The Girl At The Park Bench

this is about three normal girls who you will never forget


2. how we became friends :D

It was term 3 2011 at our school (Wade High) only the crappiest schools ever! It was a usual day and I was walking with Maddy (the super bitch). We were no-one’s but by being no-one’s it made us someone.

Anyway we were walking in-between the office blocks and the science department. As we were walking we heard the random chick scream and she ran into me. Of course it had to be the most annoying person in school, Ebonee Reavley. This girl was a MAJOR no-one so that made her a someone. She mumbled “sorry” looked down and walked back to her group.

As soon as she got back to the people she sits with I noticed a girl from the bus Grace Pendrick. I walked over and we had a conversation

“Hey there” she said.

“Was sup”

“Nothing just hanging with these retards”

Ebonee Zerbst hit her while complaining about being called a retard. In the end I got introduced to them all while Maddy is standing there with her arms crossed waiting impatiently for me.

I learnt that the quiet emo looking chicks name was Breanne Hansen, the retard was Ebonee Reavley, but I already knew that, then other Ebonee and Grace herself.

Maddy made a clearing of her throat noise and asked, well more like stated,

“Can we go now?”
I guess someone was jealous.

“I guess I’ll be seeing you losers around”

I said with a bit of sass as I walked away.

 “We aren’t losers” Breanne called out behind me.

“Whatever”, Maddy shouted back.

Great thanks Maddy now I guess she thinks I’m like you and to be honest I’m nothing like that bitch, she is lying she is conceiving she talks about you behind your back, calls you nasty names when she has nothing else to say….. The list goes on and on.

 Maddy is not a nice person.





Hey guess babybitch here I know it isn’t the best first chapter but I had to get something up but anyway now I guess jenty_blueXD can start writing since we lost our other co-writer anyway until next time

BB out..

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