Just a Haunted House

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all have fears. Some are stupid, some are obvious, and some actually have a great story behind it. As for my fears? They're obvious. They use to be stupid, but now they have a great story behind them. Fears are something you have to face, and I thought I was ready for that, but I was wrong. Being in a haunted house for a night with four of my best friends, and the One Direction boys changed my life. When I finally thought the fears of ghosts and demons were gone, something indescribable happened. The saying 'Everything is not what it seems' never fit more perfectly with my story. And thanks to those five boys, that's a saying I will never live without.


3. Never in My Wildest Dreams

    The dark figure just stood there for a second before he turned on a light. The basement lit up and we all got a better look at the dark figure, I'm pretty sure none of us expected to see Harry Styles standing at the door. Eli screamed as loud as she could causing us to snap back to what's really happening here. This is suppose to be a haunted house, a house where we can get scared. So why is Harry Styles here? And not only that, but he's in a small town in a house that's suppose to be haunted. Well I'm not complaining that he's here though, I'm a huge fan of One Direction and meeting one of them means the world to me. "You're Harry Styles!" shouted Eli. I turned to her, she was smiling wide and I could tell she was just as excited as I was; the only thing is I wasn't showing my excitement. Even though I was face to face with the cute green eyed curly hair guy from One Direction, that didn't make me forget that I was in a haunted house and a few minutes ago I thought we were going to be stuck in this basement for the rest of our lives.

"Wait, what are you doing here?" asked Deisy.

"It's a free country," Harry answered with a smile. His beautiful British accent rang in my ears, his voice is so low and it sounds better in person. And that dimple when he smiles, no words can describe how it feels just looking at it in person. I'm pretty sure Mayra was just staring at it, she loves dimples.

"Okay, but I mean what are you doing here? In this town? And how did you even get in?" asked Deisy.

"Yeah! I thought you were staying in San Francisco," said Eli.

"No, the lads and I are staying at San Jose," he said correcting her.

"Can we please get out of here? I don't like this basement," I said. Harry smiled again and nodded, he moved out of the way and the girls and I got out of the basement. Harry closed the door behind us and he started to walk in front of us, we followed behind him.

"I'll show you where the rest of the lads are, we'll tell you why we're here then you can tell us the same thing," said Harry.

    Harry walked down the hall and made a right near a grand stair case, this house looked small from the outside but it seems bigger from the inside. We were walking down another hallway, but this one was shorter than the one before. Harry stopped in front of a room, the door was closed but because of the laughs I heard behind the door I knew the rest of the boys were in there. Harry opened the door and the five of us walked inside, the rest of the boys stopped what they were doing to look at us. I looked behind me to the rest of the girls reactions. I nearly let out a laugh when I saw Deisy slap her hand on Eli's mouth to stop her from screaming. The room we were in was pretty big, and it surprised me to see furniture; I thought no one lived here. There was a big gross dusty bed, a wooden desk, a wardrobe, and another door. All the boys were sitting on the floor, they were looking at us wondering what we were doing here. When Harry came into view all eyes were on him, they were waiting for him to explain who we were. "They were the ones making the noise, not a ghost," he said a bit disappointed. Were the boys here for a scare as well?

"So are you going to tell us what you're doing here?" asked Deisy. Seems like the only one who actually has her voice to talk to these boys is Deisy, the rest of us are starstruck and even though I really wanted to talk to them I didn't trust my voice. Now that we're in front of the whole band I feel like if I open my mouth all I'll do is scream of joy; now I feel like I can forget the fact the we're in a haunted house.

"Sit, we'll tell you what we're doing here after you do the same," said Louis. Oh god! Louis voice is so sweet, it isn't deep like Harry's, but it just sounds so relaxing. We all sat down in a circle, the boys in front of looking at us waiting for us to talk.

"We just wanted to spend the night to see if this place was really haunted," explained Deisy.

"We were bored and tweeted the fans asking them what we should do-" Zayn started explaining but got cut off.

"I SAW THAT TWEET!" exclaimed Eli excited. The boys smiled at her, all their smiles were just amazing and beautiful.

"Yeah, someone dared us to spend the night at a haunted place so we did a bit of research and here we are," said Zayn with a smile.

"But how did you get in here?" I asked them. I talked! I talked to Zayn! My life is now complete! I'm a Zayn girl and talking to him just made my life! I'll have to thank Deisy and Mayra later for begging me to come here, I don't even care if this place is haunted anymore.

"The door was open, once we were all  in we locked it," explained Liam.

    After we told each other the reason we were here it got awkward, it was quiet and none of us were saying anything. "How about you tell us your names to break the ice, we can play a game after," suggested Louis.

"I'm Eli!" exclaimed Eli with excitement. This time I couldn't hold it in, I quietly laughed while burring my face in Vero's shoulder.

"I'm Mayra, that's Deisy, Veronica, and Andrea," Mayra said introducing us.

"Alright! What game should we play? We have all night," said Louis.

"Let's play hide and seek," suggested Harry. My eyes widened, hide and seek is a game where you play with a group of people and go of on your own. Me on my own in a haunted place? No thank you! Even though I would be playing with the talented and sexy boy band One Direction.

"In a haunted house?" I asked them. I talked again! I've said three things and I consider that a good record.

"Yeah! That'll make it fun!" exclaimed Deisy. She's always looking out for a good scare, and this could be her chance on getting one. Not only her but me as well, the only difference is that I won't enjoy it.

"No! You guys can go but I'm going to stay here," said Veronica in a low whisper.

"Vero! Please?" begged Deisy looking at her. Veronica looked down at her lap and shook her head.

"It's okay, the eight of you can go and I'll stay with Veronica here," said Liam. I looked at Veronica and saw her blushing, how cute! Vero is a Liam girl, so this must mean a lot to her. Everyone who was playing stood up, the only people who were sitting was Vero, Liam, and me.

"I'm staying too," I informed everyone holding on to Vero.

"Nope! Your coming with us! Deisy help me get her up," said Louis. Deisy and Louis both grabbed my arms and pulled me up, this was so unfair!

    After being dragged outside of the room the eight of us stood in a circle facing each other. "So who's it?" asked Mayra. We all shouted NOT IT! And Zayn was the last one to say it, meaning he was it.

"Fine! Whatever," he murmurer. He pressed his arm on the nearest wall and rested his face on it, he closed his eyes and started to count.

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