what was suppose to be a fun night turned out to us being stuck in a basement in the dark with no cell phone signal. A bright light caught my eyes, I looked over at it and saw it was Eli who was trying to shine the room with her phone. "Eli, that's not working," I pointed out. She put her phone away and it was dark once again, maybe the light was working a bit. I took my phone out and tried to shine the room, it wasn't working that well but it was at least a little bit of light. Eli took her phone back out and shone around the room, both phones gave off a little bit more light. Mayra, Deisy, and Vero soon joined in after. The room was lit with not much light, but it shone a little bit.

"Now that we can sort of see, we should find the door to the way out," said Mayra. We all stood up from the stairs and walked together around the room with our phones, things were barley visible but it was better than nothing. The basement had junk, just like most basements. The pipes were rusty, it smelled like wet dog, and everything was really dusty; it was obvious no one has lived here for years.

"Let's walk the other way, maybe there's a door on the other side," said Deisy. We did as we were told and walked the other way, but the mess still stayed the same.

"Ouch!" we heard Vero say. We looked at her and noticed she bumped into a stair case, we all started to laugh. Even in situations like this we manage a laugh.

"Guys! There's probably a door up the stairs!" exclaimed Eli. We all shone our phone's up the stairs and noticed Eli was right, the white door was barely visible but it was there. We all walked up the stairs until we reached the door, we might actually get out of here. Deisy reached for the door knob and tried to twist it open, the door wouldn't budge. My heart broke, I actually thought we were going to get out this place.

"It's locked, you could probably only open it from the other side," said Deisy. I could tell she was upset, just like the other girls were. This was suppose to be fun, we were suppose to get scared and I was going to prove something to myself. But instead we're stuck in this dusty basement with no way out. We all looked at each other, and we were all ready to give up again. The door that was in front of us opened, Veronica, Eli, and I screamed at the top of our lungs. While Deisy and Mayra jumped in the air but I didn't hear a shriek from them. We all looked back at the dark figure who opened the door for us, but all I could make out was his piercing green eyes.

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