my 2nd chance at a first love

I fell in love again, but this time i think he's the one, the first time i was with someone it didn't work out he cheated on me three times, but hopefully 2nd times the charm. at least i think it could be


1. Our first meeting

My cousin had dragged me to one of her annual poetry readings, and i was there with her, and her boyfriend. Her topic tonight was Love, and i wasn't ready to sit through an hour of people telling us how their so in love with their spouses or their boyfriend or girlfriend, and i had just broken up with my boyfriend, due to the fact that he had cheated on me three times in the last week.

All of a sudden i saw a guy out of the corner of my eye who i'd never seen at this reading before, and i'd been to everyone because of my cousin or a friend.

When it was my cousins turn i went outside, because i had heard her rehearse this Poem over and over again a million times.

When i got outside i saw the guy who i saw inside the Cafe, and then he came over to me

"Hi" he said

" are you?"

"I'm Sam Winchester"

"i'm Carrie Anderson. that name Winchester it sounds very familiar, do i know you from somewhere"

"i don't think so i'd remember if we'd met"

"so what brings you here"

"my brother Dean kinda left the hotel we were staying at, and i've been looking around for him"

"need any help?"

"no i'm fine, do you mind if i give you my number though"

"no not at all"

then we exchanged numbers, and took each other's pictures so that we could put a face with the number, and then he kissed my cheek, and left, and then i went back inside, and sat with my cousin, and her boyfriend.

Secretly i was hoping that i'd see Sam again sometime soon.


*Authors note*

I hope you liked the first chapter comment and tell me what you thought and if you want to be in it just tell me your name, a description of yourself,your personality, and also who'd you want to be.

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