The Girl At The Park Bench

this is about three normal girls who you will never forget


1. Prologue


Hi my name is Jess (Jenty_blue XD) and I am just a normal girl. Ok I have sky blue eyes, jet black hair I am, 13 tallish and I am slim. I love life and I want to tell you our story.

Hello my name is Brianna (babybitch) and I am also just like any other human being. My eye colour is brown, I have auburn red hair (dyed) my natural hair colour is a light brown, and I am almost 6ft, I am not that slim I never have been. I am 14 and I am here to help with our story.

‘ello love my name is Ebonee (Mrs Irish girl Horan) and I am 16 years old and I love my life. My eyes are (yyy), I have purple hair (dyed) my original hair is a lighter brown then Brianna’s. I am in love with food. I am possibly a little over 5ft. I am another narrator of our story.



A/N (babybitch) hey guys I just thought that me and my friends could do a story together about our life. If you don’t like it let anyone of us know and if anything needs to be changed or there is a mistake let us know and we will fix them. The girl on the front of the page is actually Jess (jenty_blue XD). If you guys could go and like our other ones or even if you just read them it would mean a lot to us. I know that this is possibly longer then this but I really just wanted to let you know that everything (or most) is actually true and at the end of the chapter there will either be an A/N or the name of the person who wrote the chapter for example babybitch (aka Brianna/ me) wrote this and so on. Ok guys love you mwah xx

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